Session 147- Plan B, Malmö, Sweden Feb 10th, 2017

Session 147
Plan B, Malmö, Sweden
Feb 10th

This was the first ØSC gig of the year and great to play with some of our Malmö musicians again. Mikael and Tim from Agusa, and Tobias from the Carpet Knights.

Jiri, Mogens, Sabine and I drove over and arrived at 18:50. Cosmonauts were supposed to soundcheck at 18 and us at 19 but when we arrived it looked like a frantic mess of people trying to get all things ready for a show and party they were not at all ready to have.

Cosmonauts (from California) were in the backstage room inside the matrix (all on their smart phones) and not setting up at all. It took another 20mins before they started to get things going. The sound guy was not ready, the bar, nothing really looked ready so we sat around for a while and eventually we could get a beer, set up and do a sound check.

Despite what it all looked like they did manage to pull it all together in time and we started at 22 and all the lights, projections, etc.. was ready. Amazing how it was transformed in a few hours.

We played until 23:30 and had a great show. I was really pleased with our playing. There was maybe 25 people when we started playing and 100 when we finished and people really liked it a lot even though most only saw 10mins or so. The guy who invited us was very pleased and loved it. Everyone thought it was great..