Session 177- Melody Box, Stockholm, Sweden June 4th, 2019

June 4th

When the ferry arrived we went straight to Jonathan¨s apartment, and his lovely wife and bought bread, 3 kinds of cheese, ham, salami, blueberries, museli, etc….. and lots of coffee for people. After some food most everyone except Jonathan went to sleep for some hours. Vemund did not get up until 1330.

At 14, we went into Stockholm and visited a guitar shop and café called Twang. Joanthan knows the owner. IT was closed until 16 but Jonathan called the owner and he came and opened the shop early so the guys could check the instruments. I went to a cool record store called Pet sounds but did not buy anything. I asked about the new GONG but they did not have it.

It was around 1615 when we arrived at the club. They were already open and the soundman was there. Soundchecks went pretty well but soon after all the troubles began. We were told we had to buy our own food (they gave us some beers and water) and also pay the sound man 1000kr, as well as work the door ourselves. We should have charged more than 100kr at the door since we did not find this out until later. The pizza was 770kr and it was actually not enough. Tim got stung by a bee on his forehead, only got two pieces of pizza. Then Øyvin said something to him that pissed him off so that was not good.

I got to meet one of our big Swedish fans, Dan Nordloff. He was so cool. I signed a hat for him. Pity we did not get to talk longer. Also, Anders from Dombshawa was there. Super nice people.

The BMC set was: Stone Cold Killer, Ghost, Supernova, Enigmatic Superbandit with Jonathan on violin.

The small crowd of 30 really loved it. Vemund was on fire. Whole band played well. I did not like what I played on Ghost though. I have done it much better. Recording was like 52mins.

ØSC set I was a bit of a disaster as Jonathan was having a lot of trouble with his amp and feedback and was just pissed up. We played some incredible jams anyway and but stopped after 50mins or so and he changed the amp but the band vibe was not very good anymore. It was great to play with KG again. It had been since 2017. He was looking great but was missing India.   I think the 2nd set was like 40mins. Audience liked it a lot.

I was in a bit of a rush to get some sleep after the gig as my flight was at 10 the next morning and I had to leave before 7 with the subway and train Jiri had an even earlier flight at 8:40.. We both made our flights fine but I was very stressed to make sure I did not forget to do anything. Jonathan was stressed about getting home with all his stuff. Tim and Sabine have to drive the van back to Malmo and then Sabine alone to Hamburg. Still many expenses with the bridge, ferry, gas..   Jiri accidently broke the glass door at the club as well last night after I was asleep. I wonder what this is going to cost?? Fuck…

It was a great tour but people were pretty warn out at the end and people were tired, frustrated, etc….   Tim and I talked a lot and there is no way we would do such a long tour again. I think one week max.

These tours are always a challenge. I am pretty sure this is the last one with BMC and perhaps for ØSC. It is just too much to arrange and we don’t get paid enough, etc.… It is just too hard. We deliver the goods every night and the musicians are fucking world class so people get a master class in drumming, bass playing violin, guitar solos. A bit sad to call it a day from touring but that is where we are at in reality. We are just not a popular band. We just have to live with that. We have a lot of multitracks from this tour:

Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, Latvia. Helsinki, Tampere…

A huge thanks firstly to the band. I can not thank you enough and tell you amazing you all are and how honoured I am to be on stage with you. 2nd to Sabine, who without her help, we could never manage. Danke.. 3rd to the promoters who book us and finally to the fans who showed up and enjoyed the shows and bought some merch. IT was our worst merch sales on a tour ever though. No one was buying much except in Hamburg and Helsinki. Pity.

Tusind tak. Obrigado, Danke, Merci…

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