Øresund Space Collective- It's all about Delay (Transubstans 026)

Aspettavo con grande curiosità questa seconda uscita, perché il primo album di questo gruppo mi aveva stregato. Gli OSC sono un gruppo molto particolare, anzitutto già la parola “gruppo” va stretta, perché gli OSC sono dei musicisti provenienti da varie nazioni (principalmente Danimarca, Svezia e America), che hanno iniziato a trovarsi insieme con l’unico intento di jammare, poi le cose sono venute così bene che hanno iniziato a incidere le loro jam sessions, che in seguito sono state distribuite ai fans. Nel loro sito è possibile scaricare oltre venti ore di musica gratuita (avete capito bene!) e sempre sul sito hanno messo in vendita ben dieci cd contenenti il materiale migliore. Un gruppo molto “fuori” dagli schemi, che se ne frega delle convenzioni discografiche e che è animato unicamente dalla passione per la musica.

I waited with great curiosity this second exit, because the first album of this group had bewitched me. The OSCs are a very particular group, indeed already the word "group" you/he/she must be tightened, because the OSCs are of the musicians coming from various nations (mainly Denmark, Sweden and America), that have begun to be together with the only intent of jammare, then the things have come so well that you/they have begun to engrave their jams sessions, that you subsequently are been distributed to the fanses. In their site it is possible to unload over twenty hours of free (you have understood well!) music and always on the site you/they have put in sale well ten containing cd the best material. An a lot of group "out" from the schemes, that it rubs some record conventions and that it is entirely animate from the passion for the music.’

Il genere, come lascia intuire il nome del gruppo, è lo space rock, ma potremmo parlare ovviamente di psichedelia, di prog music, ma non mancano momenti legati al jazz, alla musica cosmica di Schulze e anche qualche passaggio vicino all’hard rock. Ovviamente il riferimento primo va agli Hawkwind, ma possiamo citare anche Gong, Ozric Tentacles, Ship of Fools, Camel e il nostro Paul Chain (sapete che sta per tornare in pista con un nuovo moniker?) di lavori come Sign From Space e Cosmic Wind.

The kind, as it allows to realize the name of the group, it is the space rock, but we could obviously speak of psichedelia, of prog music, but tied up moments to the jazz don't miss, to the cosmic music of Schulze and also some passage next to the hard rock. Obviously the first reference goes to the Hawkwinds, but we can also quote Gong, Ozric Tentacles, Ship of Fools, Camel and our Paul Chain (do you know that it is about to return in footstep with a new moniker?) of jobs as Sign From Space and Cosmic Wind.

Il nuovo album si presenta molto bene, con una grafica fantastica, curata dallo straordinario Ed Unitsky, che ha già realizzato le cover dei Tangent e alcune dei Flower Kings e di Guy Manning. Il doppio cd è racchiuso in una confezione da doppio dvd, che permette di appprezzare meglio la grafica. La cura riposta nel packaging ci dispone efficacemente ad un viaggio fantastico nei più reconditi meandri dello spazio.

The new album introduces very well him, with a fantastic graphics, taken care of by the extraordinary And Unitsky, that you/he/she has already realized the covers of the Tangent and some of the Flower Kings and Guy Manning. The double cd is contained in a wrapping from double dvd, that allows better than appprezzare the graphics. The secret care in the packaging effectively prepares us to a fantastic trip in the most secluded meander of the space.

Doppio cd, dicevo, per oltre due ore di musica onirica e suggestiva, suonata da musicisti che sanno quello che fanno. Non sono improvvisazioni campate in aria, perché hanno le sembianze di composizioni studiate e volute, mentre in realtà il gruppo si è rinchiuso per due giorni nelle sale di registrazione e il meglio di quanto partorito (oltre cinque ore di materiale) è finito su questi due dischetti. Ovviamente sono brani dilatati, che hanno tutti una durata piuttosto lunga, come nella migliore tradizione di questo genere, ma personalmente ho ascoltato quest’opera tutta d’un fiato senza provare un attimo di noia e pensare che è tutta musica strumentale. Buona anche la produzione.

I double cd, I said, for over two hours of music onirica and suggestive, played by musicians that they know what you/they do. They are not improvisations lived in air, because they have the semblances of studied compositions and volutes, while in reality the group is confined for two days in the rooms of recording and the best than given birth (over five hours of material) you/he/she is ended on these two diskettes. Obviously they are dilated passages, that have a whole rather long duration, as in the best tradition of this kind, but personally I have listened to this work all of a breath without trying an instant of boredom and to think that it is all instrumental music. Good also the production.

Gli OSC sono dei veri freakettoni, gente che ha la musica nel sangue e che ha capito la differenza fra fare musica e fare arte, certo non so se il pubblico di oggi è preparato per accogliere come si deve una formazione così atipica, ma sono convinto che ci sia comunque una buona fetta di persone in grado di apprezzare e sostenere un progetto così interessante. GB

The OSCs are of the true freakettonis, people that the music has in the blood and that difference has understood among to make music and to make art, certain I don't know if today's public is prepared to welcome as such an atypical formation it is owed, but I am convinced that there am however a good slice of people able to appreciate and to sustain such an interesting project. GB



Øresund Space Collective: It’s All About Delay
Transubstans Records (Trans026)

This Danish-Swedish-American improvisation-space-kraut-psych band has now released their second official album on Transubstans, and I must say that this is hot stuff! Two guitarists, two bass players, three keyboard players, a drummer and a percussionist locked them selves inside the Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen for two days this Spring and recorded over 5 hours worth of totally improvisation-based space jam and for this album they have chosen 156 minutes of the best material from the sessions. The band’s guitarist Magnus that also plays in Mantric Muse used five months to mix the material and he sure did a great job.

It’s All About Delay is a deluxe double CD packed in a DVD case with amazing cover and insert artwork by Ed Unitsky. There are 12 tracks on the album ranging in length from about 5 minutes to over 25 minutes. It’s extremely difficult for me to pick up any favourites from the album since the stuff is just so good throughout. At the moment, I’m possibly the most impressed with “Jupiter Flyby (In Memory of Doug Walker)” that is dedicated to the late Alien Planetscapes boss and is also the longest track on the album. This very peacefully starting jam includes at first some serious space noises, light guitar and other cosmic stuff. After five minutes the bass joins in and the floating that follows reminds me a bit of The Spacious Mind. At the 11-minute-marker the drums come along and soon also the Rhodes and a great, long guitar solo. Then the track gets stronger and groovier being a bit jazzy but very tight. Really great playing by everyone! The Ozrics-styled ”In Her Majesty’s Secret Saucer” is quite heavy rocking bringing to mind also Hidria Spacefolk. Wild jamming! Also the first track “Rolling..” has a really nice drive. There is quite heavy space rocking going on the track ”Alien Strip Club”, too. They have not used any overdubbing on the album, but there is a short speech sample in the beginning of the cosmic “Circus Yoda 1”, and I feel the guys could use more samples like this.

There are of course also the obligatory space-dub-reggae parts in there and you can find them in tracks ”Circus Yoda 2” and “Pink Jumps in the Ring”. Also ”Chris Ice Sack” that even has some blues influences is also a bit dub-like at one point, but then gets more progressive and intense; this is a very good number, as well. A rather danceable one is the nice, Ozrics-styled “Isle of Morgens” where also the congas are well audible. “Nebula 4747” that begins and ends very softly has some excellent solo guitar work in its heavier and more psychedelic phase. Also the keyboard work is very tasty and inspired on the album while the bass and drums keep up the amazing groove. The more cosmic, last track ”The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project” has plenty of delay and presents the more ambient, rhythmless side of the band and finishes in a great way this marvellous album that really has no weak tracks. So this is a very successful release in every aspect and everybody who likes improvisational psychedelic space rock must absolutely get this, since this is one of the best releases in 2006. The album release party will take place in Copenhagen 9.11. after which the guys will go back to studio to record their next album! We’ll try to get the band to Finland too next Spring…

07.11.06 by Dj Astro

The Psychotropic Zone


Öresund Space Collective ”It´s All About Delay” (Transubstans 026)

The space jamming collectives second output is here and it´s a vast improvement on the first release. First of all it´s a double-disc so we´re in for almost an overkill of heavy cosmic meditation. And you are in for a very rocky ride taking off with “Rolling ...” with lots of wild guitars and swirling synthesizers lurking under the space blanga. Things gets a bit cooler with “Cirkus Yoda, parts 1 & 2”, mostly calm, atmospheric stuff that just builds layer upon layer with hypnotizing effect. “Nebula 4747” has a nice Gong-light feeling to it, without sounding like Gong at all. “Isle Of Morgens” dabbles with techno beats. Sort of. “Shaved Cortex” has that Steve Hillage / Gong connection, with nice guitar figures weaving in and out of the stellar background that the band plays so well. “Pink Jumps In The Ring” goes in a reggae direction with lots of hypnotic alien soundscapes. And the first CD ends with a real killer, and I don´t just mean the title. “In Her Majesty´s Secret Saucer” is as fantastic as the title, with a driving rhythm and some wild wah-wah guitars. A cerebral killer!

