Session 55- Swamp Room Mania, Kafe Kult, Munich, Germany 9/19/09

8:29 We are on the road about 30 mins behind schedule but I think we will manage. We have 850km to Munich from Leuven and you never know about the traffic and roadwork in Germany! We are listening to MAGMA now. I just got the 12 CD box set of all their first records and it is totally amazing. Wow... PIB is in a very bad mood. He should not drink. PIB and alcohol do not mix well. I am glad he does not drink before he plays or it would be a disaster.. We had a very short breakfast and had to get out the door. Mogens was impossible to get up but we managed. Teh van is very quiet this morning as people did not go to bed before 3 or so. I bought the Count Raven CD High on Infinity last night, it was the only one besides the new one I did not own and I love that record. Luck for us not a lot of people on the hgihway.

10:00 We are just passing through Köln now and seem to be making good time. Pär is driving. Nick and I have been watching the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galazy DVD on his computer. It is hard to hear the words very clearly. What a cool film. I really want to see this all the way through.

10:48 We have stopped to get gas and are about 100km from Frankfurt now. Some of the guys are smoking a joint now. I can tell people are a bit tired and maybe hungover. We are only listening to music quite low as PIB was complaining loudly earlier. I will need it louder when I drive.

11:31 Sign just said 450km to Munchen! There is a lot more traffic on the road now but we are making good time, We are listening to Tallivastian Presidenti- an CD from 1972! Great stuff. PIB, our drummer actually played two gigs with the guitarist, Jukka Tollinen some years back. Cool. I have a feeling that the band, perhaps any band, would have a hard time if this lasted a week or more, with all the driving, small van, drinking and smoking too much, not enough sleep ever, etc... It takes it's toll on you. I don't drink much at all so this helps as I never had a hangover as we rarely get more than 5-6 hrs sleep a night. IT is ok for the others who can sleep in the van or anywhere and get 3-4 more hrs during the day to catch up but I can't do that. I don't sleep at all in cars or planes.

14:44 160km to Munchen now. I really want to see my friends in Phased. We are listning to Antibalas- 1st CD (liberation Time), and also heard Korai ôröm-2000. Both cool stuff.

17:00 We have arrived and all is cool. Chris from Phased saved a merch place right next to them for us. What a very cool place this is. Been Obscene, a Colour Haze inspired band is first. Met up with Marco (he will do lights for us), Walter (Roadburn), Colour Haze guys, Phased guys, etc... Mühler is here also.

18:05 Phased played a great show. Room was only about 1/3 full for them. It is very warm here and most people are outside now and the big room is an oven!

20:24 I had some food and COlour Haze have just finished Orwo6 us now on and they are pretty cool, like a harder version of Rotor. The Rotor guitarist plays the drums in this band. The place is very warm inside. The whole band is in a good mood. I am checking out a bit of most bands but most of the guys are just hanging outside. I go back adn forth to the merch table and hang there and talk with people, sell some stuff, etc... We are on at 22.

23:15 Wow.. what a great gig. We blew the place to bits. They really liked us a lot. Pity we only got to play like 50 mins. We had a great sound on the stage and a great feeling. Mangus played some monster guitar riffs, I hope you can hear him on the recording. I have a feeling the drums will be too loud like at both other shows. Fucking sound men! Room was pretty packed and people really liked it. One guy kept yelling 7 Trumpets.... I had no clue what he meant. He later told me it was a song from Aphroditie's child-666 record.

01:00 I did not see Truckfighters or Rotor in the big room. I really liked Samsara Blues Experiment a lot. A lot of acid jamming guitar solos. Christian is great. The Devil's Horms killed the Matador was super cool stuff as well. Vaudville meets beefheart meets Bonzo Dog Band. Young kids as well. I had a long talk with Walter from Roadburn. Such an amazing guy. SO dedicated. The Dutch band, The Machine were also really great. Wow... Magnus and Mogens really liked them. They have a new record out on Nasoni.

03:45 Totally exhausted. I had to drive after the gig and then park the car like 2km away and walk back to the apartment before sleeping and deal with PIB, who had too much to drink and was being an asshole about things. He forgot his drum stool that he loaned to a couple of bands. It is his fault, not mine. We will have to make a detour and go get it tomorrow, if it is still there.

Day 4- The long Journey Home

We got back to copenhagen at 04:00, more than 13½ hrs after leaving Munchen.... Fun tour...


Set List

Kafe Kult Jam 1, Kafe Kult Jam 2, No Lederhousen after 02:00, 5 Star Schnitzel Jam, Over and Out to another Planet