Session 149- Loppen, Christiana, DK March 18th, 2017

OSC Session 148- Loppen, Chiristiania, DK March 18th, 2017

It has been a couple of years since we last played at Loppen. As this is my favorite club, anywhere in the world, to play, it was a great choice of venue for my going away party. It will be quite an emotional event this evening. I am just so glad a lot of good friends and fans from around Europe could make it. Hubert from Austria, Artsi, Santtu, Eetu, Jaire, Vesa, Hekka from Finland, lots of friends from Sweden, some from Hamburg, etc… We had a pre-sale of around 100 tickets so that is great. I guess we have around 200 in the end.

The line up tonight will be Jiri and Jocke on bass, Nicklas and Tobias on guitar (maybe Johan also joins for a jam), me and mogens on synths, martin on drums and Jonathan on Violin and Theremin.

Soundcheck is at 15 and Johan’s new band, Træsmak (Pain in Ass) stars the show off at 22. Black Moon Circle will be on at 23 and ØSC at 24.. We will see. Originally, Gas Giant and On trial were to play but in the end it was too complicated for these older bands that I loved and played with, helped, etc.. to pull it together again. I am fine with that..

14 Jiri and Mogens arrived with the van. Johan was going to be late so will go straight to the venue. Everyone was in a really good mood. Sabine had arrived as well. We loaded all the stuff in the van and there was enough space so we could all go and not have to take the metro.

16 Things are slowly coming together. I have put together most of the merch stand with sabine. I hope we can sell a lot of stuff. I have quite a few out of print OSC records I can sell. If I do not sell them, then I will put them up on bandcamp. Jonathan is here now from Stockholm with his violin and Theremin.

18 BMC guys arrived, Træsmak arrived.. Mood is great and the sound checks went fine. There was no real ØSC soundcheck since we had no guitar players. Drums, bass, synths….. all went fine.. Ricco is a good soundman and knows our sound from doing it a few times.

19 Went for a small walk around Christiania with Jonathan and Sabine. It was quite cold out. It was nice to see that the open air marihuana market was back just with smaller stands and less scary looking people… A lot of people around in Christiania.

20 The dinner was great. Wow. Excellent food. Homemade falafel, pork cutlets, a beetroot with ginger and port wine dish that was amazing. Another salad with butternut squash and ruccola, potatoes… Yum… everyone loved it.

21 Good crowd coming in. I think everything will run pretty smooth.

23 Spoke to a lot of people and so nice to see old and new friends. Christina, jens and some others gave me a small gift of Danish mead. Yum. Tak… Thomas and Jesper from Gas Giant and Henrik and Nik from On trial showed up even though, these bands sadly did not play.

Træsmak, Johan, from First band from outer Space’s new band were great. The crowd really seem to like this 70s sound and vibe sung in Swedish. They played mostly all originals. They tried to play Freedom by Buffalo, a request from me, but it was too dark for Johan to read the lyrics, so they aborted the song. Later they did Mount Everest by November. Good show but they ran a bit over time. I guested on 2 songs with them.

03:00 Wow.. what a night… the BMC gig was great (American Eagle, tech problems, synth space out, Lunar Rocket and Warp Speed) and people loved the set.

The ØSC gig got amazing reviews from people and although we started 30mins later than planned the place was still pretty packed with people. About 200 I guess. Lars did amazing lights and the sound was great. Everyone played at a high level. I was pretty tired though and was the weak link as this was my third gig of the night.

We sold about 3500kr in merch and had an amazing time. I think people and the band might have wanted to play more but we gave 2hrs and it was after 02:30 when we stopped. I was pretty beat..

Great night. Thanks to everyone who came out and to my great band of super talented musicians. You guys are the fucking best……