Session 159- Immerhin, Würzberg, DE June 1st, 2018

Day 8 Wurzburg

We got up showered and pretty much everyone was up by 9:45. I have not had a long sleep yet on the tour and 5-6 hrs a night is starting to take its toll. I am not nearly as talkative and just fatigued. We found out that the booker had not paid for breakfast as he had said so people were fucking mad, as we had no dinner also. This was fucked up. We ended up going to the grocery store and spending 50€ for food and eating at a table outside the venue. 11:30 We just wasted 30 mins going around and back to the venue nearly before deciding to go towards Munich. We may get stuck at the border crossing for 1-2hrs if we are unlucky. Jonathan is very uptight and angry as he gets directions from multiple people and can’t look at the small GPS screen and drive well. It is a very stressful situation right now. He wants to just keep going towards Munich on the main highway but others want him to avoid this route due to the traffic but it is hard to know exactly where to go. 13 We just had a little break and put gas in the car (89€) and had some ice cream, people pee’d and smoked. Everyone except me and Jonathan smoke. We have 3.5hrs to go. We just hit a slow spot on the highway due to an accident. No big deal it seems.

Wurzburg is a door deal. If it is sold out, 80 people, we will most likely get 3-500€.  We arrived exactly on time today and people got out to smoke and have a stretch and there was Horst as he said he would be there. The club is down in the basement with a bar in one room and the live room in another. Another pretty small stage for us but we managed but Vemund had to be behind Mogens and also play behind his gear for the BMC gig. Not ideal but we had to make it work. Sound check was very long for both bands and Øyvin had a tough time with his bass sound today. 19:40 the Pizza has arrived and it was a great change to get pizza with some veggies on it. Not a lot of veggies on this tour and three vegetarians! Now people got their fill. Nice beer. Pretty cool club. Soundman was a bit hard to work with at times but I think he did a good job in the end for us. IT was not super loud on stage tonight, which was nice. I even started the show without earplugs but the cymbals are too much. BMC played at 21:45 since there were so few people and ended about 22:36, I think. Magnificent Dude, Stone Cold Killer and Warp Speed, a request from Horst. Crowd really liked it and was into it. Only about 25-30 people though.

ØSC, we tried to get onto the stage as fast as we could and get going, as we have to pack the van tonight and get some sleep before the long drive to Berlin! ØSC gig was a killer. One of the top 2 of the tour. Horst was very happy and so were the fans. Tim was just a monster on the drums again and Mogens did a lot of great solos, so did Jonathan. Tim wanted Simon to come play drums so he did and Øyvin also joined on the bass for a bluesy jam. The last jam had Tim on hand drum and Simon on the kit and Vemund played one of his best solos of the tour. Amazing guitar solo. I will kill the soundman if he is not loud on the recording. People said there was a lot of bass. We will see. Horst made a soundboard of the gigs as well. We played about 100mins. People really wanted more but it was getting too late. Sorry people.

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Jonathan and Øyvin


Across the synths

Tim on the hand drum