Diary Session 99

15:25 I came straight from work and took the train to meet Damo where we had agreed upon and sure enough he was standing there with his suitcase and red boller hat. We recognized each other right away and did a quick greeting and then was off to my apartment, which was 10 mins away on the metro train.

17 Sabine has arrived from Hamburg and Damo is working on the computer. He is a very nice guy and we spoke about politics, music, etc…

18:25 I cooked an Indian salmon curry with Goji berries and we had a beer for dinner. The taxi is about to arrive to take us to Dragens Hule now.

19:20 Everyone was in a good mood when we arrived and the soundman Lars had set up all the mics on the drums, amps and apparently they have all sound checked including Mogens, so only Rasmus (Causa Sui) and I had to set up and check the lines and monitors. We did this and then did a 10 min soundcheck jam and all went well and that was it. I recorded the soundcheck with my Edirol. All is set up for multitrack recording with the HD24 as well. Pär (Sgt. Sunshine, Carpet Knights) and Michael (guitar player in SKL) have arrived now.

19:50 We are finished with the soundcheck and are ready to collect money when people start to arrive at 20. Jan from Kildemose festival has arrived with some friends, which is nice.

20:55 I collected money from about 70 people with the help from Sabine and drew on all the people’s hands. Now I must gather the rest and Birk’s brother will take over. Great we already have 70 paid.

23:20.. The concert is over and it went very smoothly and that was really fun. The Video DJs did a great job and the audience was really into it. Damo was totally soaking wet and had sung nearly non-stop for 2hrs. I think he really enjoyed the evening a lot as well. It think it must be pretty hard to do. He sung all in English but 90% of what he says is very hard to understand. I wondered if he sang the same stuff every night or not, if anyone had recorded him like several nights in a row and compared or if he really makes totally unique stuff up all the time. I really don’t know. Anyway, he pushed us into a different style and direction than normal. I had a really great time. Saw a lot of friends here but also about 50% of the people were people who I had never seen at an ØSC concert, which was great. We sold a few records and cds. In the end we had 120 paid people and could pay Damo his fee, pay the transport costs for the DJs, Lars the sound man (3000kr with gear rental) and our taxis and even had a little money leftover. A very successful night!

Set List:
Soundcheck Jam
Damo’s First ØSC Flight
CAN opener
Band intros
I cannot Grow up
Your Gleaming Eye
Past, Present, and Future.