Live at Kildemose Festival

Track list
A1 4:30AM 21:23
B1 The Sun Rises, The Band Flies 25:39
C1 Kildemose Jam 23:28
D1 Finding The Path To Enlightenment 12:43
D2 For The Joint Smokers 10:35

Recorded by Jan. Mixed by Dr. Space. Space at the Space Station Studios. Mastered for vinyl by Johan Dahlström.
The band on side A/B was: Jocke-Bass, PIB-Drums, Dr. Space-Synthesizer, Mogens-Synthesizer, Stefan-Guitar, Tobias-Guitar, Luz-Congas,bongos and percussion.Recorded live with no overdubs on june 29th. 2008.
Side C and D the band was: Pib, Dr. Space, Mogens, Magnus-Guitar, Nick-Guitar, Sebastian-Guitar (Side C only), Thomas-Bass. Side C recorded Live on june 26th, 2009. Side D (last track) recorded on june 26th, 2010.
Thanks to Jan Dyrlund for putting on this amazing festival year after year. Speacial thaks also to all the local people that help and the excellent sound personnal.

Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.