ØSC Tour July 2011

8:30 I am sitting outside my apartment with my gear and the merchandise and hard disc recorder waiting for Jocke to come with the van from Malmö. PIB, Nick, Mogens and Magnus will all be out at Dragens Hule. We have the ferry booked for 11:30. I hope that we can make it this time as we missed it last time. I have a little bit of a cold. It is is windy and gray today but not cold.

9:57 We probably could have made the ferry at 11:30 but magnus forgot his earplugs and we had to turn around and go back. Lucky, we were only about 2km away or less. Still we probably lost 10 mins. We are driving hard to make it but it is not looking good. We are listening to YOU by GONG now. Great record. We got the new Entering into the Space Country vinyl today and it looks great. I only had time to pack up like 10 copies to take on the road.

11:00 Jocke is driving gread and we have 45mins to go like 60km so we might get there. It will be very close. We were listening to Freidhof, an old Swiss freakout jam band. Nick is asleep as he was up all night getting his pedals ready. They were nearly ruined in the dragens hule flood. I am amazing they still work after being under 1m of water. Now we put on Nukil- The Time Factory.

12:12 We missed it again! By 5 mins. Now we sit and wait. The band just smoked a huge joint and are in a good mood now…

13:30 We are just about to arrive in Puttgarden. Hopefully it will only take 5hrs to get to Leiden. It should if the traffic is not bad. We will see. We all had some food and bought a case of beer (probably should have got 2). It is totally gray today.

15:36 What a nightmare again. The traffic around Hamburg sucks. It just took like 1½hrs to go 10km. We are way behind now and still have 400km to go. We are taking a smoke and pee break now. We are so late already. We have been listening to our 2nd set from Tampere and also Tuf Luv by Pothead.

16:48 Mogens did a killer job of driving on this really shitty small lanes near Bremen, I can’t believe they have not finished this fucking construction. It is 72km they are working on but it was like 2 years ago now we did this drive. We have heard Desiccated Soup by Pothead and Sabotage by Black Sabbath now. Still 3hrs to go.

17:34 I sent Jack and SMS that we still have at least 2 hrs. Fuck.. Now we are listening to the Scotish band Tear Gas. What a cool hard rock record this one is. PIB said it was the guitar player from the Sensational Alex Harvey band. I am not sure but it could be.

18:18 We just had another smoke and pee break. Magnus is driving now. We are not even in Holland yet. Damn..

19:30 We had to stop for gas. Everyone except Nick bought some food. We are still like 65km from Amsterdam. We will be really late again. Sorry Jack.. Mogens plugged in his telephone so we have been listening to some music that I don’t like at all. Some of this Massive Attack stuff is ok but this hio hop shit by Tricky and someone else is not for me at all. Hope the phone dies..

20:16 We are 12km away now. Finally! Mogens finally killed the hip hop shit and put on some cool jazz stuff.

1:21 Ok.. no entries for a long while as when we got there, we really had to get the gear in and set up and then the guys from Max Headroom played about 9:30 I guess. We had some nice vegetarian pasta and some beers. It was a lot of the same people as the last time we played here. All the folks from Toner Low, Feddo, Carry and his wife, some guys from Germany and a guy who drove from the very north of Holland. Cool. I sold a lot of cds, lps, etc.. would have sold some more shirts if we had more of the right sizes of the old t-shirt design. People seem to like it much better.

Mad Headroom was really cool instrumental stuff. They reminded me of URAN a bit. I only heard them but could not see them and did not get anh pics. Cool people. Our set was really psychedelic and it sounded great where I stood. I hope the recording is good. We got 150€ from the door deal. Cool.