Oresund Space Collective - Sleeping With The Sunworm
(Space Rock Productions 004, Summer 2011)

"Sleeping With The Sunworm" is OSC's 10th official release, a limited edition of 500 copies worldwide, recorded at the same sessions that brought us "Slip Into The Vortex" and "Dead Man In Space". 56 minutes in length, the album comprises one long spacerock jam, divided up into three segments of unequal length solely for ease of play. Part one opens with one of bassist Jocke's hypnotic loops, overlayed with guitars that simultaneously drone and slice through the mix, and plenty of those patented hissing, whooshing synth noises. In a rare move for OSC, small sections of this lengthy track were overdubbed, due to equipment problems, but the "live in the studio" sound is as convincing as ever. OSC works best as a groove machine, eschewing chord progressions and melodic structures in favour of ever-changing bass and drum patterns, which rise and fall with tidal frequency, and telepathic co-ordination between the musicians. Part two (into which part one seamlessly flows), features soaring "classic-rock" guitar soloing, while the mid-section of part three breaks down into a very sparse echoing passage, before the rhythm section locks back into another uptempo groove, that all ends rather suddenly; even at just under an hour you can't help but wish they would just keep playing for a while longer. Throughout, the musicians are so note-perfect that it is hard to believe these are really improvised pieces. Ten albums on, and without the limitations of separated track time, "Sleeping With The Sunworm" is OSC's most cohesive offering yet, and a great entry point into their rapidly growing back catalogue.


Dead Man in Space

Live at Roadburn

Sleeping with the Sunworm

Space Rock Productions

“We are Oresund Space Collective and we play totally improvised space rock”.

Oresund Space Collective is a pure space-rock band with members from Denmark and Sweden. Their first album was released back in 2006! Dead Man in Space was released in January of 2010, in 300 vinyl copies. The cd release I hold has a new remix of the album plus the unreleased who tripped on the c(h)ord? High pilots is the opener song of the cd, 32:30 long (11 min longer than vinyl release), a total trippy song that brings in mind Spacious Mind. It is an incredible track that gonna make you run to buy a pair of headphones and melt all your brain cells! Additionally who tripped on the c(h)ord? flashes psychedelic slides inside us!! GREAT! Also space jazz jam mixes perfectly psych with space and jazz. Plus, dead man in space is a space freak out song full of synth and vocals. Live at Roadburn is a 2XLP (only 500 copies) recorded live album at Roadburn festival 2010. Has 5 long tracks: roadburn jam (20.51), reintroduce the snakes to ireland-Volcanoes and ash (22.10), global freakout in tilburg (16.19), farvel (15.09)! Travel on with space rock jamming, leading synths and guitar plus scattered dub elements! Sleeping with the Sunworm (digipack 500 copies) is a 56 min track divided in three parts. The first part is relaxing, quite psychedelic, longs 12 min. In the other two parts, Oresund Space Collective using endless jamming with guitar solo and synth, push their musical spacecraft outside universe. Very good!!!




Öresund Space Collective - Sleeping With The Sunworm (Space Rock Productions)

1. Sleeping with the Sunworm P1
2. Sleeping with the Sunworm P.2
3. Sleeping with the Sunworm P.3

Ännu en platta ( tionde) från det band som jag, bredvid First Band From Outer Space, håller högst av alla spacerockband i världen. Har skrivit om dem förut men för icke invigda bör det upprepas att ÖSC enbart gör improviserad instrumental musik. Skivorna kan till en början verka monotona och lika men blir allt annat än detta när man sätter sig in i musiken.

”Sleeping…” är ett enda långt verk på 56 minuter. För att göra plattan mer lyssnarvänlig har man dock valt att dela upp låten i tre spår. Det börjar lugnt och kanske aningen utdraget med en tamburin som grund. Men efter ca halva part 1 tar det sig och byggs upp på ett sätt som gruppen är mästare på. Det blir alltmer intensivt och nyanserat och ja, låten blir bättre hela tiden. Och även om hela bandet är mycket bra så vill jag ge ett extra pluss till gitarristerna Magnus och Stefan. Trots allt är det oftast gitarren som dominerar och det kräver sin man att hålla intresset och drivet i över en timme!

Måste bara tillägga att min första lyssning var i hörlurar liggandes i en solstol. Nu är visserligen undertecknad en psykedelisk konstnärstok från början men oj vad häftigt det var. Man lyfter verkligen iväg till andra världar. Mer organisk än så här blir musik inte.

