Øresund Space Collective Interview with Dalok.hu

What does Oresund mean, how the band was formed?

Scott: Øresund is the name of the body of water that separates Sweden and Denmark between the cities Malmö and Copenhagen. The band was formed by me after I was dismissed from Gas Giant (they did not want a synth sounds anymore. I stayed on to manage them though, for a while). I was friends with the Swedish band Bland Bladen and the Danish band, Mantric Muse and ask some of each if they were interested in just doing some free form space rock jamming so Magnus and I headed over to Sweden in April 2004. That is where it all started. At this time I had no idea we would become a band and we are not really a band, we are a collective of musicians and the players are changing all the time.

Long time you didn't release studio albums, but recorded rehearsals and made them available free on your website. Why?

Scott: We did not record any albums for almost 1½ years after the first jam session, mainly because we were just jamming and it took a while for us to decide that this could actually be a collective music project and that the music we had been making, we should try to capture this in a studio setting to get a really good sound and maybe someone would be interested in releasing it.

Why did you start to release studio albums? How did you record them?

Scott: We started to release some albums because we hoped that a record label could be interested in this type of music as we were quite satisfied with the quality of the music we were creating. Luck for us, Johnny from Transubstans Records has been very supportive us and is watching the band grow. All of our studio work has been done at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. We book the studio for two days and just set up and record everything there and mix it later.

Introduce your two albums.

Scott: Ok, the first CD is a self titled CD, Øresund Space Collective. This was recorded and mixed on the fly on Friday July 13th, 2005. This CD is quite relaxed and spaced out. It was the first time we were in the studio and people could not get a good sound in the headphones and were uncomfortable with this and it was very hot and people were flying high… There are some great numbers from this session but we are getting better all the time. Nice laid back spacey music. Our 2nd CD and our first real masterpiece is the 2½ trip into space that we called “It’s all about Delay”. These recording sessions were amazing and everyone was very inspired, which lead to so much great music. We recorded like 5½ hrs and got like 3hrs of amazing material. Quite impressive since it is all improvised. This double CD has some long spacey journeys, killer grooves, great synth driven tracks and some hard rockers as well. It features a bit of everything that we have been playing. I am very proud of this one!

For many people the space rock is something left back in the 70-es. What is the situation on the space rock world scene now?

Scott: Well, Space Rock will always be a small musical scene but it is still active. IT all started with bands like Hawkwind, GONG and Pink Floyd but today there are a lot of cool bands still playing this style of rock music with lots of synthesizers (played in a spacey way). It is still very underground.

Whom do you listen to, how do you see the future and the directions of movement?

Scott: I listen to all kinds of music but my favourite bands in this scene are Ozric Tentacles, Alien Planetscapes, Hidria Spacefolk, Korai Öröm, Farflung, the Spacious Mind….. As for the future of this music, I think like all genre’s of music it is difficult to create something completely new and unique. Are goal is just to keep making cool improvised music that has a lot of sound, so that you can hear it over and over and not really get bored as you are always discovering new things in the music.

Christiania was the place for free music and free life. Pls introduce that exceptional state within Denmark to the Hungarian audience. How is it now? Have you played there?

Scott: Christiania is a free state within the city of Denmark. IT was an old army area that was taken over by hippies in the early 1970’s. Around 1000 people live there now and they have developed their own way of living outside the normal Danish system. They have their own community and do things there own special way. One unique thing was up until about 4 years ago, they had an open air marijuana and hash market in the street. This had been tolerated by all governments in the past as the Christiania policed it themselves and did not allow hard drugs in Christiania. But now we have a right wing George Bush supporting anti-drug Gov’t at this time and they are trying to destroy all the unique things in Danish culture, homogenize Denmark, make it fit in to what they think is normal European culture or whatever. The have closed the open air market and there are some police patrolling most of the time. This has pushed the drugs all over the city and caused a lot of violence and stuff that we did not have before (except with a few biker gangs). There is a lot of resistance to this. Christiania is surviving but there will be a battle this summer that you will read about all around the world as the Danish gov’t tries to move in and take down houses and so they can develop the area. There are still a lot of cool places to hang out and go to in Christiania and Christiania will survive.

Anything else you would like to say…

Scott: I just hope that we can gain some new fans in Hungary as we all really like bands like Korai Öröm, Colorstar, Masfael, Trottel, etc.. We also have a new CD coming out in August on the Transubstans Label, so look out for that one.. We hope to get to play in other parts of the world as the word of our totally improvised space rock grows.. Thanks…Come visit our web page where you can download more than 35hrs of free music…