Put on the second CD and you will only find only 4 tracks on it,the shortest being 15 minutes, starting off with over 25 minutes of “Jupiter Flyby (In Memory Of Doug Walker)”. It starts real slow and then it slowly lift off through the stratosphere and far beyond into a fantastic cosmic overdrive.“Alien Strip Club” features a lot of over the top guitars while “Chris Ice Sack” breaths calmness and harmony before picking up speed for a grand finale. And this awesome double package ends with the Krautrock-ish “The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project”, that flirts with Hawkwind/Harvey Bainbridge spooky sequenser experiments. A really fine way of ending the whole journey.A mighty fine example of free form improvised head music. A nice balance of hard-rocking psychedelia and ambient soundtrips. So what are you waiting for?Get your own copy, place your body in your favourite meditation position, fill your head with the best space jams on this side of Sagittarius constellation.




[CD - Transubstans]
Wow!! Talk about a follow up album that blows away an excellent debut! For those not in the know, Øresund Space Collective are an all instrumental, all improvisational space rock collective comprised of Danish, Swedish and American musicians from such bands as Mantric Muse, Gas Giant, Bland Bladen and others.

The band's debut CD was released earlier this year and was an impressive set of instrumental space rock. But on the 2-CD "It's All About Delay", the band is clearly tighter and more in tune with each other, as many of these improvised pieces have a definite composed feel, and there are tracks that ROCK much harder than anything heard on the first album. Total Space Rock, but with a progressive feel, this will easily make my best of 2006 list. The tracks range in length from 5 - 25 minutes, so you know these guys are really stretching out.

Disc one includes 8 tracks, the highlights being the opening and closing tunes, with a mind bending assortment of groove laden jams sandwiched between. But the 12 minute "Rolling" and 10 minute "In Her Majesty's Secret Saucer" are both powerhouse cosmic rockers that are so structured from beginning to end that it boggles the mind to realize they're improvised. Truly stunning and SMOKIN' playing from all.

Disc two includes four loooong tracks, the shortest of which is 15 minutes. The standout is the 26 minute "Jupiter Flyby", dedicated to the memory of the late Doug 'Dr Synth' Walker of the long lived American underground space rock band, Alien Planetscapes. The track journeys along in mellow cosmic space for nearly half its length... just tripping along and exploring... until finally taking off and settling into a steady rocking groove for the duration. A mind blowing set!

Jerry Kranitz (Aural Innovations)


ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE- “It’s All About Delay” (double CD)

Set the controls for the heart of the Sun- the OSC are back! I loved their debut CD but thought their sessions for aural innovations were even better. Now it turns out there are 20 hours of material for free download on www.archive.org.

So the reasons for buying this double CD? Well first of all you have over 2.5 hours of music done over 2 days in the studio with no overdubs (although that’s hard to believe!) in a deluxe edition CD capturing the best moments with artwork by Ed Unitsky who has produced sleeves for among others The Flower Kings. So why not save yourself that download time or better still have a listen to both!

The OSC is a collective of Danish, Swedish and American musicians who perform ‘free form improvised space rock music’ some of which can also be regarded as ‘ambient psychedelia’, great for creating an atmosphere when driving or chilling out as the music bubbles along with ethereal, retro keyboards, swirling and swishing synths, a sold backbone of bass and drums and twin guitars providing soaring hooklines, the whole combining into a quite hypnotic, spaced out listening experience.

It’s difficult to pick out any individual piece as the whole thing flows so smoothly- just put on anywhere, sit back and enjoy! Hints of early Floyd, Hawkwind, Hillage, Ozrics, Tangerine Dream occasional touches of ska, the list goes on and it’s all classic stuff! If my arm was twisted I would single out the fantastic 26 minute space rock extravaganza that is ‘Jupiter Flyby’ (in memory of Doug Walker RIP). However, taken as a complete entity ‘It’s All About Delay’ is limited edition space rock gold and is not to be missed!

(Transubstans Records 026)

Contact: www.recordheaven.net

(Reviewed by Phil Jackson for Acid Dragon magazine)


Øresund Space Collective "It's all about Delay" (Transubstans Records 2006)

Magnus (g, effects), Sebastian (g, effects), Jocke (b), Michael (b), Scott (synth), Ola (synth), Mogens (org, synth), Kasper (cong) und Søren (dr) sind geheime Weltraumwissenschaftler unterwegs auf der Mission, die letzten Mysterien des Weltalls zu entschlüsseln. Damit das nicht auffällt (wir haben's auch bloß rausgekriegt, weil wir die russische Internet-Mafia abgehört haben), senden sie ihre (bisweilen dramatischen) Erkenntnisse als Psychedelic Spacerock Botschaften verschlüsselt zur Erde. Weil die Botschaften von weit her kommen und der elektronische Postverkehr über die Strecke, wie jeder sich vorstellen kann, entsprechend teuer ist, haben sie die Thesen und Lösungen gebündelt und in langen Einheiten auf die Erde geschickt. Sind kluge, gebildete Menschen, haben neben aller wissenschaftlichen Logik und allem konzentrierten Wissen auch Humor und nennen, um jeden Zweifel zu nehmen, einen ihrer "Songs" zum Bleistift "The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project". Abends, wenn sie sich die Hucke vollsaufen und grölend durch die Weltraumkneipen ziehen (alles Tarnung, die trinken doch nie, sind nur an neuen Erkenntnissen interessiert!), entdecken sie die Eigenarten von "Alien Strip Club"'s - wir sind gerade dabei, den Geheimcode zu entschlüsseln, um anhand der mitgesandten Bilder zu erkennen, was es da interessantes zu entdecken gibt. Möglicher Weise ist das Entblößen bestimmter Alienkörperpartien so aufreizend wie das Öffnen eines Briefes, der eine Rechnung enthält? Grusel!
Der Space Rock ist keine Erfindung der Astronauten, aber perfekte Tarnung. Ist eigentlich sofort klar, schaut euch nur die Instrumente an, alles ist doppelt da, bis auf den Schlagzeuger, der ist Kernkraftwerk-Experte und kennt sich mit schwingenden Impulsen exzellent aus. Die Wissenschaftler fliegen tagsüber von Sternenhaufen zu Sternenhaufen, durchleuchten die Atmosphären, Lebewesen und Künste fremder Kulturen, geben alles in den Head-Computer ein, der nicht nur die Verschlüsselung der Daten und den Email-Transport zur Erde organisiert, sondern auch die Verrockandrollung vornimmt. Abends müssen sie dann an die Instrumente, die ausgespuckten Noten zu intonieren. Manches erledigt sich von allein, so haben sie einige Songs mit dem Geräusch des Kartoffelstampers unterlegt. Die gleichmäßigen, aber leidlich stupiden Rhythmen werden vom Kernkraftschlagwerker modifiziert und dynamisiert und vom Congaisten akzentuiert.
Die Schallwellen der Synthesizerklänge sind nichts anderes als die Weltraumtoilettenspülung mitsamt Reinigung des Wassers und Wiedergewinnung des Shampoos (aus der Dusche natürlich!) als Dünger für die mitgeführten Tomatenpflanzen.
Für uns sind das alles böhmische Wälder, ähm, ich meine, chinesische Dörfer - aber keine Potemkinschen'! Wir wundern uns, wenn wir den verwunschenen Sounds lauschen, die direkt aus dem Märchenwald zu entstammen scheinen und doch nichts anderes sind, als die Einflüsse der Mozarts und Rachmaninows dort oben in den entfernten Sternenhaufen.
Schwedische Internethacker haben die Weltraum-Emails abgefangen, kopiert und variiert an die NASA weitergeschickt, haben die Sounds entlüftet und auf CD gepresst, die Hacker nennen sich lustiger Weise Øresund Space Collective, haben mittlerweile eine ganze Menge Material gesammelt und ihre zweiten Offenbarungen als Revolutionsauslöser in die offenen Weltkanäle geschickt. Auf CD1 sind 8 Tracks zu hören (die Entschlüsselung ist jedermann selbst vorbehalten, macht euch an die Arbeit, die Daten sind enorm interessant! - aber Vorsicht vor der CIA!!!), auf CD2 sind nur 4 Tracks zu hören. Das sind die ganz dicken Datenpakete, zeitlich betrachtet zwischen 15 und 25 Minuten lang. Wir von Ragazzi sind gerade dabei, "Jupiter Flyby" zu knacken, wer hilft bei "Chris Ice Sack"? Und noch etwas, auf CD1 gibt es den Track "Nebula 4747". Vorsicht damit, es handelt sich dabei um die Heimat der Aliens, die Ripley damals schon beschäftigt haben. Bringt die Kinder aus dem Raum und legt euch Alienkillerspray zurecht. Jetzt aber viel Spaß!



Öresund Space Collective- It´s All About Delay (Transubstans Records)

Öresund Space Collective bildades 2004 av några musiker från Sverige, Danmark och USA. Tidigare har man släppt en platta ( också på Transubstans) samt ett antal cd-roms med musik. En av killarna var med och förstärkte sina kollegor i First Band From Outer Space under deras lysande gig i Slottsskogen sist.

Det märks faktiskt ett släktskap mellan banden soundmässigt. Men Ö.S.C. ligger mer åt ambienthållet och band som t ex Ozric Tentacles. Och nu ska jag berätta vad som gör dem väldigt speciella: all musik är nämligen improviserad! Något som kräver både spelskicklighet, fantasi och mod. ( Hats off!) Under jamliknande former byggs de instrumentala låtarna upp och förändras sakta hela tiden. Mer spacerock än så här blir det inte. Nu är detta en matig dubbel-cd med långa låtar vilket gör att det blir nästan omöjligt att ta in allt. Men å andra sidan, vem säger att man måste sträcklyssna på hela plattan?

Stämningsfullt och atmosfäriskt!

