Diary Session 98

This was our first concert of 2013 and quite cool to get to play in the large, Den Grå Hall in Christiania. I wonder how cold it is going to be. It is supposed to get down to like -5C tonight! It is Jiri’s 30th birthday party. He has been playing bass with OSC on and off since 2010.

This will be the first ØSC gig ever with only one guitar player. I really tried but could not get anyone to play. We had thought that Paw from Bite the Bullet would be able to join us but his gig in Lyngby was going to be later than expected so he could not come. We will manage.

21:30 Sabine and I have arrived and the have put up a tent inside the hall and have some heat cannons and the mood is really good and festive. It is not as cold as I thought it might be. The first band is just finishing. 3 more to go before we play so it is going to be late!

23 All the band is here now including Jocke from Sweden, except Mogens. Fri Galaxe, one of the bands that Jiri plays in, where really good and now another young band is setting up, I don’t know who they are. I don’t know that many people here but some. Sabine, Jocke and I are mostly hanging out. Dorte has come now, which is nice to see. It is going to be late!

03:30 We have stopped playing now and that was a pretty far out gig. Jiri bounced around on many instruments, drums, bass (tapping on Jocke’s bass), trombone, keyboards… Martin from Fri Galaxe took over the drums after PIB played the first jam. We also have the trombone and saxophone players from Fri Galaxe and I thought they were great and really added something since we only had Nick on guitar. It took us a while to the sound and groove so the first jams were strange but then we really connected and it was fun. There were not a lot of people left when we started playing at like 01:30.. maybe 40 or so when there was easily 100 earlier.

Fun night but I dead tired. The bike ride home was hard….