Diary Session 97

December 1st, 2012

19:00 Tonight is our last concert of the year at Dragens Hule with Mantric Muse! It will reunite the very first OSC line up that made all the early jam sessions and records when we have Sebastian and Ola from Bland Bladen joining the guys from Mantric Muse and myself! Wow.. Last time this line up played live was 2006 or 2007. It is the MM CD release party and it will be special night!

20:00 It is like a really cool family gathering. A lot of people here I have not seen in a while, including Daniel and Anja, who started Dragens Hule in the late 90s. The Mantric Muse CD looks great! Insect is even here and I have not seen him in years. He did a great job on the MM CD artwork.

21:30 A decent crowd is here. It is a free concert tonight and there is even some free beer as well. A very good mood in the place.

22:30 Mantric Muse has still not started. They were supposed to start at 22:00. Place is pretty filled up and people are really waiting for them to start. They are waiting for a projector for the visuals which has still not show up.

23:50 MM is just about to start and it took like 20mins to set the projector up and get it running. It is going to be a super late night, especially since OSC has not set up anything yet. Maybe Mogens will play on Ola’s set up??

00:30 Mantric Muse played a really cool concert and are finally done. They played their entire new CD with some long jams plus a new song called Armh. Oh yeah, and an old song called Mystic Union. Ola is so amazing with them and just the synthesizer player they have needed all these years. It takes a lot of pressure of Magnus and he can focus on his guitar.

01:15 We are still not started yet. Everything is really slow.

03:00 WOW.. We played about a 75min set with the original OSC line up and those jams were pretty cool. Michael really played cool bass and we all had a great feeling. That was fun..

04:20 We played one more set with Birk and also PIB on drums plus Nickolas on guitar and Jiri on bass. Not sure why Jocke did not play as he had his bass with him. Oh well. The band wanted to play more but I was totally exhausted and had to stop and go home. The others continued on with some strange jams for another hour I was told. Great night… hope the recordings sound good.