1. Rolling
2. Cirkus Yoda 1
3. Cirkus Yoda 2
4. Nebula 4747
5. Isle of Mogens
6. Shaved Cortex
7. Pink Jumps in the Ring
8. In Her Majesty's Secret Saucer

1. Jupier Flyby
2 . Alien Strip Club
3. Chris Ice Sack
4. The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project

Betyg: 7,5/10

Dennis Jacobsson



Øresund Space Collective- It´s All About Delay (Transubstans Records) - Translated from Dutch with www.freetranslation.com

Of the "Øresund Space Collective", I had never heard yet, to pick although they stand have gangs music on their website: clearly! The tie consists of Danish, Swedish and American musicians that, through means of jamsessies, constant remain evolve. This cd became in 2 days taken up without overdubs (almost not to believe but where).

CD1: These begins very calm, beautiful, clearly. Yourself put becomes sees appeared for in a beautiful garden, in a hammock, it dark, you the first stars: relax and prepare you for on a real space trip! You, the night and the music! On the first hearing dominate the synthesizers only that disturbs not, how better you listen, how more other sounds penetrate into, you need yourself only what to focus and you get where for your money!,! The 3de number "Circus Yoda" is brilliant: amusing, playful, cheerful music, particular sounds, folk-influences and a beautiful, uitdeinend end: smartly! Track 6: "Shaved Cortex" has then again a very separate, strange and complex sound: close your eyes and enjoys the tremendous interaction between the guitars and the synthesizer: rock in space, from here want you not yet! Number 7 then: "Little fingers jumps in the Ring" is a tender, dreamy and moving number: vibrations all sorts, circles music in which you with are sucked up: as well! The last number of this disk is "Secret Soucer" : here your tension, threat, emotions of fear hear and deprivations dive come blossoms on, then the drums complete till life, the music totally open and the end is a dizzy space trip with inventieve sounds and special effects.

CD2: The first number "Jupiter Flyby" lasts more than 25 minutes and has been dedicated to memory of Doug 'Dr Synth' Walker of the American underground space rock tie, Alien Planetscapes: the number is very strong, intense, does me sometimes think of Odd Earth, and is absolutely overwhelming! Also the 3de number: "Chris Ice Sack" (!) is the trouble: firstly calm, waiting for, hitting, then gradually more emotions, slowly swirling, turning, dragging: you are away of the world, totally is carried along to the end (kompleet with vogelgetjilp) : irresistibly! The afsluiter: The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project" is very bizarre: you become immersed in a bath of small sounds, whispering stemmetjes, there happened by everything around you, an odd, bit ominously feel that not marriage take off: particularly!



Oresund Space Collective: It's All About Delay

You want to talk about epic space rock, then look no further than this sprawling 2CD set It's All About Delay from the Oresund Space Collective. This one might go down in history as the most bloated space rock jam ever, but in a good way. Like some bizarre get together of Pink Floyd circa Meddle, Phaedra era Tangerine Dream, and members of Ozric Tentacles, Can, and Hawkwind along for the ride, It's All About Delay is actually all about long, extended jaunts into deep dark space, complete with bubbling synths, hypnotic guitar solos, and meditative rhythms.

Take one look at the song lengths, and you will immediately know what you are in store for here. This is music to listen to through headphones or on a system that you can really appreciate and experience all the little nuances and trance-like capabilities. Expect to be drawn into the intoxicating and mesmerizing sounds of such gems as "Nebula 4747" and the monster "Jupiter Flyby (In memory of Doug Walker)" as if you are drifting off into the heavens. At times some of the music sounds too similar, and one track can pretty much segue into another without you even knowing it, but that's what space rock is all about. Just when you feel that the swarm of synthesizer patterns, blips, and bleeps, have lulled you into a tranquil subconscious state, wild guitar leads come stabbing into the mix to wake you out of your coma, as they do on the intense "In Her Majestys Secret Saucer".

It's really on CD2 that the epic nature of this band comes out, with all tunes stretching out over 15 minutes in length. There's so much music here to take in, but for fans of Ozric Tentacles, Pink Floyd, and Tangerine Dream, with will be a pleasure to experience. This Record Heaven 2CD edition has wonderful cover art from Ed Unitsky, who has previously worked with The Flower Kings, The Tangent, and Manning. Space Rock fans be warned-this is what you have been waiting for! Light up and enjoy!

Track Listing
CD 1
1 Rolling (12:15)
2 Cirkus Yoda 1 (8:27)
3 Cirkus Yoda 2 (7:57)
4 Nebula 4747 (10:27)
5 Isle Of Mogens (6:30)
6 Shaved Cortex (15:23)
7 Pink Jumps In The Ring (5:03)
8 In Her Majestys Secret Saucer (10:20)
1) Jupiter Flyby (In memory of Doug Walker) (25:43)
2) Alien Strip Club (17:54)
3) Chris Ice Sack (20:08)
4) The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project (15:06)

Added: January 27th 2007
Reviewer: Pete Pardo
Score: 4 stars



Oresund Space Collective: It's All About Delay

Das Oresund Space Collective ist eine Zusammensetzung internationaler Musiker aus Dänemark, Schweden und den USA. Insgesamt sind auf dieser Cd 9 Teilnehmer auszumachen. Die Band besteht somit aus 2 Gitarristen, 2 Bassisten, 3 Keyboarder, 1 Drummer sowie 1 Percussionisten. Auf It's all about Delay bekommen wir eine gehörige Portion Space Rock angeworfen. Die Songs ähneln sich im Aufbau untereinander sehr. Es wird stets auf wenigen Akkorden das Grundgerüst gelegt. Darüber legen die Musiker ihre Solis und schmücken die heraufbeschworene Atmosphäre mit allerlei Synth Effects. Diese wubbern und blubbern was das Zeugs hält. Im grossen und ganzen sind die Songs eigentlich Jam-Sessions und nicht ausgeklügelte Kompositionen. Die Musik eignet sich besonders als Hintergrund-Soundtrack für Computerarbeiten. Denn die Songs sind nicht anspuchsvoll, wissen aber durchaus zu unterhalten.
Fazit: OSC überzeugen durch ein ausgesprochenes Talent im Improvisieren. Die Cd ist witzig aber kein Muss. Für Jam-und SpaceRock-Freaks aber durchaus eine lohnenswerte Anschaffung. Die Cd ist beim Label Record Heaven erschienen

Hinzugefügt: Sonntag, 28. Januar 2007
von: Daniel Eggenberger
Wertungen: 3 stars


The Oresund Space Collective is a composition of international musicians out of Denmark, Sweden and the USA. Altogether 9 participants are to be settled on this cd. The volumes consists therefore of 2 guitarists, 2 basses, 3 Keyboarder, 1 Drummer as well as 1 Percussionisten. On it it all about Delay we get started a proper portion Space skirt. That singe resemble itself in the construction among one another very. The reason scaffolding is put always on few accord. About that the musicians its Solis put and decorate the conjured up atmosphere with all kinds of Synth Effects. This wubbern and blubbern what holds the thing. In the large and entire, that are not singe actually Jam-session and contrived composition. The music is suitable especially as a background-Soundtrack for computer working. For that do not singe are anspuchsvoll, know to maintained however thoroughly. Result: OSC convince through an outspoken talent in the improvising. The cd is must witty however no. For Jam-and-SpaceRock-freaks however thoroughly a profitable value acquisition. The cd appeared in the Label Record Heaven

Oresund Space Collective: It's All About Delay

Das Oresund Space Collective ist wieder da und zaubert wahlweise ein breites, entrücktes Grinsen oder ein ebenso breites, bedrücktes Gähnen ins Gesicht des Zuhörers. Denn für den einen ist es ein verdammt relaxter Spacerock-Trip, für den anderen monotones kosmisches Hintergrundrauschen bzw. –blubbern.

Soundmäßig hat sich seit dem Debut nicht viel und doch so einiges geändert. Nach wie vor spielt das Oresund Space Collective rein instrumentalen, improvisierten Spacerock. Auf der ersten CD finden sich „kürzere“ Songs, d.h. unter der 15-Minuten-Grenze, die mehr rockigen Groove aufweisen als das Debut. Auf der zweiten CD sind die Improvisationen noch ausufernder geraten. Die Jams strahlen auch mehr Live-Atmosphäre aus und steigern sich schon mal orgiastisch. Dies liegt sicher auch daran, dass die Stücke an nur zwei Tagen im März 2006 aufgenommen worden sind. Dabei hat man keineswegs das Gefühl, dass die Musik unstrukturiert klingen würde. Ein sich steigernder Aufbau und stark repetetive Strukturen geben auch den langen Stücken Form und laden dazu ein, den Geist einfach im Strom der Musik fließen zu lassen. Erfreulich ist auch, dass das Collective immer wieder psychedelische Momente in ihren spacigen Sound einfließen lässt. Und wenn hier und da Bekanntes anklingt, dann liegt das nach einem Bonmot von John Cage durchaus im Wesen improvisierter Musik begründet.

Nun stellt sich aber schon die Frage, ob es denn nach so kurzer Zeit eine Doppel-CD gebraucht hat. Die Antwort ist einfach: Wer dem Space Collective gerne bereits auf die erste, im Ganzen meditativere Reise gefolgt ist, wird auch diesmal keineswegs enttäuscht sein. Im Gegenteil. Die längeren, sich langsam entwickelnden Jams erlauben gegenüber dem Debut durchaus ein höheres Maß an Detail- und Entwicklungsreichtum. Und die „kürzeren“, rockigeren Stücke stellen einen gewissen „Gegenpol“ zu den ruhigeren Nummern des Debuts, aber auch zum relaxteren letzten Viertel der Doppel-CD dar. Wer jedoch bereits vom Debut gelangweilt war, fängt sich hier möglicherweise die doppelte Portion des ungeliebten Sedativs ein. Aber vielleicht sollte der vom Debut Enttäuschte angesichts der klanglichen Wandlungen doch noch mal ein Ohr riskieren!

