Upcoming shows
May 16th- Lygtens Kro, Copenhagen, DK
May 17th- Spaceboat IX, Hamburg, DE (sold out)
May 18th- Spaceboat IX, Hamburg DE (with Liquid Orbit)

Past Concerts
Feb 26th, 2022 Vinter Jazz Festival, Copenhagen
16th April Liverpool Psych Festival 2022
26-27th May 2021, Spaceboat VII, Hamburg, DE (26th sold out)
July 2022 Kozfest, UK
Aug 21st, 2022 Crescendo Festival, France

7th Oct Plan B, Malmo, Sweden
8th October 2021  Høstsabbat, Oslo, Norway
9th Oct Musikhuset Elværket, Helsingør, DK

10th July 2021- Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Loppen, DK
21st May , 2021- Esbjerg Fuzz Fest, Denmark
23rd Nov 2019 Punderson’s Falcon, London, UK
22nd Nov, 2019 Punderson’s Falcon, London, UK
7th Nov- Woodstock, Christiania, DK (w/Black Moon Circle)

23rd, June 2019  Sonic Rock Solstice, Bromsgrove, UK
4th June 2019 Melody Box, Stockholm, Sweden
2nd June, 2019 Vastavirta, Tampere, FIN
1st June 2019 Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland
31st May 2019 Fontaine Palace, Liepāja, Latvia
30th May 2019 Fenix Bar, Alyst, Lithuania
28th May 2019 Warsawa, Poland
27th May, 2019 Ostopol, Dresden, DE
26th May 2019 Urban Spree, Berlin
24-25th, 2019 Spaceboat VI Hamburg, DE May
23rd, May 2019  Lygtens Kro, København, DK

26th December 2018 Woodstock, Christiania, DK
28th October 2018 Vestavarta, Tampere, Finland
27th October 2018 Kudes Linja, Helsinki, Finland (w/BMC)
26th October 2018 DIY Party, Turku, Finland (w/BMC & Warp Transmission)
24th October, 2018 Melody Box, Stockholm, SE (w/Black moon Circle and Automatism)
29th June Porto, PT Woodstock69
30th June Cartaxo Sessions, PT
2nd June Urban Spree, Berlin
1st June Immerhim, Würzberg, DE
31st Zone11, Hallein, Austria
30th Tubingen, DE
29th Z-bau, Nuremberg, DE
28th Kinky Star, Gent, BE
27th May Little Devil, Tilburg, NL
26th Spaceboat V, Hamburg, DE
25th May 2018 Loppen, Christiania

17th Nov 2017 Værkstaden, Trondheim, Norway
4-8th, Aug 2017 Aum Ritual Festival, Switz
18th March 2017 Dr Space leaves this Place, Loppen, DK
15th Feb. Woodstock, Christania, DK (Birthday party gig- no dr space)
10th, Feb. 2017, Plan B, Malmö, Sweden

10th Sept,2016 Reverence Festival, Portugal!!!! (LAST SHOW FOR A WHILE)
26-28th Aug 2016 Psycho Las Vegas festival, Nevada, USA!
9th July CPH Jazz Festival, Woodstock, Christiania
27th May 2016 Acid Rock Festival, Gasskessel, Bern, CH
26th May 2016 Kunstverein, Nurnburg, DE
25th May 2016 Beatfabrik, Heidelberg, DE (w/ Buddha Senteza)
24th May 2016 Die Stadmitte, Karlsruhe, DE
23rd May 2016 Hausbar, Tübingen, DE
22nd May 2016 Little Devil, Tilburg, Holland
21st May 2016- Spaceboat IV, Hamburg, DE (Tickets!)
6th May 2016 Northern Discomfort Festival, Ungdomshuset,CPH
9th April KB18, CPH (with deep Space Destructors)
27th Feb 2016 Stengade, CPH (fundraiser for Svendborg Sound Festival) Our 100th show!!!
13th Feb 2016 Athens, Greece (with Automaton)
21st Jan 2016 Vollesmose Kulturhus, Odense, DK

21st November 2015 Copenhagen (Copenhagen Winter Psych Festival) new LP/CD release Party
14th November 2015 Melodybox, Stockholm, SE (with Kungens Män) new LP/CD release Party
1st Aug 2015 Kildemose Festival,Fyn, DK
5th July 2015 Roskilde Festival- Gloria Stage 01:00-03:00
26th June 2015 Drone Bar, CPH
25th June 2015 Woodstock, Christiania; DK (16-19:30)
May 15th, 2015- Little Devil, Tilburg, Holland
May 16th 2015 Spaceboat, Hamburg, Germany (SOLD OUT!)
28th March 2015 Kontrapunkt, Malmo (with Mantric Muse!)
21st Feb 2015 10 year anniversary concert at LOPPEN, CHRISTIANIA! 3 Set 4hrs show..
10th Jan 2015 Truckstop Alaska, Göteborg, SE

