ØSC Newsletter Summer 2018

Hope everyone is well and having a nice summer. Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported our European Tour in May-June 2018. A big thanks for the guys in Black Moon Circle (see the web site link below and their great new album, Psychedelic Spacelord!). We had so much fun playing and travelling with the guys. I think we will do it again next May. We really enjoyed the tour so much and felt that we played some amazing shows. We ended the tour in Berlin and were able to make a multitrack recording, which we feel is an excellent document of what the tour was like. The current plan is to release this as a double live CD (Live in Berlin, SRP053).

We will soon have our next studio album put into production. It is to be called Kybalion (SRP052) and is an amazing collaboration with CyberRabbit in the UK. It will be a very cool high tech interactive experience like we have never produced before. I can’t reveal any real details yet but the CD and LP covers will come to life when you use a special app and cardboard on your smartphone. You will travel through portals, enter into strange worlds, characters in the artwork will fly out of the picture.. All to the music of ØSC. The album features 8 tracks and will be a single CD and double LP.

We were hoping to get out and play some shows in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in October but we have had a very hard time to set anything up. Sorry.. IF you want or can help, please contact us. At the moment, there are no confirmed shows but it looks likely we will play at the Sonic Solstice Festival in the UK next June. Our first time ever in the UK. We also plan a tour again next May-June.. I will keep you posted.

Possible Future Tour Dates:

October- Stockholm, Helsinki, Tampere??
May-June 2019- Spaceboat VI, Hamburg, DE; other dates in Holland, Germany,etc..
June 20-22nd, 2019 Sonic Rock Solstice, UK
Sabotage Club, Lisboa, PT 2019

Finally, if you have not visited our new web site, please check it out. It should work much better on your mobile devices than the older web site. The old site will still be available but we are having some technical issues with WordPress and cannot solve them. Sorry.

Thanks again for all the amazing support. The sales of Chatoyant Breath have been very good and the music really well received. So glad you liked it. IT was a very special project for me (Dr Space). As we worked closely with the artist (Hawk) about his paintings and David who make the cool layout as well as I mixed the music and spent so many hours trying to find just the right balance.

Peace, love and music..    Dr space… (scott)