Session 157- Rauthaus, Tübingen, DE May 30th, 2018

Day 6
I was up at 8 something and feeling pretty good. Had a shower and charged the computer. I have only had access to internet twice on the tour so it was good to catch up a bit while they set up the drums. Jiri is trying to get the van repaired. Hope it is not too serious and he is back by 13. We will see. Small festival with us, BMC and the Spacelords today. Jiri was up at 7 to meet a mechanic and then nothing happened. He went to like 5 places and no one would help him so we have to really hope we can get early to Tubingen and get it fixed there. Not sure how much farther we can go. It is super hot today in and outside the van. Something like 30C outside. The weather has been amazing on the tour but very hot between 28-30C everyday. Despite a wrong turn that cost us 30 mins, we managed to arrive about 16:45 and Patrick, the organizer helped us to contact a place to fix the van. Jiri was able to change the differential oil himself (they charged 10€ for the use of the place and tools). The other loud sound is a mystery and the mechanic did not know what it was but did not think it was dangerous. We will find out. The set up and get in all went smoothly. This place is a great big 100 year house and 17people live here. It has a good size stage and PA… Super nice people. Sound man arrived about 19 and we did our thing and got some food. They had spaghetti with either a vegan or meat sauce with some grated cheese. IT was good and filling.


To try to keep the schedule, BMC started about 20:35 and played an hour. We opened with Supernova and Mogens joined us today for this long 20min jam song. Then a very cool but slightly fast version of Machine on the Hill. We ended with Lunar Rocket. Show was about 55mins. I thought it was a very good show today. I think there were about 50-75 people hearing the show. It was hot so many were just outside on the balcony of this cool place listening. I like to play Machine on the Hill!

Spacelords were pretty fast and start at 21:55 and played just about an hour. The crowd really enjoyed them and there were a lot of people now. Such nice people. I like to talk and hang out with them. IT is a really good band. By the time they finished the place was really packed with people. 150-200 people I guess. Wow. ØSC was on as fast as we could. We were not very happy with the sound guy at this gig. He was just not into being there. Always on his phone or outside smoking and we could not get a really good monitoring to play at our best. I think we started like 20mins after 23 and played until 01 and then we took a break and had another short jam that was stopped when the police came by but then we had one more. The recorder shows 2hrs 20mins with the breaks so about a 2hr show. Very intense one. Tim was the man once again. Powerhouse. I was not satisfied with my playing at all because the monitor situation it was hard to hear everyone well. Mogen often turns himself up way too loud when he uses the Nord Modular and also his new modular set up and drowns out the whole band in the monitor. If the sound guy is not paying attention, it must end up being the loudest thing you will hear on the PA. Hot, tired… crap show for me. I crashed out about 02. Told Patrick we sort out the GEMA and money in the morning. Supposed to get 500€ total for both bands.

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