Session 153- Spaceboat V, Hamburg, DE 26/05/18

Day 2 (Spaceboat, Hamburg, DE)

 The van is so hard to pack. We just have too much stuff. It took us 75mins to get it sorted it out before we could hit the road. We missed out planned ferry at 12:15 but just got on the one at 12:50. People ate on the boat. I always get a schnitzel, a sort of ritual but today I did not think it was that great. People are a bit tired as it was a late night and party and no one got more than 5hrs sleep, I think.

We arrived at the harbour at about 16, which was perfect. The GPS is always taking us strange ways. Within 30mins the boat was there and we could already load in early. Sabine and Klaus had not even arrived yet. We have discovered that the rear axel differential is leaking oil from the gasket, it seems. We will need to keep an eye on this. Mogens says he thinks it is making a strange sound as well. Load it and set up went pretty smooth. We all went to a fish place and has some food before the boat sailed while everyone boarded. The weather was so amazing. 28C and sunny. This is going to be a great trip. IT was really good to see Sabine and Klaus. She has been very stressed as it is a lot of work setting this up but it goes smoothly.

WOW. That was one of the best space boats ever. BMC played their entire new record, psychedelic spacelord and Jonathan joined on the violin as he also played on the record. People like it a lot. The boat is pretty packed and so many smiling faces but you can get around and talk with people. People thought we played too loud though. We try to bring the volume down a bit for ØSC.

Arrived at the boat





Mogens and Jonathan


The ØSC concert was amazing. Tim hurt his hand so Simon joined in for a jam at some point and then Tim was back. IT was just magical this evening and the crowd were great. They want us to do two nights next year!! I think we played 2hrs and 40mins in 2 sets! Long show. Incredible… I think we sold around 500€ in merch as well. BMC did well also.

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