Session 52- Kildemose Festival, Ørbæk, Fyn, Denmark 6/26/09

Well, we are back for a 2nd year at this really cool little festival.Thanks Jan! It is all the same band except for 3 different guitar players, which for sure makes a big difference in what we will play.

We left Copenhagen late as the Hertz in Sweden did not have the reservation and I had to hunt down and forward the emails with the confirmation and so the Swedes did not leave Malmo until 15, which is when they were suppose to be here! Anyway, we picked up PIB after loading all my gear and we hit the road. Nick, Thomas and Mogens would come by train and bus later. Everyone was in a great mood and the weather was great. We listened to the new Mars Volta (Very cool) and Rocket Boy by Pothead in the van. We always hear Pothead. IT is mandatory! The traffic was terrible so we did not get to the festival until around 18. Took over 2hrs for what usually takes 90 mins.

The festival site looked great but there was not that many people. I really expected more this year but perhaps being the weekend before Roskilde Festival is tough no matter what. They will try to move it until the 1st weekend in August next year I am told. We set up our tents and got our wristbands, and beers and were set for our friends Fuzz Manta, the first band on. They played a great set. Next up was the Reggae Band, Ram Goats. All went smooth and we were only 1hr and 30mins behind schedule. The grateful Dead tribute band The Diff wree up next and they like to play 2-3 hrs but lucky for us they cuttheir set short and stopped at like 1:00. We were suppose to start at 12:30. IT was about 1:40 when we started playing and we got to play until 3:30 when the sound guy made us stop. We were really flying and playing really well and having a great time. We really did not want to stop. I am sure we could have played another hour easy. Anyway, it was all recorded and the soundboard sounds very good. One guy who never told me his name, drove all the way from Halle in East Germany to see us. I talked with him quite a bit. Very cool. We dedicated one jam to him.

This concert was also dedicated to Dave Janey who used to play wtth us in the old days as he recently died.

We made an audience recording but unfortunately the settings on the Edirol had got changed and the Lowcut was turned off and the mic was turned to Mono, so it is not that good but the 2 channel soundboard is excellent. We also have 24 tracks recorded that will be mixed at a later time point.

It is a very good concert... Enjoy..

Set List

Introduction>Kildemose Jam 2009 31:34, Band Introductions 2:12, Finding the Path to Enlightenment 14:17


Grassy Faces 27:39, Jam for East German OSC Fan 16:34, We gotta get outta this Place 20:08