Diary Session 96

Loppen, Christiania Oct 26th, 2012

17 Ancient Monument is doing a soundcheck. We will not get a soundcheck at all. We will have to adjust the sound as we set up and hope for the best. Lars is a good sound man so it will work out. We are all set up for the multitrack recording and so is the Merch. My phone is dead.

18:30 Ancient Monument is a young 6 piece band with two guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, saxophone and two vocalist. They mix a bit of a retro 70s vibe with a more modern sound. Nick is playing his guitar here in the backstage as we just relax. Mogens can not make it before 20 and Jocke will come over from Sweden at 22. Hope some people will show up tonight. Most of the roadburn crew who come to our gigs are over in Malmo seeing Goat. Some said they will try to make it to see us afterwards.

20:35 I just set up all my synth gear on the side of the stage so that it will all go faster when it is time. Mogens is also here and set up now. Niklas from Papir is still not here. the visuals look really awesome. Hope we can get some good video. It is cold tonight. I took a 30min walk around Christiania. People are in a good mood.

22:30 Ancient Monument are playing now and quite a lot of people turned out to see them so the club has about 100 people, which is great. They remind me of the US band, the Hater at times. Some of the music is really great. Like some of the more melodic US Jam bands in a way.

23:45 We are about to start. Things went pretty slow but it all sounds great on the stage and the mood is really good.

03:30 I am finally home. it was a really fun night. 87 paid people at the door. 90 was the break even for the club so they were satisfied. We played one long 2hr and 35min set. Phew.. Only 5 jams, the last one was a monster and 45mins. We could have played more but only like 15 people were left at the end as it was really late now. Tom and Magnus had come after the Goat show. Both Nicks were fantastic on the guitars. It was fun to play the Yamaha CS-10 again. Audience and multitrack recordings all went well. We only sold 3cds, one vinyl and 2 t-shirts. My ears are ringing.. Good night…

The Prescription is ready 30:52
CS10 Returns 22:39
Band Intros 1:39
Giant faces appear in the Clouds 32:45
Jocke’s got the Groove 27:18

The monster Jam 45:21