ØSC Dead man in Space Tour Sweden-Finland April 2011

Weds April 20th

9:15 I am waiting on the street with all my gear and am ready to go. Nick and Mogens will be here shortly and so will Pär and Jocke with the van. They did manage to get 5 It’s all about Delay CDs and 25 Black Tomato CDs for us. We also have the Dead man in Space CDs to sell as well.

Waiting outside my place.. Mogens and Nick.

10:08 We just crossed the bridge back into Sweden and it is 639km to Stockholm. I hope we can make it by 17 at the lastest. We will see.

10:58 We just heard the first Hidria Spacefolk CD and now Wasami is playing. Samuel, the left handed guitar player from this band will probably jam with us on Friday. It was a really cool band and they only released this one EP.

11:25 We are making decent time now and listening to CAN- Tago Mago. There are quite a few cars on the road. It is a gray day but not that cold. It will be colder in Finland for sure, especially at night. We will pick Sebastian up in Mjölby around 13:30-14.

12:05 I ate a sandwish, Jocke is driving and Nick and Mogens are asleep.
12:30 We are listening to Gimmie back my Bullets by Lynryd Skynryd now. Cool album. One of their best. We are 400km from Stockholm now.

13:31 We are about 75mins from where we will meet Sebastian in Mjölby. We are now listening to Ship of Fools from Scotland. Very cool spacey stuff.

14:00 I ran to the kiosk and got a coke and I will drive the last 300km to Stockholm now. They are loading all Sebastians things. Everyone is happy and doing well. They are having another joint and then we will be off.

15:34 I have driving and we heard Deep Purple Machine Head (1999 remix) and some of the ØSC studio stuff from Sept 2010. We heard what is currently just called Jams 4.1, 4.4, 6.1 and 6.3. IT all sounds pretty cool. A few edits on the beginning of two of the pieces are probably necessary.

16:58 All went well with getting Mathias and we are at the venue now. It is a pretty cool place. We listened to a bit of Rocket Boy by Pothead on the way around Stockholm.

17:38 We are setting up the gear. The stage is quite huge. Love will play this strange Gig Pig drum kit. It sounds ok but not that great. KG also from Siena Root is also here. There is no space for him to set up also so if he plays he will have to remove someones pedals. We will see. It is very warm in this place. There is no sound person and the mixer has no output besides the two channels so we can not make a multitrack tonight.

Soundcheck at Walla Scen

18:29 We are trying to soundcheck but Mogens is having some terrible problem with some noise in something in his set up. They are trying to sort it out but it is wasting a lot of time and we need to go get some food, run the door ourselves, etc.. Overall, we are sacrificing a lot on the sound here as Sebastian on one end of the stage and Mathias on the other can’t hear each other. I can hear everyone as I stand in the center but I can’t hear Nick that well. Mogens and Mathias try to play together and the others on the other side and let’s hope it works out ok..

19:05 2 paid people and the sound problem was solved. We will get some food from a kebab place pretty soon. I am working the door.

20:15 We will start at 20:30 sharp now. Only 7 paid people and one girl like 8 yrs old! I will be surprised if we get more than 10 more people. We will have to pay the venue if we get less than 50 as they are suppose to get the first 1000SEK. Bummer.

23:45 We ended up having 21 paid people and we took a small break so people could go buy more beers or drinks and KG set up and played the short 40min 2nd set. I sold 3 CDs for an OSC fan who I also see at Roadburn. Cool. The venue people liked the music a lot and were so cool they actually gave us the door money, which they did not have to do. That was very generous of them.

As for the gig, we played a lot of really melodic stuff and both Nick and Mathias had some really amazing solos. The end of the gig was stronger but also more rocking. As for the recording, at least for the 1st set, at some point one of the microphones fell down and was pointing directly backwards, so this is not good. I fixed this for the 2nd set. The entire show including some of the sound check was recorded though. Hope the sound was decent. People said it sounded great. Cool…

1:05 Pär and I are crashing out at Love’s place while the others are all sleeping at Mathias’s about 10mins drive from here. Most people took their guitars, synths into the apartment fearing leaving the van on the street with the gear. IT is a very quiet place here where Love lives. Good night.

Day 2

9:05 I am up now and got a decent sleep. Love is getting ready to go to work now. I had a granola bar and will try to get some internet. I am feeling fine but will be hungry in a little while. There is a store close by but we don’t have a key. Not sure when we will meet the other guys.

10:00 I am listening to some of the recording and it sounds good but that hum in the right channel is back. Damn. Per fixed this and we tested the mics and they were fine. I hope it goes away.

10:52 Pär and I are up and ready to go look for my camera which is lost. We will go back to the venue and see if we can get it.

11:15 I spoke to the very nice man from Walla Scen and he said to just come by and call him and he lives 2mins away and will let us into look for the camera. We will go over to Mathias’s place with the others after we look for the camera.

16:49 The camera was not at the venue but in my gear case. Phew… We have just been out and about in Stockholm, hanging out at Mathias and listening to cool music like Moby Grape, Magma, etc.. He has a lot of great records. We met up with Jaire, which was a huge surprise. He was in Stockholm with his friends Black Lizard and the Liquid plastic Castles, who were playing a small club. We had a beer with him and some Indian food. I had the lamb vindaloo and told them to make it Indian style and it was really hot! Nice.. We just need to pack the van in a better way and then we are ready to go to the ferry.

OSC in Stockholm Cool mirror in Indian resteraunt

20:05 The line on the ferry here has been going very very slow and we are one of the very last vehicles and the ferry should depart in 5mins. We heard the entire CD1 of It’s all about Delay. People think it is still a great record after all these years, which is great to hear.

Sunset at the Ferry

20:48 Pär. Mathias and me are in one room, Seb, Jocke, Nick and Mogens in the other one. The snoring ones. I bought a red bull, cider and some liquorice for Clotho. I want to go to the sauna but it closes at 10. It helps me to sleep.

Working Man’s space rock choice for the Night- a future title..

23:15 (Finnish Time)
I went to bed after we had a real meal at one of the restaurants. No idea how late the other will stay up drinking. I had a huge and excellent salad with chicken, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes…