ØSC- Maat Lander Split LP

Clostridium Records ‎– CR027
Track List

A – Maat Lander The Multicellular Structures Into The Space Drift 22:40
B – Øresund Space Collective Easy Teenage Version 19:35

Split LP with the Russian band, Maat Lander.. Each band has one long track. Limited to 310 copies. the coloured vinyl version is made in about 100 copies and comes with a medium sized pin. A CD version was also produced by Clostridium Records. The ØSC track was recorded at the Black Tornado studios in Copenhagen in November 2016.


111 on coloured and 222 on black vinyl on Clostridium Records.

Go to the Maat Lander page now: maatlander.bandcamp.com/album/lander-resund-space-collective-split-lp