Session 165 Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, Finland 10/27/18

27/10/18 Kuudes Linja, Helsinki

11 Got about 7 hrs sleep had some bread, cheese, juice, and tea. The bass player in Hisko Detria who we stayed is a really nice guy. He put some very intense Circle on first thing this morning and that was too much so we went for Lux Ohr live at Roadburn and heard all 4 sides. That was great. It was great to see our friends Vesa, Eetu and Arto at the gig last night in Turku. They travelled from Helsinki (except Eetu, he did the album artwork for Organic earthly Flotation and Music for Pogonologists!). I think both gigs last night were great for ØSC and BMC, after the first 30mins, when Mogens could not play.

12:30 We are leaving for Helsinki now. Supposed to be there at 14 since it is an early evening with the first band on just after doors open at 19. People are in a good mood and seem pretty fresh. Not sure how later they stayed at the club last night as Sabine and I left to go to the other apartment in taxi.

13:40 Stopped for coffee and a snack at the Hesburger (Tim loves the soya strips. They were pretty good!). Sabine and I split a pizza. Jonathan and Simon also had pizza. I wish we had the economy from the gigs to pay for the food for the band as well but the fees are just too low to cover the van, gas, ferry, plane flights, etc. to also cover food for the band. Sad. We have been around for 15 years next year and released 30 albums and we still end up playing gigs for 200€ sometimes as this is all we can get and we want to play.

16 Wow… Kuudes Linja is a super club. It was great to finally meet Kimmo and Ville from Albino Rhino, a great Finnish band that I have made some recordings for. ØSC is set up and Kimmo is doing the mics and then we can have a real soundcheck. There is some snacks in the backstage but the guy who owns the club also owns a very nice restaurant next door where we will eat when we are done with soundcheck. I was able to set up the Alesis HD24 to do a hard disc recording tonight. Awesome.

We had another issue about where Mogens would be on the stage. It is a quite big stage but he wanted to be on the other side but Jonathan and Jiri are already on that side. It would be too crowded. He was vetoed and had to go on Vemund’s side.

The meal at the restaurant was great. I had pork belly and prawns and many had the Angus beef steak except the vegetarians. Food was awesome… Best of the tour by far.

19 Salt of the Earth (Maan Timjo) started playing at 19:15 or so and played until 20. This was a very cool band with guitar, bass, drums and two additional players who played flute, trumpet and bongos. Nice songs. They have not released anything yet but sound very promising.

My friend Santtu was the DJ and it was so great to see him again. He played only Hawkwind 7” records. Nice…

00- BMC only played two tracks, about 35mins on this night. Barnhard’s Loop and Andromeda. Vemund was awesome. I was in the zone as well. Simon and Øyvin are really locked in now as well and playing great. Hear the show below.

ØSC show was only 85mins as we had to stop at 2230 as the techno DJ will start at 23. Pity as the place as pretty packed and the audience loved the show. Nice to see Jaire, Vesa Eetu and many other friends as well. We could have easily played another hr or more. We were kicking ass and then had to stop. Sound was great at this club. Excellent club. They will for sure want us back.

After the gig and we had packed the van, we went to a craft beer bar across the street for another beer before going to the place we would crash. Indian Clove Hitch IPA. This was a great beer and this bar is the only place in the world you can get it on tap! We had a nice time at this bar and left about 01:30. A few people were a bit drunk. Vesa and Jaire had joined us. Such fun people. We got 500€ for this gig.

ØSC Set List:

  1. Danish Mongol Horde 12:42
  2. Insect Aroma 17:24
  3. Talking 01:16
  4. 1 Million chicken burgers to Go 17:13
  5. Column of Energy
  6. Kiitos Suomi 09:42
  7. Kuudes Linja Jam for Ville 05:52

Hear the show below.

All fotos by Sabine.

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