Kulturhus, Odense, Saturday March 12th, 2011

Day 2

11:27 Wow.. it is quite late now.. I was up early but then fell back asleep. Tobias, JOcke and PIB are still asleep. Jonas and Rasmus caught the late bus or train back to Odense and we will meet them at the club tomorrow and then we will drive back here after the gig to sleep in this club again. It stinks though as they let everyone smoke inside. I have checked the pics on my camera and there are some good ones. The sun is shinning.

15:40 I was starving and it was around 14 when we got to Jan's place and had some food. I was not feeling well and very weak. We had orange juice and some ham and roast beef sandwiches with cheese. We heard a great African compilation CD called African Scream Contest. I must get this one. We also heard a CD called Psych Funk 101, which was also pretty cool but some very strange things. He has a lot of great music and LPs in his apartment. We got to see the pics that he took on his camera and they are really nice but I doubt I will ever see them again. Never had got any from Kildemose festival. We will go take a walk around Nyborg now. We have to walk through this hallway out to the van and pass an apartment with a strange old man that collects rotting fish and it really stinks!

16:41 We had a nice walk around Nyborg, Tobias, Jocke and I. PIB took a shower and a nap. This is a very nice old town from the 1500's. We will leave now and head to the Vestfyn brewery and get the beer they will sell tonight and then follow Jan with the car he will borrow with the beer. His son will come and see the gig and drive him back home later tonight.

18:22 Papir is here now and Jonas just arrived with his gear. We have the HD24 all connected to the soundboard for making the 24 track recording but our big problem is their is no soundman for tonight! This is a pretty cool place with a very large stage but we have to setup the monitors, the mics, all the gear, etc... It turns out the PIB used to do sound so he has burst into action and now things are happening as people had just been standing around for the last hour.

19:10 PIB is doing a great job and things are moving fast now with the set up, line checks, etc. Jan has gone out for some INdian takeaway for eveyrone.

20:51 We are all finished eating now and having a beer and just waiting. I can't have too many as I have to drive the van back to Nyborg after the show. Doors opened at 8 and there are like 5 people here now. Papir should start at 21:30, I hope. I put the Yum Yum Tree by Ozric Tentacles on the PA. NO one seems to notice. I doubt many people will show up even though this is Causa Sui's hometown.

21:35 Still hardly any people and Papir is not playing yet. Jonas wants us to wait until 22 but I told him no more people will come. They would be here already if they wanted to see this band, knowing they were playing first. I push for them to start now as all live music has to be finished by 02:00. I played the new Hawkwind on the PA before them.

22:07 Hard disc recorder ran out of space after 15mins so I had to delete some things from the hard disc and start it again. About 5mins was lost. I think I counted 21 people in the club now with all the OSC and staff inclubed, so I guess it was 10 paid people. Sad.. Several people from Nyborg are here again. Papir are sounding really great. Cool band.


02:00 We played a really great set and 2hrs and 37 mins was recorded on the hard disc recorder. We had a small break in the middle but I was playing my synths most ofthe time and PIB came on and played some strange guitar with Tobias's set up and then we started again. My batteries died during our recording so only 41mins of the 2nd set was recorded. For OSC, there was only about 10 people who stayed to see the whole concert. The young people don't understand real music at all, most of them. Jonas was playing some really intense guitar but I think Tobias was really layng down the most killer leads. Rasmus played a lot of really cool organ stuff and I was really flying but damn it was really loud up here on the stage. Jonas had his hwatt cranked up. PIB was complaining a bit about him being too loud. Nicklas from Papir came on for the last jam and played with us after Jonas played a very intense guitar at the end of the 2nd to last jam. That was cool... You can hear it on the multitrack.

04:00 We are back in Nyborg and good night..

A huge Tthanks to Jan D from Kildemose Festival for supporting and putting up these gigs. He is an amazing person and still burns for music with a passion. The Fyn music scene would be nearly dead with out his great efforts. Tusind tak Jan..

Hans Christian Anderson's first Space Flight 26:45
Leaping out of the Sleep Hole 10:53
Band Introductions 0:32
Where are all the People? 33:39

2nd set opening modulation 3:19
Join the Journey 12:55
Hear my guitar Burning 25:18 (cuts off) 33:24 on the multitrack
Nicklas first space flight with the OSC 23:12