Session 178-Sonic Rock Solstice, UK June 23rd, 2019

Cosmic Ken let these guys played ten minutes extra and cut into Øresund Space Collective’s time so I was very pissed with him as they have a strict curfew and we come all the way from Denmark and Sweden and our set is now cut short. Bastard.. I was not happy.  Anyway, we just set up and did our thing and people loved it. They were dancing and having a great time and the lights were cool. Vince Cory joined us and besides being nervous and nto stepping up to solo enough, he was great and played cool guitar. I was standing right next to him and I heard every note he played. Great stuff Vince. Vemund was killing it on the lead and mogens did a lot of synth solos as well. Tim was a bit slow to start but he and Jiri relaly got it going after a little bit. Pity we had to stop right at 00:30. No way to play a bit longer. Anyway, we were well received and sold nearly 1000 pounds of shirts, CDs, etc… I was very impressed with the people and it was a great and professional crew that took great care of the bands on and off the stage. What a great festival and highly recommended. The main thing they could improve would be a few more food options but the Dragonjack’s place was excellent food and they made diferrent main dishes each day.

Great festival. More foreign people (there were very few) should give this festival a chance.

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