Sessioin 80- Loppen, Christiana Oct 1st, 2011

This is probably our last concert of the year and I think it will be a good one. Some new blood coming into the collective once again.

14:45 Mogens is here to pick me up and bring all my gear and the hard disc recorder to Loppen. Univerzasl will soundcheck and ØSC, we will just set up our gear and line check. The weather is amazing. I am just in shorts and sandals as I think it will be very hot later in Loppen.

15:50 We are setting up the gear now and everyone is in a very good mood. I have never seen so many people in Chrsitiania when we drove though and just watched the people passing Loppen. Wow... It will get very hot in here if there are a lot of people for this free concert. We will have a guy from the US film the show named Brandon I had met him some years ago. I have set up the alesis HD24 and have used 21 channels. Channelds 8, 13, 16 and 25 are dead. Seems we will have enough channels like this. Only 7 are used for the drums. The light people have two projectors and it will look really cool.

16:46 Univerzals are soundchecking very soon. Nicklas (Papir) and Stefan have set up and left now. I am ready with my gear and the recorder is as well. The line up for the first set will be:

Dr Space, Franz, Thomas, Jesper, Stefan and Nicklas (Papir).

17:23 Nick's PARK guitar top just quit. They are trying to figure out what to do and decide to just use Nicklas's amp set up since no other heads are around unless they use Stefan's but that does not solve anything for later if Nick wants to play. Sadly my Core SOund mics are not working properly so I have to use the internal Edirol mic for the audience recording.

20:10 Had a really nice dinner with Mogens and Nick. They went home to get a shower and will come back. Jiri has had another gig at 19 so I went and took a walk around christiania and to check out this band called Fremtid i Farver (Free time in Color). They were really pretty cool. Claus Toft on guitar, Chris on sax (He played with us in the 2nd set), a drummer and female singer. Like 70s hippie rock with really positive lytics. Cool stuff. Jiri gave me the CDs as I think my daughter will like them a lot. So much happening out here. Techno stage, hip hop stage, rock/folk over at Månefisker (Moonfisher), rock at Loppen, etc... I have never seen so many people here. The bitthday as a huge success for sure. You have no idea how many people who decided to come to Loppen though.

20:30 Franz has arrived and I am just chilling in the backstage room alone. Very cool guy and I look forward to playing synths with him. We had a nice chat about music and stuff and he set up and tested his gear.

21:30 Nicklas from Papir is back and everyone is starring to come back in and people are in a good mood. Not that many people upstairs yet but I still hope they start at 22:30 as planned, as they always play long sets. They say they have a 90min set but it will be closer to 2hrs.. just wait...

24:00 The Univerzals are playing well and a good set. It is the same set they play ever long concert for the last year so they should be vry very good at it. There is like 150 people or nore now and people are dancing and having a good time. I am resting my legs and ears downstairs most of the set though. It is really hot in the club. Some of the people are coming in from Spids Nøgenhat at Pumpehuset now and they all said it was a great show. Torben, Mia, Magnus, Nils, Tom, etc...

02:35 We played a bout a 70min set and some of it felt totally amazing. Stefan and Nicklas were killer on the guitar and blew me away. We were really lose and difrectionless to start the gig and it seemed like we were going no where together and then when we picked up the tempo, we started to catch a groove and go. The sound was really good on stage but loud. Franz was amazing and I want him to play the next gig. I think the recordings are all going fine. About half the people left but still 100 or so. It was hot on the stage. The filming will look really cool...

04:00 What a concert. Kristoffer from Papir took over the drums and drove us into high energy space rock territory and was non stop. That opening jam blew my mind for sure and suddenly without notice, there was Chris on saxophone. I could not hear him hardly at all but I could see him! Then mogens also so there were 3 keyboard players. I think some of this will be a mess as mogens and Franz play a lot of lead lies and neither could hear each other very well so it will be messy for sure... Brandon was a super filmer and did the entire show and I paid him what I could and will sort it out next week. SOld 2 records.

Amazing night. Hope we do not have to wait 3 years to play Loppen again.

CD1 Set I 80:37
1. Opening Space out III 23:06
2. Memo's First Space Flight 11:46
3. Christiana's 40th Birthday Jam 10:25
4. Band Intros 0:35
5. Dawn of a new Day 15:07
6. Monster Riffage 14:36

CD Set II 69:53
1. Great balls of Planets 14:41
2. Storm Clouds 21:17
3. Drink the Light 20:19
4. Jens is Back 13:35