Christian Rode
11 out of 15



Oresund Space Collective: It's All About Delay

Two discs worth of glorious space rock that leaves you craving even more.
Reviewer: imac59
Dreading a long road trip? You won't be if you have this monstrous space rock extravaganza along for the ride. A sprawling instrumental joy ride, the sounds here range from thundering instellar space flights to lush interludes of freeform levitation, intertwining bass, guitar, drums, keyboards and electronics into a constantly shifting and always tantalizing sonic soundscape. Never repetitive and always intriguing. You think instrumental music can't sustain interest over a single disc? The Oresund Sound Collective not only sustains your interest with their propulsive drive over not one but two full discs here, they leave you craving even more. Bring along It's All About Delay, and you'll wish that road trip was a hell of a lot longer.



ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - It’s All about Delay - (2006)
Origine : International.
Label : Transubstans Records.

Et encore une, une belle bande d’allumés, toujours pour notre plus grand plaisir: du surprenant, de l’unique, du jamais entendu. OSC est basé officiellement dans l’espace intergalactique, officieusement dans la région du détroit d’Øresund qui est enjambé par un pont du même nom reliant Malmö et Copenhague, et se compose de 7 musiciens, plus une palette d’invités, Suédois, Danois et Américains. Le concept principal du groupe (ou plutôt du collectif) est l’improvisation : il existe déjà plus de 20 heures de musique improvisée et enregistrée en répète, le tout disponible en téléchargement gratuit sur leur site. La première réalisation du collectif, sortie en janvier 2006, a été pressée à 500 exemplaires ; la seconde à 10 exemplaires CD-R ( ?!?!) ; et voici donc le troisième essai discographique : "It’s All about Delay" (1000 copies) A quoi diable ressemble le produit de cette bête curieuse ? A du funk, jazz, reggae et space rock avec une saveur très prononcée des 70s faisant la part belle aux effets de guitares rétros, aux synthés, au mellotron et aux samples, et un fond résolument ambiant ; point de grosses envolées techniques ; tout se déroule dans une atmosphère très posée, ce qui fait de cette œuvre de 2 heures plus une musique de fond qu’une musique à écouter avec grande attention, car il y a au final peu de relief. La démarche est vraiment excellente, la musique très bonne, mais voilà : 2 heures, c’est long ! Alors courage aux curieux ; réservez-vous du temps ; installez-vous confortablement au fond d’un vieux fauteuil ; que les buveurs boivent, les fumeurs fument et les oisifs… oisivent : OSC est là pour vous faire oublier votre misérable existence terrestre et vous emmener au-delà des étoiles. (8,5/10)



ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - It's all about delay (review in Japanese)



ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE "it's al about delay" Transubstans records

Le son est toujours une source de réflexion et chaque fois que je pose un disque qui allie la force tranquille d'une invasion de soucoupes volantes et la volubilité d'un oiseau en quête de liberté, je m'interroge sur le devenir de l'homme....
Les essences mêmes de la vie ne font pas long feu dès que l'on touche au sacré. Ces forces invisibles qui entretiennent les interrogations : Pourquoi vit-on ???? Pour qui ??? Quel être nous habite ??? Que deviendrons- nous à la fin du temps ???? Qui sommes-nous ???
Toutes ces questions, nous nous les sommes tous posées un jour, sans savoir ni pourquoi, ni comment est venue justement l'interrogation, comme ça, comme on ne sait pas, comme un filet de curiosité qui coule dans les méandres de notre cerveau....
Et la musique remplit son rôle de savant mélange d'interrogation elle aussi et d'impression de plénitude absolue comme si nous avions tous envie de nous évader et de prendre le chemin de la vie à bras le corps sans savoir le but suprême de ce long cri de détresse qu'est : "it's al about delay"
ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE est un obscur désir qui ne s'échange pas, qui ne se galvaude pas, qui ne se vend pas....
ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE est un esprit terrifiant qui comme une tarentule, tisse sa toile dans les profondeurs de votre âme, sans savoir ni où, ni quand ce superbe album allait finir...

Inlassablement, comme si l'origine du monde n'était connue que par ce groupe unique !!!!
Pat LAHO "the little big boss man" 10/10



Oresund Space Collective - It's All About Delay
Reviewed By Dinger007 (StonerRock.com)
Transubstans Records
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The Oresund Space Collective is a super group of sorts of musicians who make improvised electronic space rock. The band members are from various bands and projects - the only ones I recognized were Gas Giant and Stonehenge - and quite a few of them seemed to have played in Mantric Muse (whom I have not heard.) Sounds like an interesting concept, and It's All About Delay features two whole CDs worth of music.

OSC do exactly what they advertise; they create huge soundscapes of spacey sounds and improvised jams that culminate into songs somewhere between the five and twenty minute marks. This is fine and dandy, except I found a lot of the songs to be samey, focusing on an idea or riff and just jamming on it almost endlessly, kind of the way hippy jam bands do, and sometimes the OSC gets dangerously close to that terrain. Other times though, they come up with something completely unexpected and surreal sounding.

The keyboards have an awfully "modern" sound to them, and this album doesn't have the real "heavy" sound of vintage space rock outfits like Hawkwind, but nonetheless it's a solid listen from start to finish. Those interested in space rock and extended jams will not be disappointed.

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Oresund Space Collective - It's All About Delay

Reviewed By Gary Hill

Overall Review

OThis modern space rock band have released their second disc for Record Heaven/Transubstans. A double disc collection, this is possibly even better than its predecessor. While you will still find healthy helping of Hawkwind in the mix (how can you play space rock and not be compared to Hawkwind?), I'd say that this one has more variety than the last. While I'm not crazy about each and every piece here, the ones that grabbed me really blew me away. This comes highly recommended to fans of Hawkwind, space rock in general, psyehedelia and jam band music. It's a great disc and the really wild thing is that it, like all OSC music, is completely improvised. For more information check out the Record Heaven website.

Track by Track Review

Disc 1

Rolling: Starting with a quick, “we're rolling,” we are. A chiming sounding guitar texture leads this one off and whooshing sounds bring in Hawkwind-like textures. The rhythmic bass line brings in more echoes of the Hawkmeisters. A retro sounding organ and space sounds are laid over the top of this backdrop. At about two minutes in a new funky guitar sound ups the ante, while the main themes remain the same. This turns crunchy as it carries on. Synthesizer plays over the top of the motif before more retro organ rejoins the fray. A killer echoey guitar brings in elements of '60's psychedelia. Like the best space rock, this travels through incremental changes and additions. A Hendrix musical quote emerges at one point. After all the instruments have had a chance to shine, they drop it back for a while (at about the eight minute mark) and the bass takes a (accompanied) solo. Some Doors-like keyboards come over the top of this arrangement at points. This is simply a screaming piece of space rock that, while evoking echoes of Hawkwind, still has its own identity, too. It's an awesome way to lead off the proceedings. At almost twelve and a half minutes it's still not the longest piece on this half of the set.

Cirkus Yoda 1: More dramatic and mysterious keyboard tones are the first thing heard here, accompanied by picked acoustic guitar (that again makes me think of The Doors). Sound bites and other textures are placed over the top of this and with keys sweeping overhead they begin building upon this structure. It climbs up after a while into harder rocking territory. While I wouldn't say this cut is an obvious killer as the one that preceded it, the keyboard textures and cool psychedelic guitar really make it a standout. It even includes a keyboard section that calls to mind Rick Wakeman's work in Yes. In fact, I'd have to say there is little to no Hawkwind on this song. I suddenly feel like I'm in a scene from Monty Python - “you could get spam, eggs and spam – there's not much spam in that.”

Cirkus Yoda 2: Feeling like an electronic take on some spaghetti western theme, this is definitely a change of pace. It moves into more standard space rock territory later, but I have to say, this isn't one of my favorites. The guitar solo late is a nice touch, though.

Nebula 4747: This almost feels like what California Guitar Trio might sound like if they added in other instruments and became a space rock band. This, as is typical with most space rock, doesn't go anywhere fast, but the arrangement swirls in slowly growing modes and is a good (but not great) one.

Isle of Mogens: Here we get something that feels like a electro-jazz version of Hawkind sound. I guess you could almost see it as Kraftwerk meets Hawkwind in jazzy motif. This is one of the cooler soundscapes on the disc. It turns rather funky later. It gets some killer keyboard sounds at times, too.

Shaved Cortex: At about fifteen and a half minutes in length, this is the longest piece of music on CD 1. A psychedelic jam band sound starts it and waves of space are laid over the top. It turns to heavier, Hawk-like modes later with Doors-oriented keyboards skipping over the surface. Still further down the road killer keys and theremin work waves of sound over some scorching space guitar textures. It turns to more pure Hawkwind type sounds in a hard rocking jam later. This one moves in a variety of different directions and is my favorite track on this disc of the set, if not the whole album.

Pink Jumps in the Ring: A bouncy texture with waves of echoey sound makes up the mode here. This has a definite surf music texture and keys sounding like a barking dog emerge in the mix, too. This one rocks out harder than some of the other stuff as it grows and is another highlight.

