Session 161- Woodstock 69, Porto, PT June 29th, 2018

June 28th

Mogens, Jocke and Tim arrived in Porto in the late afternoon and it was quite an adventure for them to get the rental car sorted and also much more expensive than the original quote of 295€ for 6 days. 2€ a day for the via verde toll reader, another 60 or so euros for the extra added insurance. Anyway, they found a hostel and had a nice evening out in Porto. Jonathan was flying in tomorrow and me and my wife, Martin and his wife, were travelling up in one car tomorrow, the Friday. Get in at the club is 17..

June 29th
Martin and Kate arrived on time at 13:30 and we loaded up their car and were ready to head out to Porto. We had one break on the way and arrived at the venue, Woodstock 69 at about 16:30. We had a huge crisis on our hands though as Jonathan’s flight was cancelled from Stockholm and he was supposed to be rebooked to arrive at 18:30 but then they cancelled the next rebooked flight and he was fucked. All the flights are full and they could not do anything. He sat in the airport for 6-8hrs and finally had to just go home, totally bummed out. Fuck!! Now, we had to figure something out so we switched Jocke to guitar (we had borrowed an SG from my friend Chris, thanks!) but he had no pedals. Luckily. Pedro was very cool and let jocke use his pedal board. He was very reluctant at first. We had met another local, Aaron (DJ Ocelot) at Aum Ritual in Switzerland last summer and he lives close to me and he plays bass so we managed to get him on board. Band was solved but it was not the band we had intended. Toni, the manager of the club arrived just on time at 17 as planned. Talea Jacta (guitarist Pedro from 10,000 Rusos) were supposed to arrive also at 17 but did not arrive until like 18:30 and they are from Porto. We were using their drums and guitar set up so we sat around for a long time before we could do anything. These guys are always late, I feel. Sound guy was very nice and patient. I set up the mics and video camera while the other band was setting up. We put up the backdrop earlier. We had a difficult time getting a good sound and the three stage monitors they have were not very good. We finally felt that we were there and let the TJ, set up and soundcheck. They played what seemed like their entire set at the sound check. It was about 20:45 by the time we got some food and everyone was really hungry. Grilled chicken, batatas fritas (fries), rice and salad. They gave us free beer, water, etc… Things are very late in Portugal and first band did not want to get on stage and play at 22:30 even though ¾ of the total people were all here and just standing around waiting. It was 22:45 or so before they started. What a fucking cool band!! Amazing drummer and very intense, complimented with guitar loops and far out spaced out guitar from Pedro. They played about 6 songs and 45mins, I think. I really liked it.

Check them out:

We hit the stage as soon as we could change around the drum kit for Tim and then we hit it. There were about 90-100 people I guess and it was good to meet some new and old fans and my friend Paulo! Great to play for him again . Our set was a bit strange as Aaron seem to be in his own world on the bass, too loud and did not know how to groove. He played a lot of cool stuff but was just too schizophrenic and all over the place and not laying down a cool steady groove which we really needed. The band was a bit frustrated and also it was hard to hear Martin and apparently he was not in the PA at all for the first few songs until his wife complained, rightfully. The audience was really into and we had a great reaction from the staff and audience. One or two were there to review the gig as well. I think we were not that satisfied, as the stage sound was not good with the crap monitors. (Note: when we heard the show two days later, we enjoyed the show more and thought it was pretty cool). We sold some CDs and a shirt, patch and pin. No vinyl. 115€.. Club manager said he did a multitrack recording so I hope we can get this. IT was like 3:30 by the time we got to the sleeping place and everyone was very tired.

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