December Newsletter 2018

ØSC Newsletter December 2018

Thanks for helping to make this another great year for ØSC. We were so grateful to have been able to get out and tour with Black Moon Circle in Europe, Sweden and Finland. Look forward to more gigs with Black Moon Circle in May-June next year.

Upcoming concerts:

March- Estonia (1-2 shows)
May 23-24th- Spaceboat VI, Hamburg (two shows this year) Friday night and Saturday morning
May 25th Berlin, Germany
Other dates in Europe to follow

June 21-23rd- Sonic Rock Solstice, UK (Broms grov)
We headline on the sunday the 23rd.
August- Sonic Blast ?? , Portugal (not confirmed)

As for music, the new interactive album, Kybalion is out on Dec 19th and pre-orders start today.
You can have the same virtual reality experience with the LP and the CD. You will need to download this app below on your smartphone or tablet. The iPhone app is not ready yet but will be.
For more information check our Kybalion page.
You can order the CD or LP here:

What is planned for next year is the following:

Dec Kybalion
March- Good planets are hard to find 2LP (finally on vinyl)
May- ØSC meets BMC- Freakout in the Fjord 3LP/2CD
??- Experiments in the Subconcious 2LP/CD

Thanks again for all the support and hope you have a nice Christmas season and great new year.
scott and the ØSC