Session 183- Copenhagen Jazz Festival, July 10th, 2021

Sadly, Dr Space was not able to attend this sit down concert for 80 people, which was sold out. From the videos on line, the visuals looked great and the band played well. Enjoy….The band at this gig was: Mikkel- Guitar, Jonathan- Violin and Guitar, Mogens- Synths, Jiri- Bass, Martin. Drums.

Set I- 75:10

Dr Space Intro>  5:41, CPH Jazz Jetstream 48:39, Band Intro (Jiri) 02:13See Maj Or 18:35

Set II 86:10
Me-Yow-Wow 34:06, Snakke 01:10, It’s about Jiri’s Job 16:19, Scratch n Snifff 14:09, Brain Burner 20:21