Live in Trondheim

Track Listing
Mantric Moose 21:33
Funk for Fru Lundgren 16:40
Totally Improvised Driving 22:51
Crash landing in the Sea 18:56

This concert was performed on Dec 1st, 2007. It features Sula Basana on guitar as well as locals Organ Morgan (Seid) on synthesiser, Sigurd (Annot Ruhl) on guitar. The other musicians were: Mogens (synths); Kaufmann (Drums) and Thomas (bass). A very cool concert. Limited edition vinyl only release on Panchromatic Records out of Norway. The last jam of the show is not included on the vinyl release.

released October 2, 2016

New matrix mix of the audience and soundboard recording was made in 2016 by Johan Dahlström with help from Dr Space. Gatefold artwork by David Graham. Fotos by Dr Space.