”Sleeping…” kan rekommenderas å det starkaste!



Øresund Space Collective: Sleeping with the Sunworm
Space Rock Productions (SRP 004)

The Danish-Swedish psychedelic and instrumental improvisation collective OSC has now their own record label Space Rock Productions to help putting out their albums. I wish good luck and lots of success for the label! Within a few months they have released there albums one of which is a double vinyl.

Recorded at the same sessions in 2008 that gave us Dead Man in Space and Slip into the Vortex, Sleeping with the Sunworm includes 55 minutes of previously unissued studio improvisation. The CD has just space rock jam ”Sleeping with the Sunworm” that has been divided into three tracks. This is the first time that the band had to use some overdubs since Mogens replaced one synth track because it was out of tune and also the band’s guitar player Magnus re-recorded one of his guitar sections. Other than that, all we hear is what they played and recorded in one take and totally spontaneously. The first part is quite slow but heavy, atmospheric and spacey going including some amazing delay guitar, for example. When we’re a couple of minutes into the second part the jam starts to get faster in a nice way and the mood gets more positive and you feel like dancing to this. Soon they speed fast in the space rock style which goes on for a while. In the last part the band takes a bit easier again and the going gets more relaxed but just as psychedelic and spacey. Brilliant! It’s quite rare that a jam this long works so well for the whole duration but these guys surely are masters of improvisation. This album includes amazing, soaring keyboard stuff, imaginative and skillful guitar playing, mind-expanding space sounds as well as a very groovy and hypnotic rhythm section. This is another killer album that will be released next month as a CD digipak limited to 500 copies. You can buy these albums for example from Record Heaven who is their distributor. There are also three new vinyl releases coming out on Swedish Kommun 2 label...

15.07.11 by Dj Astro



Sleeping With The Sunworm
Man skal være en tålmodig person for å hanskes med ØSC. Traurige jammer som virkelig aldri tar slutt kan gjøre selv sindige nordmenn krakilske. Jeg er fullt klar over at det er folk som liker dette, og ære være dem for det, men for undertegnede er livet for kort til å brukes på timelange liringer uten klart mål og mening over én, eller i beste fall to akkorder. Det er ingen utvikling å spore i jammingene, ingen oppbygging, ingen dramaturgi, bare endeløse repetisjoner.



Sleeping With The Sunworm

Als bereits zehnten Release folgt "Sleeping With The Sunworm". Keine Ahnung, welchen Fantasien die Musiker hier freien Lauf gelassen haben. Eine unruhige, ermüdende Nacht neben einem schnarchenden, pupsenden Sonnenwurm? Eher nicht, so wie sich das Klangwerk stetig aufbaut und an Intensität immer mehr zunimmt, denkt man doch eher an einen feurigen, sich aufbäumenden Sonnenwurm im orgiastischen Liebesrausch. Wenn dies das letzte war, was der von uns gegangene Astronaut erlebt hat, na dann herzlichen Glückwunsch. Auch hier leben sich die Musiker wieder voll aus, wie gut sie sich musikalisch mittlerweile kennen und wie sehr man zusammengewachsen ist, das klingt schnell durch. Mit dem zweiten Teil wird man auch mal etwas fordernder, energischer. Hier kann sich auch mal die Gitarre richtig ausleben, die im spacigen Gesamtbild sonst oft etwas zurückhaltender agiert. Unvermeidbar bei so einer ausufernden Jam ist, dass man sich mal in den Klangwelten verliert und rausfliegt, gern auch mal die Gitarre. Aber das ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE beherrscht die Kunst, über elegante Umwege wieder zueinander zu finden. So beruhigen sich zum Ende hin Gemüt und Hormone und man kommt langsam zur Ruhe. Hat man die Nacht mit dem Sonnenwurm unter dem Kopfhörer genossen, dann fühlt man sich ob der musikalischen Eindrücke, als wäre man selber bei diesem Akt dabei gewesen, großartig! Auch "Sleeping With The Sunworm" ist auf 500 CDs limitiert, die "Dead Man In Space"-CD auf 1000 Stück.



Oresund Space Collective: Sleeping with the Sunworm

Are you up for a fifty-five minute jam session? If the answer is yes, look no further than the 10th release from Øresund Space Collective Sleeping with the Sunworm. The album was recorded in 2008; the same sessions that led to the albums Dead Man in Space and Slip into the Vortex. On this album Kaufmann (drums, percussion) takes the place of Anders K. who played on Dead Man in Space. Most of the band hails from Copenhagen, Denmark and the Malmö, Sweden area.

