Day 3

7:10 Pär, Mathias and I are all up and all had showers. We arrive in 25mins and it really is gray and cold looking outside. I will for sure need a nap today at Juha’s place.

8:48 I was driving and was pulled to the side for the breathalyzer test and he wanted to see my passport. Everything was cool as soon as he found out we were all from Sweden and Denmark. The little café we have had breakfast at a few times outside Turku was closed so we drove further to a Neste gas station-restaurant place and had an excellent buffet breakfast for 6.4€. IT is cold and drizzly around 4C outside. We had a lottery to see who is going to drive after the gig. I did all the driving in Stockholm so it is not me and Nick and Mathias don't have a license. I drew an X on a piece of paper and put them in my Roadburn hat and the one with the X had to stay sober and drive.. and the loser was......................................................... Pär!

The lakes are still frozen here and there is some snow around place. Everyone is in a good mood and no one seems to have a hangover. We will be at Juha’s around 11 and can rest for 4-5hrs.

We have been listening to Edgar Broughton band live at the Beeb CD. I love it but a lot in the band don’t get this band. A bit to off the wall! We had a lottery to see who would stay sober tonight as I will not drive after the gig so I can have some beers. I put a red X on one of 4 pieces of paper and they all took turns taking one out of my Roadburn hat. Pär was the loser.. the others celebrated!

14:00 We are at Juha’s listening to music. I had a 2½ hr nap, which was really nice. People are in a great mood drinking lots of beers and smoking. I need some food and caffeine. Seb and Mathias also slept. It is still cloudy and cool but it looks like it will clear up later. It was really raining a lot on the drive here. We heard Sabbath Assembly, Dark Budda Rising, Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Bridge, Gnod-White Hills, etc.. Espers, Voice of the 7 Thunders.

15:45 We had some food and people are doing ok. Nick is just getting out of the shower now and Mogens will go in and then we will leave for the venue to set up our gear.

17:15 We are mostly set up and just waiting for the sound man. We have maximized the space on the stage very well. 7 people is a lot for this small stage. I have a feeling it will be a great gig tonight. I just hope some people show up. Juba, who played bass with us last time in Finland was here hanging out for a while. His Irish band is playing close by but not until 22:30. I had set up all the merch and it looks pretty impressive.

Our great merch stand. that sadly no one buys anything from anymore...

18:58 We had a cool soundcheck jam without the synths. Wowl… The sound guy is here and Jukka has his kit all set up. Mogens did a lot of work to set up the mics and stands, etc.. Sound guy was tired and called in at the last minute and did not seem very happy to be there. Josef. Esa, the guy who will play saxophone is here and seems like a very nice person. Jukka said he is playing in a band called Graystone. All seems well, we just need a good crowd. Kalle is setting up the projector and visuals, which will be great as always. Santtu will film for about 2hrs.

21:10 We are going to start in 10 mins, I think but may wait until 22? There are only 7 people here now. I pray more people show up. We had a bit of a conflict and discussion as we went to get some get some pizza, due to the guest players not bringing any of their own amps, pedals, etc.. Sebastian was not happy and I totally understand as I also just thought they would have their own gear. We need to make this very clear in the future. Guest bring their own gear! The sound check sounded cool when we all played. Esa and Jaire also tried out Sebastian’s gear while we ate. We will play two long sets, I think.

02:00 It was a fantastic concert and we played 2 sets each about 90mins and we finished at 01.15 as we should. There was about 50 people in the end but they were really into the show. We had a lot of good dynamics with Jukka and the bass players. He is very good with bringing the tempo up and down and he was very solid. I am not sure what the recording will be like as the sound guy did not really want to be there and was tired. IT is a lot of sound to pay attention to with three guitars and two synths. Kalle made great visuals and people were really into the concert. He used images from Star Wars and 2001 A space Odyssey. Santtu filmed all the first set and about half of the 2nd set.

We had a guest sax playing Esa and he played very nice smooth sax, probably too smooth and he played well but he was not that interesting. The 2nd set, Samuel from Wasami, joined and played like 3 jams. He played some great guitar and he was all alone at the start of the 2nd set and Nick just hung out in the audience listening and then came on. Jaire he played on one long psychedelic blues jam and Esa joined as well. Seb came back for one long massive jam. Ylli (dark sun, psychotropic zone), he did some strange spoken work stuff during this last jam and he was lying on the floor. He is so cool and nice but I could not hear what he was doing at all so I hope it was not terrible.

Samuel came up after the gig and said that it was a really healing experience for him as he has been going through some tough times and he really enjoyed getting to play with us. Very nice person. The guy from Temples, he told me that the show blew him away and it opened up his mind to what was possible with music. He was very enlightened. Cool…