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F&D: How does it come, that KG West from Sienna Root is playing on your new album? Where do you know each other?

OSC- Mogens and I ,from OSC have set up a few concerts with Siena Root in Copenhagen and they have stayed at my apartment, so we have become good friends. We also have played together in Stockholm and also in Copenhagen two times at the Student house. I have admired KG as a musician and Siena Root are an amazing band, so we invited KG to play with us in the studio and also when we played in Oslo. He was suppose to join us the last time we went to Finland to play but it did not work out. Sam, the bass player has also jammed with us in Stockholm!

F&D: What is the reason for that adventurous title Good Planets are Hard to Find ?

OSC- The Swedish artist who did the water colour painting, he was been a fan of the band for some years and approached us about providing some artwork for one of our CDs. When I saw the picture he had sent and passed it around to the members of the OSC to get their opinion I was also thinking of possible titles and that one just came to me and people liked it. I am also very sad that we are destroying the planet we live on and so far, it looks to be the only one inhabitable for humans anywhere in our universe at this time so we should take better care and this is the only place we have to live. Sadly, the rich and the powerful only see in the short term and the politicians are weak and also elected for short term and don’t seem to care about the state of the planet so it us up to us on the small local level to try to make the place liveable.

F&D: As you mentioned, the tracks are more progressive an less spacy, than in the past. Whats the background for that change?

OSC- Well, it is a very different band with different backgrounds in music. We had KG, who is a real 70’s musician and him playing sitar, guitar, and Hammond had a big influence on us. Also the bass and drummer were changed and this is also a big change. Only Tobias, Mogens and myself were on the previous albums. Jocke also plays on one song on the CD and he was on the previous two cds.

F&D: Where is the main ØSC fan scene, in Europe or in USA, like some internet database told me?

OSC- I think most of our fans are in Europe but we do have quite a bit of traffic from the USA as well. I thinking have all of our concerts up for free download at the helps us in the USA a lot. Some of our concerts have been downloaded more than 5000 times!

F&D: Can you explain us the main difference between ØSC live and the work in studio, that we find on the official CD s?

OSC- The only difference is the sound and some editing. We take the same approach in the studio as we do in the live situation. We set up with a PA in the studio, relax with some beers and smoke and just jam! For the CDs, we are taking the best bits, maybe lowering or removing small mistakes or bad sounds but it is still 100% live and with no overdubs. We have talked about maybe doing some overdubs on the next material that we are working on mixing right now that we recorded last October 2008 with a great sax player and different guitarist. Should be cool and hopefully out later this year. Thanks…