There is no sense reviewing individual tracks as such as this is really one long song that has been separated into three tracks for conventional purposes. It really does play as one song as each part runs into the next section seamlessly although there is variety here and I never felt myself becoming uninterested while listening.

As the band name suggests, they play space rock and do a very good job within the genre. Lots of sound effects and a variety of synths are used and the guitar playing is excellent throughout as it runs the gamut from spacey atmospheric soloing to more psychedelic tones. I like how the band blends mellow atmospheric sections with more intense, heavier sounds.

Those of you who appreciate improvisational jamming and space/psychedelic rock, Sleeping with the Sunworm is a no-brainer. We can thank bands like Øresund Space Collective for keeping space rock alive and well in this day and age of mindless pop drivel from the latest flavour of the month. Thanks guys…

Track Listing:
1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3
Added: June 9th 2011
Reviewer: Jon Neudorf
Score: 3.5 out of 5



Øresund Space Collective- Sleeping with the Sunworm

Review by Gary Hill
Øresund Space Collective’s form of space rock is always improvised. That means the music at times wanders along the lines of jam music. Of course, much space rock and jam band sounds aren’t that far removed. This particular release is split into the three separate tracks, but really it’s all linked together and all titles are the same, just with the part (1, 2 or 3) added to the end. For that reason, I’d say you could look at this as one long track. It’s a slowly moving beast, but that’s typical of the genre. Of course, comparisons to Hawkwind are appropriate, but this music goes in other directions, too. This might be my favorite release from OSC, and that says a lot.

Track by Track Review

Sleeping With The Sunworm Pt. 1
Rising up gradually, keyboards and a driving bass dominate the early portions of this piece. It slowly becomes more hard rocking and waves of Hawkwind like sounds are heard over the top. There are some serious science fiction oriented moments as this continues to build. Then, around the five minute mark or so, it drops down a bit to something resembling the early era of Hawkwind. By about the ten minute mark it’s morphed into almost a Hendrix meets space rock kind of jam with some noisy, psychedelically inspired guitar soloing. This eventually glides straight into the next number.

Sleeping With The Sunworm Pt .2
Coming out of the previous tune, after a time this shifts to a more energized jam that’s less Hawkwind-like (although it still contains plenty of space rock) and closer to some more mainstream progressive rock. Although, there are also some hints of bands like The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers to be found. As this continues it almost becomes jazz-like in some ways. By around the eight minute mark the harder rocking elements have started to dominate. A psychedelically inspired guitar solo soars over the beast at around the ten and a half minute mark. Within the next couple minutes the piece has moved out to more purely space music with keyboard sounds holding more sway over the arrangement. Before it hits the fourteen and a half minute mark it’s definitely become a mellower arrangement. It builds out to a harder rocking jam later that’s more along the lines of a space rock version of Emerson Lake and Palmer. In fact, but around the eighteen minute mark it’s seriously jamming. It works straight out into the next piece.

Sleeping With The Sunworm Pt .3

Fiery, hard rocking space music with some fusion built in creates the concept as this comes out of the previous piece. It modulates downward a bit with keyboards driving it in an almost Tangerine Dream goes Hawkwind sound. Around the one minute mark, though, it drops to a very stripped back arrangement. Waves of space build on top as this continues to surge forward. By around the five and a half minute mark it slows drastically into an almost space rock goes blues approach that’s killer. As they continue to rework the number it works closer to a psychedelic jam band sort of element. Some hot guitar soloing occurs before the ten minute mark. Then it drops way down to a stripped down, extremely slow moving arrangement to continue. A more energized drum beat comes up around the ten and a half minute mark and some rather Doors-like keyboards are heard as the band begin to ramp things back up. Some cool guitar soloing is heard as this continues. The pace continues to rise and by the thirteen minute mark it’s crossed into near fusion as the guitar continues to scream overtop. It works to more hard rock sounds from there. The space elements start to dominate again by the fourteen and a half minute mark. Within a minute it’s modulate to some mellower space weirdness that’s quite a bit like Hawkwind. Percussion drives hard around the sixteen and a half minute mark with waves of keyboard washing over the top. A cool space groove has taken over within the next minute or so. It continues evolving gradually, but by the twenty two minute mark a pulsing sort of space rock has taken over. That leads to the outro.