Session 156- Kunstveien, Nurenburg, DE May 29th, 2018

Day 5 (Z-Bau, Nuremberg)

We are on the road to Nuremberg and a bit frustrated by the fucking GPS as we got off early to make sure we had plenty of time as it is 650km drive and the van is still not repaired. GPS took us into the middle of Antwerp. Wasted an hour. I am still not sure why we drive north back to Holland to go to the south of Germany??? Strange. Jonathan is driving. We heard Hadal Sherpa and not Antibalas. People are really tired as they only got 4-5hrs sleep. We are for sure not eating a lot on this tour. Yesterday I only had a banana, apple and sandwich before dinner. It was not a lot of food. Today, we just hit the road. Almost 10 and I have only had a banana and water. Gig last night was really fun but very hot in the club. Tim said it was the hottest show that he had every played! This was a long drive and the van was making a lot of noise now making it so loud to be inside. We managed to listen to Budos band, Blackberry Smoke, Black Label Society, Jefferson Airplane, Antibalas, Shpongle. It was 10hr trip with stops and traffic jams to get to Z.Bau but we arrived a bit before 18. Weather was amazing but the van was making another bad sound now. The people here were so glad to have us back and helped us load in and set up. They had fruit, snacks and cold beer, which was great. Jonathan was in a bad mood as he had lost his phone and we could not find it. Thinks it might have fallen out of the van door at the tank station when where we last stopped. Hope we find it.

Soundcheck was long and did not finish until 20. Nice feta salad, bread and a veggie ratatouille like dish with rice with no taste or spices but healthy. Jonathan found his phone. The band is super tired and a bit stressed today. IT is very hard to pack the van, takes 1hr. We simply have too much stuff. We sell merch every gig so that is getting less and less. Show started at just after 21 and BMC played for about an hour. The audience was really into it. I started the show off on my own and we went into Plains, which was a nice long jam. One I have played many times with the band. Enigmatic Superbandit has a great groove and people dig it. We tried to keep this one a bit shorter so we could squeeze in Warp Speed. Øyvin left out a verse but not on purpose. We had a laugh about that. I had some modular synth problems at the beginning of the first jam section and felt bad that I fucked it all up. Warp Speed was awesome and went down a storm wit the audience. About 1hr set.

ØSC tried to hurry, as it was nearly 10:30 when we started. Band was visibly tired but Tim was killing it on the drums this day and gave us all a kick in the ass to keep the energy level high. Stage set up was not good the way we experimented with Jonathan up front and during the first jam, he and Mogens had to stop playing and with the help of the soundman, move Jonathans amp, etc. it was a bit of a mess. Mogens also has to figure out how to keep his synth sounds more even. He gets super loud at times the way he plays the modular and Nord. Soundman seems to be very on top it. I will see on the recording. We got a full video of the show tonight as well for both bands. There was an older guy who was totally into our show and he also shot some video. It was not a very good gig for me. Some of the spacey parts were super cool today but I felt Jonathan never really got into it. Vemund played two killer solos as always. Jiri had a bass solo and grooved. We did some more spacey stuff and then some trance stuff as well. I wish Jonathan or Vemund could learn now to do this rhythmic delay guitar like Ozrics.. A lot of older fans at this show and a guy from Eclipsed magazine that really loved the show. He got a free CD from BMC and us even though they already have them and have reviewed them. He said he would recommend us to Burg Herzberg again. We looked at the line up and on the net and it seems like it is all set in stone now. I don’t know most of these bands. Horst said the weather has been so bad the last two years he almost considers not to go anymore. Anyway… great crowd but small. Nice to see Horst again and look forward to our show in Wurzburg in 3 days. We got 210€ and not sure how much merch we sold but there were only 37 paid people. Small crowd on Tuesday. We have like 50 last time on a Thursday. I crashed out at 01.

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