Music for Pogonologists

Track list
1-1 Beardlandia 11:30
1-2 Ziggurat Of The Beards 14:11
1-3 The Tricophantic Spire 5:58
1-4 Bearded Brothers 17:36
1-5 Remnants Of The Barbonaeum 26:00
2-1 Music For Pogonologists 34:53
2-2 Barboconsciousness 24:07
2-3 Portal Of Pogonic Progress 12:21

This album was recorded in April 2012 at the Black Tornado. The song titles are all inspired by the writings of Upton Uxbridge Underwood, the worlds first Pogonologists. A Pogonologist is someone who studies beards. His book, “Poets ranked by Beard Length”, is the basis for this album.

The CD features 4 tracks not on the double vinyl version and one track will be exclusive to the vinyl version. The digital download version will include all tracks. The vinyl record will include a digital download coupon as well.
released November 10, 2014

The band: Daniel Lars- Guitars, Nicklas Sørensen- Guitars, Nickolas Hill- Guitars, Pär Hallgren- Bass, Christian Becher Clausen – Bass, Christoffer Brøchhmann- Drums, Mogens Pedersen- Synthesizers, Dr. Space- Synthesizers.
Mixed by Dr. Space. Sound Engineering and mastering by Johan Dahlström. Artwork by Eetu Pellonpåå.

Space Rock Productions ‎– SRP022, Space Rock Productions ‎– SRP023
500 CDs and 500 double vinyl. 200 purple, 200 black, 100 purple splatter