In Her Majesty's Secret Saucer: Awesome space keys lead this off. Then guitars join into the musical fray. Other keys wash over as it's building up. The track pounds out into a fast paced, hard rocking jam just before the one minute mark and we're off on a wonderful journey from there. More retro keys play over the top as space washes provide the backing. Lines of noisy guitar scream across in a tasty manner later. As one might guess from the title a lot of this feels like science fiction music, perhaps a bit like the soundtrack to “Space 1999.” Heavy organ sounds grind across the sound at times as does funky guitar. This is a pure screamer and another highlight of the disc.

Disc 2

Jupiter Flyby: At almost twenty five minutes, this is the longest track on the set. It starts very sedately and guitar begins to build upwards. Keyboards and whooshing textures enter to play over this backdrop. This doesn't go far in this vein, though, instead dropping back to space for a time. The group play around in this textural format for a short time, then new keyboard textures begin to rise up. They work through a few varying modes and moods within this general motif. At around six and a half minutes in it begins to become more of a “song” structure, with guitar taking the lead in creating the melody. Still, this is never fully realized as they move back out into ambient zones after a time. At around the twelve minute mark, though, they power it out into a new song structure. This is a prog jam with a lot of elements of space and psychedelia. Working through various incarnations and manifestations this gets quite powerful at times. Doors-type keys emerge later and this segment is the longest movement of the track, taking it eventually to its conclusion.

Alien Strip Club: Guitar sounds start this one off and they build up with a psychedelic space rock texture. This eventually settles into a satisfying groove as it carries on. As it gradually builds and morphs, it becomes a smoking space rocker that is one of the highlights of the set. The echoes of Hawkwind do emerge on this track, too, but it's definitely not limited to that territory.

Chris Ice Sack: This song and the next probably have the most clever titles of the whole disc – say it fast and you'll get it. Again, sedate modes begin this. As the song structure rises up it's echoey and covered with plenty of whooshing, Hawk-like keyboard sounds. It modulates through a number of changes on this theme before moving out into a more freeform jazz jam that still rooted deeply in space tones. This reminds me a bit of some of the Grateful Dead's space jams, but with Hawkwind styled keys laid over the top of the format. As it moves onward keys begin to take on textures more like The Doors and Pink Floyd and then the whole arrangement starts to resemble very early Floyd. More Kraftwerk-like sounds come over at times and this whole sound evolves vary slowly. It does turn into something a bit more funky and fast paced later. Then it transforms into a hard-edged jam that calls to mind very early Hawkwind. This is blistering in it's fast paced sonic architecture. A great fusion sort of sound takes over later with lots of funk overtones. At over twenty minutes this is the second longest piece here, but nothing on this second disc clocks in at less than fifteen minutes.

The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project: A bouncy guitar texture leads this off, but weird keys play over the top of this bluesy, folky mode that still reminds me of early Hawkwind. As this grows it becomes playful and perhaps a bit like early King Crimson. There are spoken vocals, laid over the top, echoes and manipulated in layers of whispers and dream-like textures. This gives way after a while to a weirder soundscape for a time – with odd keyboard textures taking command. Then the keys modulate out into a new melody that is bouncy and a bit New-Age like. Still other elements are present keeping this from being “easy listening.” This moves through a number of odd changes with weird sounds emerging and moving forward, making this the strangest piece of music on the set. It does include some killer echoey retro guitar, though, bringing it into the realm of psychedelia. This never really seems to coalesce all that well, though. For this reviewer it's probably the weakest cut on show here. I just didn't think it was all that easy to listen to and not the best choice to close the disc.



ÖRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - It's all about delay

På något sätt måste man bara beundra band som gör sin grej helt ut. Ta till exempel The Ramones, inte så mycket förnyelse där inte. Eller ta Bob Dylan, karln har släppt en sådär tvåtusen album (eller hur var det nu igen?) men hur stor variation är det egentligen? Man vet liksom vad man får när man går och köper en Dylan-platta.

Öresund Space Collective hymlar inte med att det är psykedelisk spacerock som gäller. Dessutom slår de på stort. Titeln på detta mastiga dubbelalbum säger egentligen allt, ”It’s all about delay”. Man kan säkerligen tolka in massor av olika innebörder i den titeln men min spontana reaktion riktas mot ordet ”delay”. Ett ord som inte bara betyder fördröjning utan som också är en speciell eko/fördröjningseffekt till främst gitarr som används frekvent inom denna typ av progressiv musik. Artister som kan driva med sig själva med glimten i ögat, det gillar jag.

Så mycket mer finns det egentligen inte att säga om denna monumentala dubbelutgåva. Gillar du progressiv, psykedelisk musik så har du två och en halv timmes LSD-tripp att se fram emot. Öresund Space Collective gör dessutom relativt lättillgänglig progressiv musik. Om du nu inte riktigt vet om du gillar psykedelisk musik eller inte, men vet att Alice i Underlandet tillhör en av dina absoluta favoritfilmer, tycker jag verkligen att du ska kolla upp rymdkollektivet från Öresund. Det kan visa sig att du är en progfantast utan att veta om det! Om du istället, likt mig, har svårt att övertygas om genrens förträfflighet tvivlar jag starkt på att två och en halv timmes psykedeliskt ljudlandskap kommer att få dig att ändra din synpunkt.



Oresund Space Collective - It's All About Delay
Transubstans Records


Disc One: Rolling (12:13), Cirkus Yoda 1 (8:25), Cirkus Yoda 2 (7:55), Nebula 4747 (10:24), Isle Of Mogens (6:28), Shaved Cortex (15:21), Pink Jumps In The Ring (4:59), In Her Majesty's Secret Saucer (10:20)

Disc Two: Jupiter Flyby [In Memory Of Doug Walker] (25:43), Alien Strip Club (17:54), Chris Ice Sack (20:08), The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project (15:06)

If you have ever played in a band you will know how tricky it is to improvise and produce a cohesive sound, unless surrounded by experienced and talented musicians. The music on this double CD comprises the best moments from improvised studio sessions over two days in March 2006.

This is the groups second album, (follow link to the review of their debut release), and the music is best described as extended and improvised space rock. They blend mixtures of psych and space rock based upon a solid groove rhythm section with 4 keyboard players and 2 guitarists who create and layer spacey textures, soundscapes and delayed guitar sounds. Many of the keyboard and guitar sounds are instantly reminiscent of great bands, like early festival Ozric Tentacles, Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream, but interestingly the OSC never sound exactly like any of these groups.

The CD opens with the track Rolling, and as is customary, you hear the producer shout 'Rollin'... The guitar intro is clean and spacey an could be straight from the Dead Flowers Moontan album, which in my book is a great start. The energetic drums drive the music along against a back drop of The Doors and Floyd - Saucerful... 60's-esque Hammond sound. Half way through the improv, the tempo slows and develops into a solid bass and drums groove, with solos over the top. This track sets the tone of the album.

The style slightly changes for Cirkus Yoda 2 and brings in some reggae-esque overtones, but doesn't develop into full on dub where the Ozrics would take it. Again, it's very competently understated, which is a general impression I get of this group. The keyboard sounds change through the songs and I am reminded of some of the sounds on Gong and Steve Hillage's Green album.

Nebula is superbly intricate, nearly jazzy drum fills and rim shots, playful and tuneful bass and always varying keyboards and guitar melodies. The track builds and builds into a crescendo of delayed and wah-wah guitars. The band change direction again with Shaved Cortex, now this is closest to what I would call 'Space Funk' with an abundance of solid groove, stop start bass lines with guitar and keys over the top. This is a track you can't help but reach for the volume control and puts a huge grin on your face.

These guys are excellent at latching on to a rhythm and playing with tempo and atmosphere. I remembered that I should point out that there aren't any real obvious key changes, or 'prog' time signatures, or vocals, but that doesn't lead to any dull moments.

Jupiter FlyBy on Disc 2 is a gentler affair commencing with a combination of Tangerine Dream sounds, creating swirling wind and ambient noises with distinct bass lines is very dreamy. It is also not entirely dissimilar to the mid section of Porcupine Tree's Coma Divine Live version of Radioactive Toy, or the start of Pink Floyd’s Shine On (Parts VI-IX). The track builds and is the CD’s longest track at over 25 minutes.

Depending on what flavour of prog you like, this may be heaven, but it's never hell. If you enjoy experimental improvised spacey / early psych music, and enjoy bands like Gong, Ozrics, earlier Porcupine Tree (think more Up The Downstairs than Deadwing), Colourstar (Heaven NiceTrip) then there is some excellent music here.

Conclusion: 7.5 out of 10



Oresund Space Collective - It's All About Delay
Transubstans Records

De Øresund Sound Collective bevat bandleden uit Zweden (Malmö) en Denemarken (Kopenhagen). Hoewel de band een vaste kern heeft, zijn er wisselingen met bandleden, waarbij tevens regelmatig artiesten uit Amerika de gelederen komen versterken. De muziek van Øresund Sound Collective kan zonder problemen in de categorie instrumentale spacerock gestopt worden. Als je van de psychedelische band Ozric Tentacles houdt, dan zullen de kunsten van Øresund Sound Collective zeker in de smaak vallen!