2nd Aug 2014 Burg Herzburg Festival- Freak Stage 23:15 (3½ hr set!)
1stAug 2014Höllenschuppen, Burg Herzburg Festival
27th June 2014 Woodstock, Christiania!
30th May 2014 Freak Valley Festival, Germany
29th May 2014 Hamburg Boat tour again! Check with Sapphire Records SOLD OUT!)
17th May 2014 Big Bang, Roskilde, DK
30th Nov 2013 Cafe Cairo, Würzburg, Germany (Psychedelic Network show with Nik Turner!)
29th Nov Black Night, Jena, Germany (with Mantric Muse!)
28th Nov Circus Maximus, Koblenz, Germany 2013 (with Mantric Muse!)
27th Nov Grüner Jager, Hamburg, Germany (with Mantric Muse!) Check with Sapphire Records for Tickets! 12€)
19th Nov Loppen, Christiania (opening for Siena Root!)
24th August 2013 Dæmonen Port, CPH (Dr Space’s 50th Birthday)
3rd August 2013 Kildemose Festival
25th May 2013 Indra, Hamburg (for tickets contact Sapphire Records)
24th May 2013 Hamburg ((for tickets contact Sapphire Records. SOLD OUT
11th May 2013 Dragens Hule (w/Electric Moon)
5th May2013 Doomtown Festival, Copenhagen, DK
14th Feb 2013 Dragens Hule (with Damo Suzuki from CAN!)
18th January 2013 Den Grå Hall, Christiania (Jiri’s 30th Birthday!)
1st December 2012 Dragens Hule, CPH (Mantric Muse CD release Party!
26th Oct 2012 Loppen, Christiania (CD release party!)
20th Oct 2012Cafe Cairo, Würzburg, Germany
19th Oct 2012Graf Hugo, Feldkirch, Austria
18th Oct 2012- Maxkult, Salzburg, Austria (with Baby Woodrose!)
16th Oct 2012Club Wire, Kumanovo, Macedonia
15th Oct 2012 Studio sounds Like, Sofia, Bulgaria
13th Oct 2012AKC Medika, Zagreb, Croatia
14th Sept- 2012Dragens Hule, CPH with Stoned Jesus (Ukraine)
4th August 2012 Kildemose Festival
28th June 2012 Klaffbron, Malmö, Sweden (2 sets starting at 22)
26th May 2012Öresundfestival, Malmö, SE (play at 20:00-20.45)
19th May 2012 Dragens Hule, Denmark (LP release party)
6th May2012 Doomtown Festival, Månefisker, Christiania
7th April 2012The Big Bang, Roskilde, Denmark
24th Feb, 2012 BETA, Copenhagen (with ILDHU)
Oct 1 2011 Loppen, København (with the Univerzals!)
18th August, 2011 KB18, København (with Sygeregn)
6th Aug 2011 Kildemose Festival
23rd July 2011 Occultrance Festival, Belgium with Dream Machine, Omnia Opera, Nukli, and more..
21th July Sub071, Leiden, Holland
21st May 2011 Dragens Hule, CPH
24th April 2011 Bar Vikkulu, Tampere, Finland
23rd April 2011 Vapaan Kulttuurin Festivaali , Turku, Finland
22rd April 2011 Lepakkomies, Helsinki, Finland
20nd April 2011 Wallascen, Stockholm, Sweden
11th March 2011 Muzirkuscafe’en, Nyborg, Fyn, Denmark (with ?)
12th March 2011 Kulturhus, Odense, DK (with ?)
28th August, 2010- Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen (with Nicolai Vilhem Tell,, Aron, Moonless)
8th July 2010 Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Lades, Kælder, København
24th June 2010 Kildemose Festival, Fyn Denmark (We headline the Saturday Night!)
15th April, 2010 ROADBURN FESTIVAL, Tilburg Holland!
14th April, De Vinger, Den Haag, Holland
8th April, 2010 Lades Kælder, København DK (opening for GNOD)
19th March 2010 Dragens Hule, København (with Siena Root)
21st November 2009 Dragens Hule, København with the Carpet Knights!
29th November 2009 Cairo, Würzburg, Germany (with 7 that Spells, My Sleeping Karma, and Ax Gengrich)
30th October 2009 Torvi, Lahti, Finland (w/Circle, Peter Hayden, Temples and This is Sirus)
31st October 2009 Lepakkomies, Helsinki, FInland with Taipuva Luotisuora
17th Sept 2009 Sub071, Leiden, Holland
18th Sept 2009 Sojo, Leuven, Belgium
19th Sept 2009 Swamp Room Mania, Munich,Germany
26th June, 2009 Kildemose Festival, Fyn Denmark
20th March 2009 Zoom, Hyvinkää, Finland with Taipuva Luotisuora
21st March 2009 Liberate, Helsinki, Finland with Taipuva Luotisuora
28th Feb 2009 Dragens Hule CD Release Party
11th October, 2008 Dragens Hule, København
30th August 2008 Space Rock Odessey 2008, Uppsala, Sweden (w/Spacious Mind, Mass of the Sun, First band from Outer Space)
16th August, 2008 Slottskroggen goes Progressive, Göteborg, Sweden
27-29th June, 2008 Kildemose Festival, Denmark
15th May 2008 Bodoni, Malmö, Sweden
22nd Feb 2008, Loppen, Christiania (w(Special Guests)
1st December 2007 Fru Lundreen, Trondheim, Norway
29th November 2007 Amplifier, Oslo, Norway
24th August 2007 OSC Summer Party, Dragens Hule
18-19th May 2007 PITB IX, Plauen, Germany (2 shows!)
12th April 2007 Studenterhuset, Copenhagen with Siena Root
8th April 2007 Semifinal, Helsinki with Hidria Spacefolk!!!!!!!!!
6th April 2007 Hemliga Trädgården, Stockholm, Sweden (with Siena Root!)
9 Feb. 2007 OSC Winter Party at Dragens Hule
9th November 2006 Studenterhuset, Copenhagen (with Siena Root)
27 October 2006 Aktivetetshuset (Norra Grängesbergsgatan 14), Malmö, Sweden
21 Aug 2006 Malmöfestivalen, Malmö, Sweden (confirmed)
21 July 2006 Summer Party at Dragens Hule, København (with First Band From Outer Space!)
21Jan 2006 Øresund Space Collective CD Release Party at Dragens Hule, København
28 May 2005 Dragens Hule, København
25 Feb 2005 Dragens Hule, København