Session 75- Dragens Hule, København May 21st, 2011

The Players this night: Dr. Space- Synths, Mogens- Keyboards, Magnus- Guitar, Nick- Guitar, Nicklas- Guitar, Jiri- Bass, PIB- Drums

This was our first concert in Dragens Hule in a year and the first in Copenhagen in 9 months.

15:00 47 people say they will come on Facebook. I will believe it when I see it. We really need to collect up some door money tonight to make up for the 390€ loss in Finland. Right now this comes out of my pocket. I am really psyched to play tonight though. I spent over an hour yesterday checking out the Octave CAT, which I have not played live in almost a year, the Yamaha CS-10 and I totally repatched the modular synthesizer!

20:00 I arrived about 19:30 and Nick, Mogens, and Jiri were there when I got here and all the gear was set up except for my stuff and the amp for Nicklas from Papir, who will play with us again. The place is a total disaster though and cords, bikes, tires, trash and shit everywhere. Nicklas from papir has arrived on the bus with his suitcase with pedals and his guitar. He will use an old Roland amp that Mogens has. We have been listening to the new Shpongle God Particle CD single and the new ROVO Dub CD. Cool stuff.

21:00 Mogens has been buys putting all these cords away and putting up various lights and things to make it look cooler since we could not arrange for anyone to do projections. I am all set up and it will be quite cool.

21:30 Only about 10 people here and we have not had a soundcheck yet. We will soon. We hear the Spacious Mind- Cosmic minds at Play (what a totally killer album). I hope more people show up. The bar staff tonight are really nice people but don’t seem very organized and will probably not collect any money. Mogens expected me to do it as if I don’t do anything. We had a discussion about this and the bands are suppose to arrange for someone to collect money for them at the bar, so expected me to arrange for his when I have to do everything else basically. I asked him to arrange it and he could get help from nick or jiri, people he sees all the time but no… .I am expected to do it. So we will probably not get much from the door even if a lot of people come.

12 We had a soundcheck and it was ok but the guitar players have a hard time hearing each other. The people were coming in now around 22 when we were sound checking. I think we started the first set around 22:40 and it was 82mins long. Some very cool jams but we were very slow to get started and into the groove. Nick played some killer solos. Nice to see some people I know but only Jacob and Sven from the Roadburn crowd were here. Finn, and even Cathrine a scientist from my work, brought her daughter. Only Stojs and Palle from Sweden, plus a lot of new faces. Sadly, not a single friend of Nicklas from Papir was here. He was pretty isolated at times, I felt. I should have talked to him more.

The guitar players are taking turns so we don’t have three guitars at the same time.

02:00 We had a too long break after the first set to try to set up some microphones to put guitar in some monitors so they could hear each other better. They also turned up some. It was taking way too long and about half the people left and did not even get to see the best part of the concert as we only got better. We heard Voyage 34 in the PA by Porcupine Tree. The 2nd set had some great jams. Nicklas from Papir, he fits in well and plays a fantastic guitar. Magnus was totally ripping it up and playing some heavy riffs as well.

03:30. We are about to play a 4th set, believe it or not! There are still 15 very stoned people left but people are in a good mood and just want to play. They collected money from 30 of the about 50-60 people that were here tonight.

04:40 I am totally exhausted and we did play a 4th set and it started off with some nice psychedelic blues and ended with a jam on the Peter Gunn theme. Nicklas from Papir played a really amazing and beautiful guitar solo in one of the jams. The whole show was recorded and I guess we played around 5 hrs tonight, an all time record for us.. Probably most bands have never played a 5 hr concert! A fun night despite the lack of people really into it like in Finland. We sold about 10 copies of dead man in space. I hope people enjoy it.

Set I 82:28
Set II 87:50
Set III 68:42
Set IV 60:10

296 mins!