1. Can you introduce Øresund Space Collective to the Belgian public?

Dr. Space- Sure… This band is a music collective of musical improvisers that play psychedelic space rock. The music is totally improvised and everything we do is new and fresh each time. We have released 10 records now (only a few on vinyl).

2. How did Øresund Space Collective originate?

Dr. Space- . It all started in the rehearsal rooms of the Swedish band Bland Bladen and the Danish band, Mantric Muse. The Danish band Gas Giant, played psychedelic stoner space rock and I played with them for a couple of years but they decided to change directions and this left me without a band to be involved with so I started to arrange these jam sessions in 2004-2005 with myself and the guys from Bland Bladen and Mantric Muse. For the first couple of years it was only these guys and Mogens, our long time synthesizer player.

3. As I understand, Øresund Space Collective is not a well defined band with a consolidated band line-up, but rather a collective with loose members. How does this work in practice? Can certain people be considered as core members?

Dr.Space- That is correct. The line up of guitar and bass players is changing a lot but but Mogens and myself have played all the synthesizers live for the past 4 years with the occasional guest, while a large number of great guitar and bass players come in and out. In practice it works very well and allows us to be very flexible and make up a new line up when the situation arises. I think you can say the core band is: Mogens, myself, PIB (our amazing drummer), and then on bass (Jocke, Pär, Thomas, Jiri) and guitars (Magnus, Nick, Tobias, Sebastian, Mathias) have been playing with us the most.

4. Øresund Space Collective is (as stated on the website) ‘Totally Improvised Space Rock!’. Can you tell us how a Øresund Space Collective concert works? It sounds as a really consistent trip in space, not as a repetition or a try out. So what agreements do you make before entering the stage? Is there a rough musical structure that is practiced beforehand, maybe grown out of a jam and which is on stage filled in with improvisational parts? Or is it really 100% improvistation?

Dr. Space- It is really totally improvised. We sometimes decide on a key to play in but other than that we don’t really decide on any special structures or anything, just totally play from the heart and soul of our musical consciousness! The one thing that differs a bit live from the studio session is live, we really go for a serious groove that then allows us all to space out everyone to play lots of solos. Sometimes, we get a real trance thing going like our last two gigs in Finland, where we played to a lot of electronica fans (but this was not conscious decision, it just happened and I hope we can catch that fever for the Occultrance festival as well. .

5. What kind of people do you make music for?

Dr. Space- We make the music for ourselves really but also for people who are patient listeners who like to go on a psychedelic journey with us. Our tracks are often quite long.

6. Is there a certain philosophy behind the music?

Dr.Space- Our philosophy is pretty sinple: To make music from the heart and soul of the musicians. Take ourselves and our listeners on a trip to another universe for a few hours and to allow us all to escape the “normal” world we are forced to exist in.

7. What can we expect from the concert at the OcCulTrAnCe Festival in Oosteeklo, Belgium? http://www.everyoneweb.com/shapeshifters How many musicians will be on the stage? Can you tell us something about the band line-up for this gig?

Dr. Space- I think this will be a very special concert. We have all been really looking forward to seeing some of the bands playing and being part of this cool event. The line up for this festival will be: Jocke on bass, Mogens and myself on synthesizers, Magnus and Nick on guitars, PIB on drums. We also plan to have special guests from Dream Machine to join us as well! I really hope that the festival will provide some psychedelic projections as we try to have this at all our shows if we can!

8. What’s your opinion concerning the line up of the OcCulTrAnCe Festival? Are there any concerts on the OcCulTrAnCe Festival that you would like to attend yourself?

Dr. Space- While, I am not all the familiar with the electronic bands, the line up and mixture of bands is really cool and to get to see Dream Machine and Omnia Opera is fantastic. I was really surprised when I heard that Mandragora was playing but then they cancelled. They have not existed for some years. Quite a few cool Belgium bands I look forward to catch as well if I can. I will for sure go see a lot of bands as I always do at festivals and I will write a review for my music blog (http://writingaboutmusic.blogspot.com ).

9. Do you have a last message for our readers? Why should they come and see Øresund Space Collective at the OcCulTrAnCe Festival in Belgium?

Dr. Space- Thanks to Mathias for inviting us! It will be great to meet some of our Belgium friends as well like Mark and Louis from Mushroom Radio, maybe Sara and Benni from Orange Factory. As for why to come see us, well, I think we will offer up something different and for sure psychedelic and spacey but also with some good dancing rock grooves and lots of great solos! If the visuals are cool you will have a real journey to remember and we will play for a full 3hrs, I hope… See you all soon….. Oh yeah.. check out our lastest live concerts at the www.archive.org from Finland to get an idea of what we might sound like!

http://www.archive.org (search Oresund on the live music archive)