Session 166- Vastavirta, Tampere, Finland 10/28/18

28/10/18 Vastavirta, Tampere

This was the last gig of the tour. We had a killer gig in this town 7 years ago.

10:30 Most people are up now and had a great time yesterday. Cold and windy outside.

 12:30 Everyone isup now but Jonathan had a tough night sleeping in the same room the two loudest snoring people, Mogens and Jiri. Apparently some of the guys got super high last night and had a sort of strange out of body experience and became a column of energy. We used it as a song title.

14:45 We are about 90mins away now. We had a long break at a roadside place for food. We did not get a lot of info from this venue so I have no idea about food, drinks, where we sleep or anything. What time to arrive?? We just get there about 16 or so. It is very cold out now. -3C or something.

17 We arrived at 16 and the mood is good. This is a cool complex with a quite big venue downstairs and a small bar stage upstairs. Sadly, we will play upstairs and Mogens and I will have to be on the floor again as there is no space. Only 1 monitor in the ceiling and it is not working properly. Sound guy was great though and got the cable Mogens needed for his monitor and did everything weneeded to make this a great gig. We even multitrack recorded it in FLAC.

We get 2 free beers and then beers for 3€ each. The food will be downstairs at 18.

19:30 Soundchecks went fine. We should start playing at 21. The food was crap. Cold rice noodles, cold lentil sauce, chips and really bad salsa, falafel balls (not very good ones) and some bread. It took forever as each person had to use the microwave to heat up the food. It was not good. Not good enough. Even though we request a decent hot meal, sometimes we just don’t get it.

Jiri and I talk about the money, as we have to sort this out for his van, bridge, gas, etc. Looks like we will cover most expenses but not the food and flights for Black Moon Circle. We will get 200€ for this last gig. Total income from fees is 1465€.

Øyvin thought this was our best gig and I guess there was about 50 people. It was free. My friends Anna and Phil came over from Estonia and it was great to see them. It had been 8 years. Eetu came to this gig as well so I dedicated a song to them.

BMC played Supernova (long version), Stone Cold Killer and Plains. It was a good set but I was feeling quite tired and Vemund could not hear me well.

ØSC played about 100mins with some cool jams for sure. Jiri and Tim were just incredible this night. I look forward to hear this recording. Glad we got a multitrack.

ØSC Set List:

  1. Dr Space and the Sunshine Boys 38:21
  2. talking 01.17
  3. White Chocolate Cricket Butter 20:22
  4. Vastavirta Jam 13:24
  5. Jam for Phil, Anna and Eetu 25:41p

Hear the show below.

Great to be back in Finland. Always has been one of the best countries to play for us.
All fotos by Sabine.

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