ØSC goes to Fyn March 11-12, 2010

The band on this tour was: PIB- drums, Tobias- Guitar, Jocke- Bass, Jonas- Guitar, Rasmus- keyboards and synthesizers, Dr. Space

16:00 All my gear is packed and Tobias called and they are leaving Malmö now and have the van and all is ok. Rasmus from Causa Sui should be here by 16:45. It is sunny but cold outside today. I donø't expect that many people this weekend as the gigs are not that well promoted. We will have fun and make a multitrack recording in Odense. I am very tired from staying up a bit too late last night with Jens and Nils listening to music.

16:50 We are on the way to pick up PIB and his drums. Tobias and Jocke arrived at 16:30 and came in and had a sandwich and then helped to load all of my stuff into the van.

18:15 We have stopped at a gas station for some coffee and drinks but are almost to the bridge to Fyn. Amazing sunset.

19:30 We are all sitting around now and waiting for PIB to finish setting up. It was 3 floors with only stairs to carry the gear up to the club. It is an ok place here though. I just hope some people show up. Jonas from Causa Sui, he was already here when we arrived. Jan and other people have had some trouble with cars so Jan did not make any food so we will have to get some pizzas. A guy named Simon is helping out with the sound tonight. The soundboard is at the back of the stage so this is not ideal but it will work.

21:15 Resurrecting Moth, Jan's son's band is playing now and they play pretty cool melodic instrumental music. They have only been playing together for a month, so this is pretty impressive. There is about 50-60 people here now, it seems. Mostly young people to see RM and some of the old Kildemose crowd that we know. There are a few young people at the front that are really energetic.

Resurrecting Moth

1:15 We just finished playing and it was an amazing gig. I had such a great time and the stage sound was pretty good but Tobias was a bit low for me. I think there was only about 20 people watching us play but we did not really care that much. I just hope that Jan got enough money in to pay our expenses. People drank a lot of beer on this night. I think everyone played great tonight but I don' think the recording will be very good but you never know. Sound was pretty harsh in this room.

15:00 I am managing to kick all of these young people and a strange older lady out now so we can get some sleep as we have to sleep in the club.

Jocke the next morning....

Opening Space Flight in Nyborg 7:54
Show me the way to the next Muslei Bar 20:34
Rotten Fish Collector 11:56
Jam for the coming of Spring 16:15
Cruising the Ceiling Frequencies 14:15

Jam for the people of Japan 16:17
Band Introductions 0:39
Local Trips 20:10
Spaced out Monster 35:29