Day 2

9:41 I crashed out at 3:15. I guess the others got to sleep at 5 in the morning and they were all downstairs eating and drinking and smoking still when I crashed. It was a really good night in the end after the hell 11hr drive. We can take it a bit easy this morning. I hope we can get on the road at 13, 14 at the latest. We paid for parking til 12. No one else is up yet. I will shower now.

12:30 I put some more money in the meter so we have until 12:49 now. Everyone is up but PIB who is being a real pain in the ass and wants to sleep all day. I checked my gmail and we got a mail from India and the festival is more or less 100% now! Wow.. we will play in India. Jack went out and got us all some breakfast and everyone is getting in gear and jocke is in the shower.

13:33 We left PIB and Jocke and went to get the gear and we will come back. Mogens has no spikes for his tent so he went with Jack to try to find them. I am waiting in the van now with all the gear while everyone brings their stuff and we can get going to Belgium. It is about 2hrs drive if we don’t get lost.

15:41 We are now in Belgium. We had to stop so people could smoke and pee. We heard of the Dream Machine 2nd CD and the first Omnia Opera CD. Both are great. Now we are in the mood for this festival for sure. It is totally cloudy but patches of sky. It might clear up on this night.

17:23 We are here and the sun is shinning. It is quite muddy here. The festival site looks amazing and we just met the Dream Machine guys. Super nice people. Are tents are also all set up but it is a bit close to the techno stage here in the back stage. Nukil guys just arrived. Cool.

19:04 We all have our wrist bands and five drink tokens. It seems that doing the hard disc recording will be quite difficult has we only have like 12 channels. I have it set up. People are in a really good mood but there is not many people here at the festival. Maybe 100. Turns out they did book us two hotel rooms but the hotel is 20km away in Gent. Dream machine and the other UK bands are all staying in a hotel. We will camp! None of us wants to stay sober and drive to the hotel at 4:30 in the morning!

The band Etherk is playing really cool psych rock stuff. Cool Belgium band.

20:10 We did get the hard disc recorder set up with 14 channels and I am trying to record all the bands. IT will really depend on what channels they use. There are 4 guitar channels and I could only take 3 so if they use channel 4, I won’t get it. There are 6 synths channels and I could only take 4 of those. There are 4 stage microphones for singing and I could only get 2 of those and the rest go for drums. One for bass of course.

RiverCrest is playing now and they are really cool. They wanted me to jam with them but I was too busy setting up the hard disc recorder and did not really have time to get my gear as well. They have a fender Rhodes, a guess sax guy, three guitar players. Some of the same guys from the first band are in this all improvised band as well.

21:11 I really liked this Rivercrest. Very spaced out. I am feeling really tired now. The food situation is not good. Mathias said we would get free food but none of the food vendors will give us free food. We should have some food vouchers but the organizers at the van said they don’t have any. Looks like we have to buy all our own food. I understand due to the poor turnout they are under some pressure but a couple of meals would have been appropriate. Not that big a deal but some in the band are very unhappy about it. Still not that many people here.

22:30 Wheel of Smoke are a cool band. A mix of psych rock and stoner rock riffs. They have some really great tracks. They have played for a long time. It will be really late for Dream Machine.

24:00 Quantum Fantay have a lot of gear and are changing the entire stage set up. They have their own roadies and very professional stuff. The guys I talked to were very nice.

2:55 I am really tired. The Dream Machine guys had a nap and all seem very fresh! I also found out that it will only be quiet here for 2 hrs and that the techno starts up at 6am! Fuck….. how am I going to get any sleep? Pills….. Quantum fantay were pretty cool. They have some great songs but they are just too polished some how. Some how it is too predictable, and not very exciting what they play. Very tight, professional but it lacks some grit, guts, emotion, just all too slick for my tastes. People were into it though and dancing. Jon from Dream Machine played a 30 second flute solo on one track.

03:10 Dream Machine are finally getting to start. Quantum Fantay took their time to set up and soundcheck and started late and finished late as well. Playing 1hr 40mins. They could have cut one song to make it easier for Dream machine who will have travelled from England and have to stop at 04:00 or the police can fine the festival.

4:20 Dream Machine were really cool. I liked them a lot. Seems there are 200 people or so around the festival site. I would have enjoyed their set more if I was not so tired. IT seemed like mostly songs from their last album. The hard disc recording is fucked for DM probably as there was only signal in like 9 channels so we are likely to be missing something. (Yes… there was no guitar recorded, fuck!). they must have used guitar channel 4.