Recentelijk heeft Øresund Sound Collective de dubbel-cd It’s all about Delay in een luxe verpakking uitgebracht. Deze dubbel-cd bevat, zoals gewoonlijk is met spacerock, lange tracks die een zeer diverse opbouw en dynamiek hebben. Je hoeft dus niet bang te zijn om na het beluisteren van beide cd’s al na 45 minuten klaar te zijn. Nee, integendeel! Je bent ruim voor twee uur onder de pannen! Gezien de lengte van alle tracks is het ondoenlijk om deze allemaal in detail te beschrijven. Het is daarom beter om de sound van de band te omschrijven. Het geluid van Øresund Sound Collective kenmerkt zich door het gebruik van diverse effecten; de gitaren maken veelvuldig gebruik van wah-pedalen en daarnaast worden delay- en reverb-effecten vaak toegepast. De band maakt tevens gebruik van analoge synthesizers die naast melodielijnen de meest fantastische filtersweeps en effecten laten horen. Geweldig! Het knappe van de band is dat men elke track in één take heeft opgenomen. Je zou kunnen stellen dat de nummers op beide cd’s als jamsessies vol met improvisaties gekarakteriseerd kunnen worden en dat het geen muziek is, maar dan onderschat je de kwaliteiten van deze musici enorm! Luister maar naar de 25 minuten lange track Jupiter Flyby...in memory of Doug Walker op de tweede cd. In het begin van deze track wordt je door sublieme filtersweeps van de synthesizers meegenomen op een spacetrip, waarbij de gitaren rustig voort kabbelen. Na zo’n elf minuten (!) komt de vaart er in doordat de drums er bij betrokken worden. Een paar minuten later rockt alles er lekker op los waarbij zowel de gitaren en de synthesizers en Hammondorgels hun ruimte krijgen voor geweldige solo’s. Voeg daarbij een lekker knorrende bas toe en het geheel is compleet. Heerlijk!

Bij spacerock denk je vrij snel aan zweverigheid, mede door het gebruik van geestverruimende middelen. Zelf denk ik dat de bandleden niet echt vies zijn van dergelijke middelen. Kijk maar naar de diverse songtitels: Cirkus Yoda, Shaved Cortex. Maar de mooiste titel op deze cd vind ik van de laatste track op de eerste cd. In Her Majesty’s Secret Saucer is toch wel een sublieme titel. Als je naar het begin van deze track luistert, waan je je direct in een koninklijke vliegende schotel die opstijgt om zich vervolgens met “warpsnelheid” door de ruimte te verplaatsen! Het zou trouwens kunnen zijn dat bandleden stiekem fans zijn van Chris Isaak. Een andere verklaring voor de titel Chris Ice Sack zou ik niet kunnen weten. Maar wat vind je van een titel als Alien Strip Club of Tony Blair Witch Project? Daar zou ik niet in terecht willen komen! Hoewel, met de muziek van Øresund Sound Collective als soundtrack zal het wellicht juist een aangename ervaring zijn.

Ondanks de vreemd klinkende songtitels is de muziek van Øresund Sound Collective van geweldige kwaliteit om aan te horen. Ik kan mij goed voorstellen dat de nummers op beide cd’s voor niet-spacerock adepten langdradig kunnen zijn. Eerlijk gezegd is het een flinke zit om alles in één keer te beluisteren. Deze dubbel-cd is echter voor de ware spacerock fan een ware lust! Ook zonder geestverruimende middelen.



Oresund Space Collective - It's All About Delay
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Label: Transsubstans Records
Spielzeit: 156:00
Band homepage: Oresund Space Collective


CD 1

Cirkus Yoda
Cirkus Yoda 2
Nebula 4747
Isle Of Mogens
Shaved Cortex
Pink Jumps In The Ring
In Her Majesty´s Secret Saucer

CD 2

Jupiter Flyby (In Memory Of Doug Walker)
Alien Strip Club
Chris Ice Sack
The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project

ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE (kurz: OSC) sind eine munter zusammengewürfelte Truppe aus dänischen, schwedischen und amerikanischen Musikern, die sich dem instrumentalen Space Rock verschrieben haben. Sie treffen sich zum jammen und nehmen diese oft improvisierten Songs auch auf. Mit „ It´s All About Delay” legte die Band 2006, bereits ihr zweites Album vor, bei dem es sich sogar um ein Doppelalbum handelt.

Die Musik der Band ist eigentlich relativ schnell erklärt. Die Herrschaften kombinieren abgefahrene Synthieklänge mit leicht progressivem Rock und erschaffen damit eine Mischung aus PINK FLOYD, „Space Dye Vest“ von DREAM THEATER und relaxter Chillout Musik. Hier ist wirklich kaum etwas hard und schon gar nichts heavy. Aber natürlich handelt es sich schon noch um Rockmusik. Ich schüttle oft grinsend den Kopf über meine zwölf Jahre jüngere Schwester, wenn Sie vom chillen redet. Wenn ich allerdings OSC höre könnte ich mir vorstellen das sich die Musik gut dazu eignet. Einfach den Kopf zurücklegen und sich von den Soundlandschaften treiben lassen, nur so ist diese Art von Musik wirklich zu genießen. Wenn man angestrengt vor dem Player hockt und etwas spannendes erwartet, wird man eher enttäuscht. Ihr merkt, diese Musik ist nichts für den klassischen Heavy oder Rock Fan, sondern eher was für Kiffer (ist keine negativ Bewertung) und 70s Space Rock Jünger. Da ich nicht unbedingt zu dieser Gruppe zähle, fällt es mir schwer eine subjektive Bewertung abzugeben.

Fakt ist das OSC sicher ihre Fans unter den angesprochenen Gruppen haben oder finden können (vorausgesetzt ihr steht auf rein instrumentale Songs) und Sound her ist hier auch alles im grünen Bereich. Mir persönlich ist die Musik zu unstrukturiert, zu langatmig und zu langweilig, aber dasist nur meine Meinung. Falls ihr aber auf diese Musikrichtung steht, dürfte OSC sicher etwas für euch sein. Also, einfach mal anchecken falls euch die Band interessiert.

(Online 23. Mai 2007)



It's All About Delay (2CD)

Data wydania: 21.05.2007

CD 1:
1. Rolling 12:15
2. Cirkus Yoda 1 8:27
3. Cirkus Yoda 2 7:57
4. Nebula 4747 10:27
5. Isle Of Mogens 6:30
6. Shaved Cortex 15:23
7. Pink Jumps In The Ring 5:03
8. In Her Majestys Secret Saucer 10:20
CD 2:
1. Jupiter Flyby (In Memory Of Doug Walker) 25:43
2. Alien Strip Club 17:54
3. Chris Ice Sack 20:08
4. The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project 15:06

Nowy podwójny album tego niezwyklego zespolu zostal nagrany w ciagu dwóch dni marca 2006r. w Black Tornado Studios pod kierunkiem inzyniera Larsa Lunholma. Muzycy zarejestrowali "na zywo" piec godzin materialu, po czym wybrali najlepsze fragmenty. W odróznieniu od bardziej nastrojowego debiutu, plyta zawiera bardziej rytmiczny space rock z ognistymi gitarami, który wytyczaja kierunek tej kosmicznej podrózy.

Zespól powstal w kwietniu 2004r. Tworza go muzycy z Danii, Szwecji i Stanów Zjednoczonych, którzy spotykaja sie jak najczesciej jest to mozliwe, by razem grac space rocka. Ich muzyka jest zawsze efektem improwizacji, choc czasami niektóre fragmenty sprawiaja wrazenie napisanych wczesniej. Zespól rejestruje wszystkie swoje jam sessions i udostepnia je na stronie internetowej w formacie MP3. Debiutancka plyta OSC ukazala sie w styczniu 2006r. nakladem szwedzkiej wytwórni Transubstans.



ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - It's all about delay (review in Japanese)



Ok... here is a guy who is completely clueless and cleraly did not listen to the CD and is not musically educated enough to understand it.. People who write senseless garbage about bands should not write reviews...



Norwegian Magazine Tarkus has reviewed the CD in the March 2007 issue.



Progressive Newsletter Nr. 58 (Feb 2007) contains a review of our CD.


Koid 9, A French Magazine has a review of the CD in the April 2007 Issue.


Øresund Space Collective a été fondé en 2004. En son sein des musiciens de tous horizons puisqu'ils sont danois, suédois et même américains. En fait ce collectif se réunit de temps en temps pour enregistrer des aventures musicales que l'on peut qualifier de jam sessions.

Leur musique est uniquement instrumentale et peut se classer dans ce qu'on appelle le Space Rock tout en touchant à l'Ambient et au psychédélisme. Ils ont sorti leur premier CD en ce début d'année 2006. Il s'agissait d'un tirage limité et bientôt épuisé contenant les meilleurs moments de pas moins de vingt heures d'improvisations. Ce second opus est un double album dont le tirage sera limité à mille exemplaires. Ils l'ont enregistré en seulement deux jours au mois de mars 2006. La pochette est quant à elle signée Ed Unitsky à qui l'on doit aussi celles de The Tangent, Manning et certaines des Flower Kings.

Le plus frappant est la qualité de leurs prestations car malgré le fait qu'il s'agisse d'improvisations, jamais on ne se lasse tant le niveau se montre très élevé. C'est en fait un vrai régal que cet opus et ce même s'il n'est qu'instrumental. Claviers et guitares s'aventurent sur des terres proches de certains Pink Floyd ou de musiques aventureuses du tout début des seventies comme en ont fait Tangerine Dream. Et preuve qu'ils se bonifient, de seulement cinq heures d'enregistrements ils arrivent à tirer deux heures trente de bonheur musical régalant nos pavillons.

