Kybalion Psych Out London Nov 2019

Kybalion London Psych Out

The Kybalion London Psych Out

In November 2018, we released the Kybalion multimedia virtual reality experience with Space Rock Productions as a collaboration with Cyber Rabbit in the UK. To commemorate the completion of the Kybalion Experience, we are holding two exclusive concerts in London (near Bethnal Green Station). Address is on the ticket which will be mailed to you.

The concerts will be on Friday Nov 22nd and Saturday Nov 23rd. 80% of the band that recorded the Kybalion record will perform two long concerts. It is a bring your own drinks event, there will be no bar. This might change though. I will keep you posted. The event is limited to 100 tickets each day.

Schedule Nov 22nd

19                  Doors Open
1930              Batu Presents the Kybalion experience
2030              ØSC Set I
22                  ØSC Set II
23-24             Event Ends

Nov 23rd

19                   Doors Open
2000               ØSC Set I
22                   ØSC Set II
23-24             Event Ends

Tickets are from the links below:

25£    + 2£ for postage     1 day ticket- Nov 22nd
25£    + 2£ for postage     1 day ticket- Nov 23rd

Special offers:
45£   + 2£ for postage       2 day ticket (limited to 50)


These special merch offers below will be picked up at the event and must be purchased before Oct 25th (We need to ship them to London before a possible Brexit!).   We might make a special t-shirt to commemorate this event as well with the album cover on the front and the concert dates on the back. Only 50 will be made.  The cost is very high to make a multicolour print like this. Our cost is about 20£ a shirt so I am not sure we will make them.

35£    Kybalion 2LP plus ØSC tote bag
40£   Kybalion 2LP, Virtual reality smartphone cardboard plus ØSC tote bag
15£    Kybalion CD plus tote bag
20£    Kybalion CD, Virtual reality smartphone cardboard plus ØSC tote bag

Kybalion CD/LP

The band for this event will be: Hasse (bass), Tim (Drums), Vince (Guitar), Jonathan (guitar, Violin), Mogens (synths), Dr Space (synths) plus possible special guests.

Http:// (our host for the evening)  Check out the latest version of the software using a Kybalion gatefold poster!