OSC Space Jam Session 67- Psychedelic Stoner Rock Night, Ungdomshuset, København 8/28/10

18:15 I arrive by taxi from Nørreport station to the venue and there are the guys from Village Idiot and the people working there setting up for making the food for everyone and the weather is nice. Nicolai Vilhelm Tell and his band are setting up and soundchecking soon. Sebastian, who is doing all the projections has set up a massive white sheet and has all his gear up on the balcony. Very cool place and a big PA. At 12 today I got a call from Claus Bøhling (Elektrum Secret Oyster, Hurdy Gurdy) that he would come play with us tonight. I was very excited about this as we have been friends, aquantances for many years now and I have been trying to arrange this for the last two years and now tonight it looks like it will happen.

18:30 Nicolai and his band are soundchecking andit sounds pretty good. The drumns were a bit loud but they will sort this out, I hope.. I have set up my mics and have electricity so I will record all the bands tonight and I have the mics placed perfectly amove the soundboard pretty high up (10 feet). I hope a lot of people show up. They are grilling veggie kebabs and have made potato salad, bread, and a warmbrocolli, eggplant onion thing that looks good and it was!

20:30 Village Idiot is playing there is about 40 people here now. The visuals look amazing and the sound is really great. THis band is a singer who plays acoustic guitar, bass, stomp box and a young kid playing violin. He looks to be like 12-13 years old. THis band has made 3 records but I have never heard them. The leader of the band also sings in Moonless and he has a great voice. They played Nick Cave like music. They need to vary the pace and the violin kid needs to vary this playing as well as many of the songs, with very cool lyrics, sound just too much the same. I enjoyed them.

22:46 All the OSC guys are here and Claus called again and confirmed that he would arrive around 23:30. I could hear on his voice that he was worried about the late hour we will play. ARON played a fantastic concert and really psyched out. I think he writes really cool songs and I am happy that he is going to play with us tonight. He played a great solo on the last song of their set. Aron actually lets the other guitar player play almost all the lead and spaced out stuff. Nick lays down really good bass and the old Baby Woodrose drummer, he is really good as well. The organ player is also fitting in well. Good band. Nicolai Vilhelm Tell and the tea Company, they are very solid and he writes good songs but it is always the same. They don't really try to do anything different or original and they have two guitar players and neither one plays much lead or spacey stuff to give the music an extra edge or anything. The last song, a new one was very good.

23:35 Claus is hear and Jørgen Teller and the Empyt Stairs are doing their best to empty the room with a quite intense, loud and chaotic noise jazz psych out. Crazy but very creative and cool band but I need to let my ears rest for our gg. There are a lot of people here now. The place will be packed later. Claus is in a good mood and looking forward to playing.

12:55 Moonless had the place packed and totally cranked up the volume and low end for their set of Pentagram- Black Sabbath like material. Claus has been in the backstage talking withPIB, mogens, Jiri and Nick for a while and I hung outside with Aron as we wait for them to finish so we can set up and play.

4:00 WOW........................... It took us almost an hour to set up and only about half the people were left now but Finn, Martin, Nils, Jens. Tom and his girlfriend, Ole, the guys in Moonless, Eric and his friend from Sweden, our true spacehead friends, they were all here still. We played for 110 mins and some wanted to play more but it was like 3:45 and it was thinning out even more. Anyway, we played 7 jams and it was a killer concert. Claus was very inspired and enjoyed playing with us a lot. Jiri played killer bass and fit in perfect with us. Aron was very tired and I could feel he found it hard to find a place in the sound between these two intense guitar players, who were both on fire and played killer stuff. Aron played some cool stuff as well. Mogens was hard for us to hear on the stage and is almost missing from the recording sadly. Amazing visuals. 30 mins of the show as video taped from the baclony. Pity not the whole show.


Hard Start- Soft Landing 11:28, Rhona Jam 13:05, Band Introductions 2:11, Claus's Funk 16:10, Space is the place for us 15:01
Who's gonna start this one 18:40, Fry your Mind 32:11