Session 59- Dragens Hule, København 11/21/09

The players on thsi night were: Pär, Jocke, Tobias, Nick, Dr.Space, Mogens and PIB

17:50 I am getting my things together to pile them into the christiania bike and ride out to Dragens Hule after dinner. I really look forward to playing tonight and seeing the Carpet Knights play as well. We have been trying to get them to comeand play again for the last 3 years but it has not worked out and was cancelled at the last minute the last year. Our friend Stojs was going to come do some old school oil droplet projections but hurt his leg and none of his friends could afford to come so he bailed out. Lucky for me, Zeppo from Flowershowers was able to do the show for 500kr. Luck us. He will come out at 20:30.

19:25 I was on my bike about half way to Dragens Hule when TObias from the Carpet Knights just called me and said that their singer had bailed out on the gig. He was very disappointed. It sounded like they were going to play instrumental but then the drummer now also bailed out so they will not play. They were to show up at 20 but will be a little late as they have a body to dispose of at the bridge! Anyway, Pär, Jocke and Tobias will come anyway and play with OSC. I have tried to call Stefan to see if he could play but no answer on the phones. Does not call me back. We will manage with just two guitar players. Magnus he is away visiting a friend so he can't play.

20:20 The Swedish guys are still not here yet and neither is Zeppo. We are all in a good mood and have a lot of the stuff set up. PIB has a cool electronic part of his drum kit that he will experiment with a bit tonight.

21:05 We are nearly all set up now and Zeppo is testing the projector and I bought a larger sheet for the back wall than our little screen. IT should work out. We have not put it up yet.

22:00 We had a small soundcheck. I think I recorded like 10 mins of it. SOund was good but loud! Nice to have some real monitors and to not be in front of the PA: Projections look totally amazing. Still very few people here yet . We will still start at 22:30. Tom and his new girlfriend Sally have arrived.

23:45 Wow.. that was pretty cool. Now a lot of our friends have shown up and two of my students and a huge surprise was Steen showed up to video tape! Wow.. tusind tak! I think we played really great stuff. I think the set was more than an hour long. PIB was killing it on the drums and both nick and tobias were laying down awesome solos.. phew.... Nils, tom, jens, christina and jens, all my good friends and core fans have come. A few Roadburner's as well..

12:20 We are about to start the 2nd set. People seem to be really ready for some more.

1:25 We just played some super heavy stuff in this 2nd set and quite a few more people have come and also gone. Not sure who long we played for here but we have decided we will go for the 3rd set. No one is too drunk or stoned and people want to hang out and see us play. PIB said please a short set and some more laid back stuff.

1:45 We are about to start the 3rd set. We will see how this goes. My legs are really tired. Someone (Alex) just said that was like a master class in drumming that PIB is just so utterly amazing. I have to agree. He is for sure the best drummer we have ever played with.

3:00 Wow.. we are finished and me and Mogens are totally toasted. He played a really long amazing synth solo in one of these jams. Jannis has been helping to make the sound for the end of the 2nd and all of the 3rd set and Magnus actually showed up to see half of the 3rd set. Last set was not as good as the others. I had a great feeling about the spacey beginning though.... We will see. Great night but 31 paid people and after Flowershowers gets his 500kr, Swedish guys get 600kr for the bridge, and we pay for all the beers we drank, we ended up with like 300kr ($50) for the band. Shit.... THis was our 2nd longest concert ever 217 minutes!


Set 1 70:28

Take Off 5:28, Throw him from the Bridge 12:29, Drowning Man 8:39, Band intros 3:11, Is he dead Yet? 13:53, Gone Forever 11:04, The Singer still lives On 15:23

Set II 77:35

Jam for Chirstina 15:16, Karl's Little Footprint 27:19, Braaaaaaa 19:47, Optical Mullusion 15:11

Set 3 70:28

Space Synth Intro 7:45, Get your Own UFO 27:11, Fried Mind 13:46, Bubbles in my Head 21:41