Day 4

11:31 The people down stairs are making a lot of noise now and we need to get a lot of sleep today as we have to play and then stay up the entire night to catch the morning ferry from Turku at 8:45. It will be tough like it always is. This house we stayed in is a very special place with tons of instruments, strange things on the wall and just shit everywhere. It has not been cleaned in years and the kitchen was really disgusting with old dishes and flies, etc…. far out.. Mathias, Seb and myself slept upstairs and had some mattresses and stuff and it was ok but it was like 3:30. A very dirty place but super nice people who live here and funny. Nick ended up stumbling falling down drunk after the gig after downing this whiskey.

People are in a good mood and it is really sunny and nice outside and I am in shorts and a t-shirt. I heard some of the recording from last night and it sounded better than I thought it would but the synths are too high. More often it is that they are too low!

14:37 We are getting ready to leave this trash heap of a house. We had some fish and chips at the Hesburger and they made some veggie stuff on the outside grill that was pretty good. I had a sauna and shower with Tuomas and that was fantastic. It is Easter Sunday today and he is going to meet up with this family he said in a few hours. Janne one of the guys bought a t-shirt and CD. He said that they closed down the squat today and the festival is now over so we were the last band. Tuomas was super cool and actually gave us 50€, which is better than nothing. Very nice people in Turku. We had another lottery today and the loser was: Mogens.. He will drive after the Tampere show to Turku..

The Lottery

16:15 We are finally getting off to Tampere now. It is about 2hrs or 150km from Turku. I will drive with Jukka so he does not have to drive alone. He said that he was unemployed at the moment but was looking for work. I told him we would pay for all his gas. We heard a bit of Pothead and had to stop for some gas.

Ducks Burger and Kebab Turku duck pig

17:17 We are about 60km from Tampere now and it is amazing weather outside. We have been listening to the Mystic Crewe of Clearlight CD, which I really like. Jukka liked it as well. IT is an instrumental band from New Orleans playing like Hammond organ driven instrumental stoner swamp rock. We also heard some of the new OSC stuff and he seemed to like it. This is real Finnish farm lands out here on this drive. Trees and farms and not much else. A few streams or lakes every now and then but not that many actually in this part of Finland.

Gig poster (OSC is at the very bottom)

19:15 We are at the bar and it is not that big but pretty wide and we will manage. We have played smaller places. There is no sound person and we have to deal with setting up the PA and everything ourselves. The Futuristics collective have put up some really cool UV backdrops and have a DJ station as well to the left of the stage. We can play until 02:00 and will start at 23 unless the place has a lot of people. We can not do a multitrack recording again so it was a total bust to bring that along as we did not get to make any recordings at all. I went and had some kebab with rice with Jukka for 8€. This bar is very central and will be ok to play if there are any people.

20:25 Set up was very slow and everyone is set up except Mogens who is having trouble again with electricity and his midi cable. The DJs are going direct into the PA and not using the mixer so we have to unplug their cables and hook up the PA when we want to use it which is not very ideal. It looks like it will be quite loud in this place but we will soundcheck pretty soon. I have a great place for recording tonight. The price is very cheap only 3 € entrance fee. People are pretty relaxed except for me as things just go a bit slow sometimes.

22:10 We had a lot of trouble setting up the PA to work and Mogens was pretty frustrated. The soundcheck was very short but it sounded good. There is no monitor so Mogens and I have to hear everything from the PA which is a risk that we will be way too loud in the recording. I am aware of this so I will try to play lower than I did in Turku. I had some nice chats with the Futuristics collective people and they are super cool and put on some amazing parties and we talked about doing something in the future together if they like our gig. They have a great scene here.

03:00 Wow.. again..We really blew them away tonight. At the end the people were dancing and having a great time and screaming and totally into it and the place was packed with people. We played two sets for about 150 mins, I am guessing. We sold a t-shirt and a few CDs for 10€ each. There were several videos shot of the show. The DJs shot most of the first part of the show and then another guy filmed some of the 1st and a lot of the 2nd. We played a more diverse set last night with some slower space and blues but also ending all the jams with a high energy take off. A few trance things as well. The 2nd set opening piece was a very cool tango like thing with Nick on 12 string guitar. I got a bit annoyed with him (sorry Nick, if you read this) because he plays these amazing solos but then uses pedals or something so that no one can hear him. It is like he does not what to be heard and since all these show are recorded and for the fans and everyone to enjoy and remember, I don’t like this behaviour of trying to hide. He is a brilliant guitar player and has nothing to hide. Show yourself.. People are really nice hear and we had a great evening. We did not get any money. I have to give them my bank account info and they will transfer me the 300€. I did not have that info with all the SWIFT etc.. so I have to email them it on Tuesday. A local guy did an interview with the band after the gig and he was very nice and into it and had skunk breath which was funny.

05:00 We are about 60km from Turku now. Mogens is very tired but doing a good job. He is crossing the middle line all the time but there is no one out here at this hour. It is already light and some of the fields have this cool mist over them. You have to watch out for moose and deer in this kind of time of the morning. We have been listening to the Talvasalin Presidenti 3rd CD over and over in the car and no one seems to care to change it. Not sure they even notice. Par, jocke, nick are all asleep. I can not sleep under these conditions and some people need to keep Mogens awake. I am very tired.

The tour is over and we all had a great time and it was fantastic to play with Jukka here in Finland. We will do this again for sure. The ferry leaves at 8:45. We will find a 24 hr café and get some food when we get to Turku, so we can just go to sleep.

08:00 I am totally blasted after being up for 21hrs, playing, etc.. I look terrible as well. Droopy red eyes.. very tired… We are just waiting to get our rooms to crash.

CD1- Set I 75min
Are you on Spacebook? 23:30
Problems with the PA 2:33
The Girl with the Laser Fork 14:26
Futuristics Collective Jam 13:33
Live Trip Music 21:19

CD2- Set II 82min
Topless Gun Shop 17:51
Tampere Jam 22:09
YOu are not allowed to go home 24:02
Mogen's mini Pussi Cheese Balls 18:02