Session 22, Dragens Hule, København 7/21/06 (with First Band From Outer Space)

The band on this night: Dr. Space, Sebastian, Michael, Jocke, Ola, Søren, Kasper, Mogens and Magnus..

What can I say.. It was a great night despite a lot of small probems and the heat in the club! I met up with Magnus at 16 and we went to his work place to loan some equipment for the gig. We came back, set the stuff up and brought his guitar, the bass rig and Søren's drums down to the Dragens Hule. We had a lot of trouble with the projector and in the end never were able to have the cool psychedelic images due to the lack of a laptop computer to use and interface.. Carl, from FBFOS, was suppose to bring a 3hr DVD with cool space images but forgot it...

At 18, the buss arrived with Michael,. Søren, Ola, Emil and Sebastian. The guys in FBFOS arrived 10 minutes later. IT took a while for things to get into motion and people were pretty laid back having beers and joints and hanging outside where it was not so hot but we got the gear set up but small problems with the monitors, etc... delayed us, so in the end, when people started showing up around 21, when we had said we would start, we were not ready. IT was 22 by the time we did start and there was a really great crowd by this time. People from my work, Chris and Camilla from Switzerland, Tom, Nils, Jens, Stojs, Johnyy, Goran, Sussane, Lasse, Emil, Carsten M and all these people brought friends as well. IT was so nice..

Our first set was only 50 minutes. I think we should have played one more but it was hot and First band needed to set up and got no soundcheck at all, so we stopped. We played 5 jams, including our shortest ever, around 1 minute! Sound was pretty good. People liked it.

IT took 1hr to get FIrst band ready to fly out into space but then we took off and it was a blast. IT was fun to play along to songs again and reminded me of the good times in Gas Giant. Would love to space out with those guys again...anyway, the set was 7 songs and 75 minutes with a lot of jamming and one cover song, The Right Stuff by Bob Calvert (Hawkwind). Only 30 minutes or so and we were ready for our 2nd set and this one was 70 minutes long and we played some incredible grooves with jocke on the bass.

IT was a great party and people were happy and drinking lots of beers and smoking plenty of joints. At 4 in the morning there was still a good crowd of people.

There was one more free form monster jam with Göran from Drahk Von Trip on drums, Thomas from Gas Giant on Bass, Magnus on guitar, frippe (bass/synth player from FBFOS) on Moog Rogue, myself only some of hte time, Mogens for some of it, Emil on djembe (FBFOS). IT started very spaced and built up into a very heavy piece and quite strange. It was only like 25 minutes and that was it.. I had my battery die so missed the spacey part and only have the heavy stuff for 15min recorded.

Anyway...great night and we will do it perhaps every 3 months at Dragens Hule.

Ok..Magnus and Michael and I listened to the whole show last night and there are some very cool pieces of music but there are some serious problems on the recordining, mainly, that you can barely hear the guitars most of the time but you almost don't hear Ola or the percussion either. The sound is very driven by the bass, drums and amazing keyboard playing of mogens and space sound effects by me, which are too loud often. Really too bad.. MD1 the first two tracks there is a lot of feedback from the conga microphones that is really messing up the sound badly as well. I am going to re-equalize from the raw file today and see if I can improve this meix but this is disappointing. YOu can hear some very cool guitar solos but they are really buried in the mix.. We try to tell the guitar players to turn up every gig multiple times but they don't want to. ANother reason why we need a real soundcheck when we play at Dragens Hule...

1. Oozing into SPace 10:32
2. Oompa Loompa 11:34
3. Jam Jam 16:18
4. The Long One 1:36
5. It Never Finds Peace 10:15


1. Disappear 11:26
2. In Memory of Syd Barrett 16:28
3. Jocke Trance 15:03
4. Alien Talk 20:21
5. Rocket to your Mind 8:35