Session 185- Musikhuset, Helsingør, Denmark Oct 9th, 2021

12:00 We just had a small break 88km from Goteborg but we are running at least 30mins later than planned.  We hope to get to the rehearsal room complex by 16:00 if we can but I doubt that. We will see. 

We got the rehearsal room complex about 17!!  Everything takes too long. It was a pretty long drive but Sabine and Jonathan did it all except I drove from Malmo to the rehearsal room 

Jiri and Martin and all the gear was ready and waiting so we packed and went to pick up Mikkel in Osterbro which is a mess as the main street is closed so we wasted quite some time before getting off to the venue. We arrived about 1815, 75mins later than we were supposed to and they were so happy and all was set up and Patrick had set up to multitrack record for us..   

Soundheck was pretty straightforward and we had a lot of space on the stage. Cool place about the size of Stengade in Copenhagen.  Super staff.. We had an excellent chile sin carne, probably the best I have ever had.  Yum… sourdough bread and we got a case of beer for free and water and coke… Sadly, only about 10 paid people,which was a real bummer. TV Marienet was there with 4 cameras to film the show.  I think Patrick filmed as well andhe also made an audience recording and Tom Ploug came and taped as well and bought the new CD.. 

We played two sets one about 65mins and the other about 90mins.. It was a really fun concert but no energy from the audience at all which all hung out at the back mostly.  First set was funky and the 2nd more psychedelic and experimental. I think this was Jonathan’s best gig. He was just awesome. Mogens had a lot of technical problems with his sound and monitor so his contribution was all over the place. I had my own problems with two of the modules which frustrated me. Seems that I played a lot of out of key stuff on the mellotron as well which drove Mogens and Jiri crazy…..  I had fun but a bit strange to play to an empty club.  The booker loved it and wants us back anyway…. Thanks to Patrick for making a multitrack and for TV Marientet for filming the show on 4 cameras.. Tusind tak Christian…