Their have been a lot of people that have jammed with the Øresund Space Collective over the years and it can be
difficult to keep track of the musicians. Here is some information on the members of the collective and many
of our musical guests.

Synthesizer Players

Name:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Instruments::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Bands they play in

Dr Space Modular Synthesizr, Korg Kaossilator, Octave Cat, Yamaha CS-10, OSCar, Nord Lead 2 Gas Giant, FBFOS, Pseudo Sun, Phased Black Moon Circle
Mogens Custom Modular Synth, Hammond, Andromeda, Nord Modular The Univerzals
Olä Nord Modular, Computer with lots of soft synths Bland Bladen, Derango, Kaabel, Mantric Muse, NilsGöranErixson Duo
Rasmus   Causa Sui, Manuel, September
Emil Roland SH101 Kaabel
Inzect Novation Supernova Kaabel
Franz Nord Stage, Korg Kaospad  

Guitar, Sitar, Pedal steel Players

Magnus PRS standard, Gibson SG Mantric Muse
Tobias Lots of cool guitars The Carpet Knights
Sebastian Custon B bender Guitar Bland Bladen, Kaabel
Nicklas Stratocaster, Firebird, 12 string electric The Univerzals
Stefan Gibson Les Paul Gas Giant, ILDHU, SumoSun
KG Fender Stratocaster, Sitar Siena Root
Mathias Gibson SG, pedal steel My Brother the Wind, Makajodama
Micke Stratocaster Drahk von Trip
Mats Rick Stein custom  
Sula Stratocaster Zone Six, Sula Bassana, Electric Moon
Johan Fender Telocaster First band from outer Space
Claus Bøhling Fender Stratocaster

Elektrum, Hurdy Gurdy, Secret Oyster

Jonas Fender Telecaster Causa Sui, Manuel, September
Sölvi Fender Stratocaster Mother Superior
Eduardo Gibson SG Sgt Sunshine
Jaire Stratocaster Octopus Syng
Samu Gibson SG Wasami
Nicklas Stratocaster Papir
Daniel Custom Shop Stratocaster Daniel Lars
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson SG
Highway Child, Dirty Old Town, Bite the Bullet
Sinister Creation (RIP)


Bass Players

Dave (RIP) Fender jazz standard Mother Superior, Bland Bladen
Michael Fender Precision Mantric Muse
Jocke Fender Precision The Carpet Knights, Kaabel, Hoofoot
Pär Fender Precision Sgt. Sunshine, Carpet Knights, Deadrung, Hoofoot
Thomas Fender Precision Gas Giant, ILDHU
Sula Fender Precision Zone Six, Sula Bassana, Electric Moon
Mathias Fender My Brother the Wind, Makajodama
Sam Rickenbacker Siena Root
Jiri Custom 5 string bass The Univerzals, Fri Galaxe ,
Juba Rickenbacker Pseudo Sun, Sir Reg
Christian custom bass Papir


Kaufmann Drums Bland Bladen, Kaabel, The Carpet Knights
Søren DW drums Mantric Muse
PIB Custom drum kit  
Göran   Drahk von Trip
Jukka   Graystone
Love Gig Pig Siena Root
Taneli   Taipuva Luotisuria
Troels Massive loud drum kit The Univerzals,
Walt   Zone Six,
Kristoffer   Papir
Jesper   ILDHU
Birk   The Univerzals I Mountain


Others Instruments

Sussane Flute, vocal, violin Drahk von Trip
Luz Percussion Bland Bladen
Anders Saxophone The Univerzals,
Esa Saxophone  
Antti Saxophone  
Christian Saxophone Fri Galaxe
Sabine Photographer, Video operator, Roadie, Helper, VIP..