Pour vous faire une idée, n'hésitez pas à visiter leur site internet car de nombreuses sessions sont disponibles à l'écoute. Une bonne façon de vous faire une idée de leurs qualités avant de commander. Et si ce n'était pas encore suffisant, allez sur Live Archive et vous les verrez en concerts.

Bien sûr, un tel album n'est pas vraiment indispensable puisqu'il n'apporte rien de neuf. Cependant il est si agréable à l'écoute que si vous aimez ce genre de voyage improvisé invitant au rêve il serait bien dommage de le manquer.

Pays: DK/SE/US
Transubstans Records 026
Sortie: 2006/12

Ajouté: 28-Dec-2006
Critique: Jean-Pierre Lhoir
Score: 4 starts




Da quando è entrato in funzione, il ponte dell’Øresund, che collega le due città di Copenhagen e Malmö e quindi la Danimarca e la Svezia, rappresenta non solo una delle massime attrattive per i turisti interessati al Nord Europa, ma – molto più importante – un vero collegamento di culture, di tradizioni e radici diverse e in forte contrasto, seppur vicine geograficamente.
Con lo stesso spirito progressista del ponte si uniscono anche le culture di questo Space Collective, che tenta quindi di unire gente proveniente da entrambi gli stati, al di qua e al di là del ponte, in un ensamble musicale che possa rappresentare il fine ultimo dell’unione: la musica. Come in una comunità aperta, poi si possono avere cambi di organico, ospitando di volta in volta, strumentisti americani o di altra provenienza.
Il nome ce lo dice già, quindi la musica, nello specifico, tratta di Space Rock di forte derivazione Floydiana e Hawkwind, ma non finisce tutto lì. Sicuramente assimilata anche la lezione degli svedesi Älgarnas Trädgård e, l’intromissione di forme jazzate e di connotazioni psichedeliche, specie nell’uso delle chitarre, di vaghi sapori West Coast, di una forte predilezione per la poliritmia, di evidenti tracce cosmico-tedesche e, infine, del totale uso dell’improvvisazione, ne fanno un lavoro particolarmente personale.
Lo Space Collective non è al primo lavoro e la produzione fortemente eterogenea degli anni passati sembra aver trovato una stabilità in questo ultimo che, nella sua pesantezza di CD doppio di oltre 150 minuti complessivi, corre in maniera determinata e compatta nei canoni sopra detti.
L’esperienza di ascolto è molto decisa e il trip onirico, ma anche epidermico, che ne scaturisce non è da sottovalutare e, anche se – come detto – la musica è totalmente e completamente improvvisata, sembra di essere di fronte a brani scritti nota per nota e non si avverte la minima scollatura tra i passaggi e i diversi momenti.
Nessun brano si eleva sopra agli altri e nessun brano è di per sé inferiore. dalla lunghissima “Jupiter Flyby” di oltre 25 minuti alla “Pink Jumps in the ring” di 5 minuti. Dovessi proprio sceglierne uno per rappresentare meglio il lavoro nella sua interezza direi “In Her Majesty’s Secret Saucer”” sul primo CD o la lunga e dal divertente titolo “Chris Ice Sack” del secondo CD. Assicuro che questo lavoro, ovviamente non destinato a tutti, ma neppure ai soli cultori space, è assolutamente degno di ascolto e di attenzione. Il lavoro esiste anche in DVD a tiratura limitata, penso che sarebbe interessante visionarlo.



Oresund Space Collective: It's All About Delay

L'aventure a toujours été le maître mot de ma conscience... Sortir de la torpeur de la vie pour partir vers la lumière de l'infini.... Les sanglots longs de l'hibernation de l'automne ne peuvent en aucun cas me faire reculer comme les 300, comme les huguenots ou comme les acadiens, je ne peux m'abaisser, ni ne me pourfendre mais plutôt, franchir les multiples épreuves pour qu'enfin, je puisse voir le jour sous une autre lumière...
Les sons luxuriants sont autant de météores qui fustigent mon âme et j'entends au loin des myriades de notes interstellaires....
Je suis au bout de ma vie contemplative.... je vais me hisser vers l'inconnu et la lumière de la galaxie avec comme toile de fond, la musique sacré de ÔRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE

Pat LAHO "the little big boss man" 9,5/10



......and because it is, indeed, all about delay, that's the reason why this review is about 6 months late - although I'm not overly sure if I'd call it a review, but carry on and see what you think....
This is the second album from this monumental collective of largely Scandinavian space-rockers who play things all-instrumental and, clearly from this album, don't do anything by halves. For what you have a is a double album containing just 12 tracks which range from 5 to over 25 minutes long, including CD2's 4 epic tracks that last from 15 to nearly 26 minutes each. The instrumentation consists of 2 electric guitarists, drummer, 2 electric bassists, 3 synth players, one doubling up on Hammond, and a conga player. In many ways, they can be seen as a Scandinavian answer to America's premier psychedelic space-rock instrumentalists, Secret Saucer, given away a bit by the fact that one track is called "In Her Majesty's Secret Saucer". The whole album wreaks of early seventies Krautrock, and it is this more so than any Ozrics comparison you may glimpse along the way - few and far between, I can tell you - that provides the flavour and taste of what is a truly satisfying album. There's a lot to listen to and, at first glance, the meal may seem to be more sumptuous than you feel you can ingest in one sitting. Yet, if you take it slow, devour some of it, let that work its magic, then return for more, let that sink in and finally polish off the remainder, you not only end up with a smile on your face having had a thing of great quality and flavour, but you have also prepared your self for the fact that you will want to repeat the experience, and when you do, you'll find that you can take more in at any one sitting, the result being even greater pleasure. Also, it's a meal that pays for itself - the more you have in one go, the more you'll want next time, until ultimately you find yourself able to go through the whole thing in one sitting and treasure every last earful. There is a greater emphasis on strength and cohesion than on the more laid-back debut, but that said, you could hardly describe it as "rocking out" at most times. But that is actually why it works - the whole instrumental album sounds composed - even though it isn't - sounds constructed and purposeful - which it isn't and it is - but above all, keeps you hooked as the band interweaves and glides, making the magical mix of melody and atmosphere something to be treasured. Throughout its every step, the guitars, synths, and rhythm section never stay still, never stay in repeat mode and are always saying something to you that you want to hear. In short, as instrumental psychedelic Kraut-space rock goes, this is a triumph and is the perfect CD to accompany anything you're doing while still having one ear on the music and never losing sight of how good it is and how much you are enjoying it, as well as being a seriously satisfying musical treat in its own right.

Andy G


Chaos Realm

ORESOUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - "It's All About Delay" 2CD (Private, Den) -

Well, it may all be about delay but to this here writer, it's all about making up for lost time. See, my buddy Scott (a member of OSC) sent me this 2 disc set at the end of last year and I made it my business to...um...er...listen to it quite a bit and then lose my place in a stack of review discs, hereby rendering said album "unreviewed." Ok, it's also all about space rock and how to do it right. Anyone who's ever had an interest in Hawkwind or their long family tree had better apply here. For that matter, anybody who's into any of the music that's stemmed from the driving, pulsing, cosmic style of music that'll take you on a journey, free of psychedelic pharmaceutical intervention (well, if you want it to be), this is surely your ticket to a much better place than the mundane world of mainstream music the majority of the earth's saps muck around in. Long, free-flowing pieces like "Nebula 4747," "Jupiter Flyby (In Member of Doug Walker)," or "The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project" (love that title!) will provide your admission, passport and travel accomadations. Feel free to board here and enjoy a first class ride!


Concrete Web

Band : Oresund Space Collective
Title album : It's All About Delay
Record label : Transubstans – Record Heaven
Distribution :
Release date : December 2006
Review : CD
...It's all about delay...I don't know where my head was at, but I forgot to review one of the best space rock records of 2006. So here it is.
Oresund Space Collective is a multi-international collaboration of artists featuring musicians from such extraterrestial places as Denmark, Sweden and America.. Despite exploding into the space rock scene a short while ago (2004), Oresund Space Collective already have released 2 studio works released on Transubstans , 29 live gigs and 10 CDRs ( Picks iIn Space vol I-X) downloadable on their website www.oresundspacecollective.com . This time you'll be forced to endure over 150 minutes of transcendental harmonic bliss! On double cd the band continues the path set out in their previous release, but on this extended journey they appear to bring more experience and even better craftsmanship.
The music is an instrumental mix of space rock with jazzy, ethnic, proggy, kraut, blues, electronic and dub elements and has a very improvisational feeling to it and I love it; it's as if the guys were jamming on the moon and just playing what feels right to them at the moment and letting the music glide through their minds and into the listener captivating them and stargazing them into a nebula like state. While some of the songs such as "Rolling", “Shaved cortex”, “Pink jumps in the ring” and "Nebula 4747" may be circulating within the galaxies of space/psychedelic rock pioneer greats Hawkwind, Gong, Ozric Tentacles, Tangerine Dream, Eloy and Pink Floyd at times, the collective truly deserves a listen as they have created their own identity and therefore get points for originality. Large in scope, epic in proportions, groove content is high and although it is instrumental it is not so much a album full of solo's, certainly lacking in those that go nowhere. This time around people cannot complain that this is a synth driven album, cuz there is much more emphasis on the guitar work than the keyboarding effects of their ambient kraut side. The fantastic meandering guitarsolos feature prominently on the first cd, but the electronics present on the 2nd cd on songs such as “Chris ice sack” and “The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project” do add a new dimension, especially where it concerns ambient building. Needless to say, there are many extended passages on all their songs However, let me just say that ‘Jupiter flyby” is easily the best track on here, and though it's 25 minutes long, it's worth every second!
Latest news : The new Oresund Space Collective CD will be called Black Tomato . It will feature only 3 tracks (“Black Tomato”, “Rumble”, “Viking Cleaner”).


