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Øresund Space Collective: Live at The Dragens Hule, København, Feb 9th/Aug 24th 2007 DVD
Self-released (OSCDVD002/003)

Here we’ve got a couple of self-released, really limited edition live DVD’s by the excellent Danish-Swedish psychedelic improvisation band. OSC is, in my opinion, one of the best space/kraut/psych rock jam bands at the moment, and their live gigs are always rather astral experiences… The band’s lineup varies rather lot, and for example on this gig that was played in February 2007 there were as many as ten musicians simultaneously on stage! Dragens Hule, the underground, unofficial and rather small live venue is a kind of home base for the collective and they usually play their massive, almost three-hour-long gigs there several times a year.

In February last year the collective organized their annual winter show with superb, mind-expanding backing projections. This time they also featured a female musician Sussane who sang and played violin and flute. Usually their music is fully instrumental apart from the occasional samples. There are a lot of synthesizers which is the trademark of the band and I’m especially thrilled about the fact that Stephan, the guitar player of the now defunct Gas Giant is with them, but all members are in great shape. They played three sets that night, but unfortunately only half of it was filmed. The picture quality is great as well as the sound. The first set starts of peacefully with a jam called ”Going Where No One Has Gone Before” and there are some vocals in the beginning. Soon the band is in the right state of mind for some psychedelic collective improvisation. Even Luz’s percussion work is well audible and despite some little technical difficulties this is really hot stuff. The violin gives the music some new dimensions. “Foxy’s New Shoulder” is a rather groovy and rhythmical number and ”Tom’s Small Pants Advice” real nice space tripping. The night’s second set was just one 77-minute jam called “WOW” and this disc includes part 1 that begins in a very laid-back way and there is at first some “space whispers” before Sussane concentrates on violin that you can hear very well in the middle of these ambient sonic landscapes. It would have been really nice to see the rest of the show as well…

On August 27, 2007 it was the birthday of our beloved Dr. Space and the long-bearded freak played his space sounds dressed in a white laboratory suit. This was also the release party for their Black Tomato CD, and the collective seemed to be in high spirits in every way. The excellent, psychedelic projections add their own special aspect. The first, really long jam ”I Was Supposed to Show Up Today?” begins in a really relaxed and cosmic manner and at around the ten-minute-marker we get to hear some really great guitar soloing and Baby Woodrose’s Lorenzo can been seen by the side of the stage playing percussion with one hand and sipping beer with another. Then they go for a bit softer terrain again, but soon the true space rocking begins. ”The Music Lives for You P1 & P2”goes for an Ozric Tentacles-like groove after its rather peaceful beginning and presents the band in their most danceable form. Great going! There is a serene phase in the middle and then some slow drum beat and beautiful guitar soloing. Then they start rocking towards the heart of space again… “Dig That Funky Space” finishes off the first part with a pretty energetic and groovy touch. During the second set of the evening the heavy stuff begins… They have also changed the bass player, as well as Dr. Space’s outfit.

Also available is the band’s gig at Psychotropic Zone in Helsinki, and I’d really like to advise you to contact the band fast if you want to obtain these discs since they are limited to just 30 copies. It looks like the OSC is coming back to Finland later on this year so we here will get to experience an improvised, collective space journey again as well… The band also just has a new studio album out called Inside Your Head and it will explode your head!