Session 82- Big Bang, Roskilde, DK April 7th, 2012

9:00 I just picked up the van from I have to return it by 9am tomorrow so will do it right after the gig instead.

12:00 It is snowing outside! I have all of my stuff ready but need to go mail some OSC packages at the post office. I will pick up Nicklas at 15:30 at the Papir rehearsal room.

15:15 Everything went quite fast so I am early and waiting at Østerport. It has cleared up now but it really cold, just a few degrees above zero.. I am listening to Weltraum in the van.

17:00 Everything went fine with getting the gear loaded, etc.. and Nicklas, Paw (Highway Child) and I drove in the van and Jiri, Birke and Mogens when in Mogens car. They are not here yet. Cool place.

The Big Bang, Roskilde

17:44 We are almost set up now. Jiri and Birk are having a drum and bass jam. They play together in the Univerzals. Cool guys. First time for Birke to play with us and he had a pretty bad bike accident just today. He is a bit stiff and has a bandage on his cheek.

19:00 We had a long soundcheck that I really wish I had recorded. Wow.. it was really excellent. I have a really good feeling about the gig tonight. The sound in the room was not that good as this is basically a huge concrete room. Sound guy seems to know what he is doing though. Anders is very cool.

19:40 The band is pretty disappointed in the food. One hotdog, a foil bag of some veggies (onion, mushroom and squash). That's it. Mogens does not eat meat so he basically got nothing. We got a case of beer for free! Other than that everyone is in a great mood especially after the cool soundcheck jam.

21:20 A tree of Night were really late arriving today, like 20.. They were also suppose to be here at 17.. NOt many people at the venue yet.

22:30 A tree on Night was really cool but the young people did not get it at all. Probably 40-50 people here, all very young and like 60% female.

01:30 Wow.. what a fucking gig. We played 6 jams in 140mins! Really cool and diverse stuff. Paw was really great and having a good time. He had never tried playing with us or just total free form jamming. He is hooked. Nicklas also blew me away (he was right behind me, so I could hear him very loud). Awesome guitar playing and the rest of us were also really on top.

03:00 I am finally home after returning the van. phew....