Day 3

14:11 Wow… I took a strong sleeping pill and it really knocked me out! I did not hear the techno at all and the guys woke me up at 13:30. I feel a bit out of it though. I was really tired and needed to get some sleep as we will not play before 01:00 on this morning. We are driving off to a store to get some food. Nick got 20€ from the organizers. This part of the festival is not organized that well for the foreign bands.

16:31 We have been out and about walking around in the ancient Belgium town of Brugge. It was a pretty cool place for sure. Lots of tourists as well. Bummer that I left my camera. I had a couple of sandwiches, a liter of juice, some chips and tomatoes and am coming back to life. We bought some more 36 beers, 12 bottles of water, bread, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber all for 29€. Wow.. never in Denmark.

The guys are in a strange but good mood and making fun of the funny Flemish names. Not sure when we will get back but I would like to see G-delic which is at 17 or 18.

18:10 We are back and I only heard the last 1 min of G-delic (bass player and synth guy from Dream machine doing some more ambient stuff). The Techno still goes on. I go over every now and then and check out some of the DJs. There is always some people dancing and most of them all sound the same to me. At night time that area looks super cool and they have to screens with psych visuals. Lots of people smoking pot! Probably some on some drugs as well. Never know. No one is out of hand at all. Very cool vibe at the entire festival and a great set up.

22:00 Nukli was pretty cool but Omnia Opera should have started now but are still setting up so things are a little off now. I did not know that Nukli was a three piece. Cool band with some really nice songs. I am quite tired and just drank some energy drink that I bought. A lot of the band is off sleeping and we moved our tents from the backstage to as far away as we could get on the festival site so we could try to get away from the thumping techno beat. There are not that many people in this cool tent to see the psych and space rock bands. I guess the most for any band is around 100 people. It is hard to tell as people hide out in this one chill out corner on the pillows and sofas.

23:00 Some people are still lying down. Have not seen PIB for half the day. I unloaded like half the van myself including all of PIBs stuff. It will be very late if he does not set up some of his stuff ahead of time as this new drum set up of his takes him an hour to put together. Omnia Opera are still playing and sound great. Really good sound up in the front. Omnia Opera had a guy doing some really cool projections. I wish we could have him make some for us as well. The hard disc recorder crashed during Omnia Opera so their file was lost. They had their guitar and bass amps very close the the recorder. Pity.

02:46 It took a long time for us to set up and PIB was super slow. A fucking hour or more and he was going as slow as he could it seemed. We were all sitting on the stage waiting and so was the sound man but he would not be rushed. It was 1:25 before we started. It tooks us 90mins to set up and that is way too long for the crowd to hang out. The die hard did but I am sure lost quite a few people. I think we played a killer first set and we will go on very soon again and play until just before 4. I promised the soundman we would finish on time and we will. Nick and Magnus are both great tonight.

04:20. I am totally blasted and we had a great show. People really liked it and I sold about 140 euros of CDs and stuff. It was a really fun show but I am really tired. We got the entire thing multitracked and I think we got all the channels for us. I had time to check it out with the woman who was assisting the soundman and she was so cool and helpful.

Amazinig festival. Thanks to mathias and Ludwig!!!!!!!!

Day 4

11:30 this is a pretty tough festival with non-stop music for 22hrs a day. How the fuck are people suppose to sleep??? If we play again, I will for sure go for the hotel! We should pack up our stuff before the rain comes. It is windy and quite chilly today. This is fucking hard work. Why do we drive nearly 2000 km to play for like 100 people for no money???? Please tell me.

11:58 We are almost packed and nearly ready to go. I also got the last 500€.

16:39 We left the festival at 13:35 and had a nightmare following the instructions to get out of Belgium and took a wrong turn and ended up going towards Rotterdam and have wasted like 100km and more than an hour. We not even in Germany yet. Fuck.. We have been listening to Flying eyes, Steamhammer, Jefferson Airplane, and Seun Kuti. I did the first 3hrs of driving and now Magnus takes over. Mogens will drive next and Jocke the last part.

18:05 We are about 2hrs behind now and will never catch our scheduled ferry at 20:25. We have to hope we can get on one of the later ones and they are not fully booked. Listening to QOPH.

21:00 We finally got around Hamburg and heading north. We will not be to Puttgarden before 23 now. We heard the entire Tampere concert. People thought it was a really cool concert. I agree.

23 We are waiting for the ferry now. It will be like 2:30 by the time we get to Copenhagen. Damn.. 13hr in the van today… too much…