Øresund Space Jam , Dragens Hule, KÝbenhavn May 28th. 2005

Well, despite so many things going wrong, we actually pulled off a pretty good gig. We wanted to play longer but there was another band still to play after us (Dream Jockey) and we did not get to start until nearly 2 in the morning as it took us 1hr and 10 minutes to get the gear all set up and some technical problems as well. This was the first gig with what I think of as the full line up of the OSC (our last gig did not include Ola). Our jam sessions have really been fun and we seem to really be coming together now. If we were to actually tour and be on the road playing 15 gigs in 20 days, the music would just be insane by the end. Anyway, in the end, despite all these hassles, it was a great jam session we had, with some amazing music and a great sound on the recording. Enjoy, we did.



Into space we fly...briefly 5:57, Power Outage 2:10, Broken Wings won't stop us, We fly again 21:25, OSC Space Ride 17:27, Kasper's Fødselsdags Jam 19:26


Joints Tak! 17:15, Watch out 13:28, Synth outro 1:45