Öresund Space Collective - It’s All About Delay

2CD: Dristig og ambisiøst, men mesterlig og fullendt. To og en halv time jamsession med progressiv spacerock er drøyt, men musikken er til gjengjeld komplett og uforutsigbar.

Av Martin Wright

Öresund Space Collectives nye album fungerer betraktelig bedre enn den selvtitulerte debuten. Mitt utbytte av den progressive spacerocken er nå betydelig større. Musikken virker mer gjennomarbeidet. Det er ikke alltid jeg har to og en halv time til overs, men når jeg først har det er dette albumet ikke annet enn herlig. Det tok to dager å spille inn albumet.

Melodilinjene finnes på de fleste stykkene, men er godt gjemt. Det er stemningen, drivet og assosiasjonene som står sentralt på dobbeltalbumet ”It’s All About Delay”. De åtte stykkene på den første cd’en er mellom fem minutter og et kvarter lange, mens på cd nummer to er den korteste låten på et kvarter og den lengste på 26 minutter. Sett deg i sofaen og slukk lyset!

Drømmereisen åpner med Rolling… og avsluttes med The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project. Begge stykkene bygges opp i tempo og stemning. Små melodisekvenser avløser hverandre, og lydbildet preges av stor variasjon. Stilistisk har låtene mange likhetstrekk, men er allikevel så langt i fra hverandre. Öresund Space Collective repeterer ikke seg selv på denne platen. Grunnformelen er en lek mellom de ni medlemmene av bandet. Magnus og Sebastian på gitarer, Jocke og Michael på bass, Scott, Ola og Mogens på synthesizer (sistenevnte også på hammondorgel), Kasper på congas og Søren på trommer.

Noen av låtene preges mest av gitar, andre av synthesizer, mens enkelte blir en duell mellom de to instrumentene. For eksempel på det fantastiske stykket Cirkus Yoda part 2.
Søren holder kontroll med lett tromming og bruk av cymbaler. Gitarene og synthesizerpartiene kommer gradvis inn i lydbildet og møtes etter noen minutter til lekent spill. Hypnotiserende musikk. Shaved Cortex (morsom tittel!) har en liknende struktur, men er mer rocka.

Albumets desiderte høydepunkt er det 26 minutter lange åpningssporet på cd to, Jupiter Flyby (In Memory of Doug Walker). Det åpner forsiktig med vindlyder og myke synthesizerlyder. Erketypisk 1970-tallselektronisk. Etter noen minutter kommer gitarene inn og overtar den drømmende stemningen. Musikken skifter temaer og stemninger jevnlig på vei mot en infernalsk kamp mellom varme synthesizertemaer, heftig gitarspill og psykedeliske orgelsoloer. Alien Strip Club er et annet høydepunkt med sin surrealistiske stemning. Dette er en av låtene med mest tempo og driv. Et stykke preget av gitarer, orgel og synthesizer.

Nysgjerrigheten blir i stor grad pirret med lange oppbygningstemaer, som i Chris Ice Sack. Jeg venter hele tiden på at det skal ”ta av”, men jeg blir holdt på pinebenken ved å høre på lydeffekter, gitarer og synthesizersoloer. Tempoet øker sakte. Det er et kvalitetstegn at det aldri løsner helt. Når jeg som lytter blir behandlet på denne måten, blir jeg enda mer interessert i musikken.

Det uforutsigbare og lekne er styrken til Öresund Space Collective. Stilistisk holder de seg på et hovedspor hele veien, men variasjonen over forskjellige temaer er meget vid. At stykkene ikke har en tydelig melodi i front av lydbildet, men kun stemningsbilder som flyter over i hverandre med små melodipartier innbakt i helheten gjør musikken mer spennende. Assosiasjonene er mange i løpet av den tiden reisen tar.

Anbefales sterkt!

Release: Oktober 2006 (1000 eksemplarer).

5½ out of 6 stars


Oresund Space Collective - 2007 - "It's All About Delay" 2CD

Some seventeen months after their eponymous debut album, Swedish stalwarts of psychedelic Space Fusion ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE are back, with a double CD outing this time around. The first disc includes eight compositions ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, whilst the four tracks on its companion are all long, together lasting for nearly 80 minutes. The interchange of both intense and eclectic jams, with no less than three swirling (more often improvised than direct) solos to the fore, and more restrained arrangements are typical of most of the pieces. The approach that OSC demonstrate from the outset is truly original, the music still not revealing any direct influences, but since it represents a kind of collective image of various psychedelic- and space rock types, associations with some other artists periodically take place. It would be a long story to list all the performers with whom OSC have some common ground in style, so I won't be verbose in this respect. To have a general idea of the album's predominant picture, imagine a cross between Jade's "Jazz Afro Design Electric", "No Commercial Potential / And Still Getting the Ladies" by Djam Karet, Pink Floyd's "A Saurceful of Secrets", Escapade's "Remembrance of Things Unknown" and "Pungent Effulgent" by Ozric Tentacles. There are only two tracks that don't completely blend with the said 'scenario': Circus Yoda-2 (which is somewhat underdeveloped, as the music, while being obviously directed towards a climax, never reaches it) and the first imaginary half of Jupiter Flyby from Disc 2, where the music is always slow and is generally rather plain. As it is "It's All About Delay" is no more than a good recording, since - paraphrasing the outing's title - there are a bit too many delays in the music's evolution to be found on some of its twelve tracks, though I could easily compile a one-disc masterpiece from those.

VM: June 6, 2007



Oresund Space Collective - It's All About Delay
Chronique rédigée par Tonyb parue le 01.11.2007 15:33:16

Il était une fois, en 2004, dans une Scandinavie déjà bien encombrée de groupes progressifs en tout genre, une bande de zazous nordiques et américains qui décidèrent de se retrouver régulièrement entre Malmö et Copenhague, pour jammer en totale improvisation dans un style space rock. Autour d'un noyau dur de 6 musiciens, c'est toute une kyrielle de membres non permanents qui vient s'additionner pour produire des heures et des heures de musique exclusivement instrumentale.

La plus grande partie de ces sessions est mise directement à disposition des fans en téléchargement gratuit sur le site du collectif, tandis que les meilleurs moments sont disponibles à la demande sous forme de CD-R intitulés "Picks from Space". Au milieu de cette orgie musicale, le groupe prend néanmoins le temps de peaufiner une petite partie de son travail en studio, de manière à produire des CD officiels (il faut bien vivre après tout !).

"It's All About Delay" appartient ainsi à cette dernière catégorie, et nous propose sur 2 CD plus de 2H30 de musique et un large panorama des productions de O.S.C.
Pas du surprise quant au style de ce double album : c'est du space rock, dans la plus pure tradition des canons du genre, et les fans d'Ozric Tentacles ne seront pas dépaysés, du moins au premier abord. En effet, O.S.C. se targue d'introduire dans sa musique des éléments jazz, reggae ou encore heavy, et les compositions du premier CD leur donnent en partie raison. Un très dynamique et électrique "Roller" ouvre ainsi les hostilités, tandis que les deux parties de "Circus Yoda" continuent dans le même style, mais cette fois-ci ce sont les claviers qui se retrouvent en avant. "Nebula 4747" évoque ensuite le meilleur d'Ozric, avant que les trois titres suivants ne viennent doucher l'enthousiasme qui commençait pourtant à poindre entre les oreilles. Heureusement, "In Her Majesty …" vient clôturer en beauté cette première partie somme toute assez inégale.

A cet instant de la chronique, mon honnêteté m'oblige à avouer au lecteur (et peut-être futur auditeur ?) que j'ai eu beaucoup de mal à ingurgiter en une seule fois cette double galette lourdement chargée. La faute aux structures répétitives qui, comme leur nom l'indique si bien, se répètent à l'infini ou presque, allongeant de manière plus qu'inconsidérée le propos.
Si le premier CD fait plus ou moins dans la concision, avec des rythmiques syncopées, des interventions de guitares tranchantes et des soli de claviers 70's dynamiques, le second est nettement plus orienté vers la mouvance allemande du début des années 70, Ashra Tempel, Klaus Schulze et autres Tangerine Dream, le côté inspiré en moins. Les quatre titres de cette deuxième partie s'étirent ainsi en longueur, répétant jusqu'à plus soif leurs différents thèmes. Certes, on retrouve bien un peu de vigueur à la guitare dans "Alien Strip Club" ou bien une rythmique reggae qui vient rompre la monotonie de "Chris Ice Sack" (j'ai oublié de vous le signaler : ces gars ont un superbe humour pour choisir le titre de leurs improvisations !), mais globalement ce deuxième CD est bien compliqué à digérer.

Finalement, que retenir de tout cela ? S'il s'agissait de patinage artistique, la note technique serait proche du parfait, tandis que la note artistique serait bien basse. De plus, vu la boulimie effrénée de ce groupe, on peut légitimement s'interroger sur la pertinence d'une publication en format double CD, d'autant plus qu'un troisième album ("The Black Tomato") est paru quelques mois après celui-ci. De mon point de vue, O.S.C. devrait ainsi raccourcir son propos officiel proposé sur CD : l'effet marketing n'en serait que meilleur ! Libre aux fans du style d'aller ensuite se goinfrer sur leur site Web.