Its all about Delay 2CD

Transubstans Records TRANS023, 2006
Released in a double CD format in a DVD case in 1000 copies.

It was rereleased with completely remastered and greatly improved audio in a 4LP box set in 2014 as a collaboration between 3 record labels: Space Rock Productions ‎– SRP018, Sound Effect Records ‎– SER021, Cosmic Eye ‎– EYE 013

Limited edition of 525 Boxes total, that include:
4 LPs. Each LP in it’s own cover.
Big poster (70 x 100 cm)

258 Boxes, Black vinyl (this)
150 Boxes, Orange vinyl
100 Boxes, Transparent Green with Purple Speckles vinyl



Cirkus Yoda 1 8:25
Cirkus Yoda 2 7:55
Nebula 4747 10:24
Isle Of Mogens 6:28
Shaved Cortex 15:21
Pink Jumps In The Ring 4:59
In Her Majesty’s Secret Saucer 10:20
Jupiter Flyby (In Memory Of Doug Walker) 25:43
Alien Strip Club 17:54
Chris Ice Sack 20:08
The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project