Session 163- Melody Box, Stockholm, SE 10/24/18

24/11/18 Melody Box, Stockholm

07:00 Copenhagen
Still waiting for Mogens but he is only 10mins late. We are supposed to meet the guys at the rehearsal rooms out where Dragens Hule used to be at 8, at the latest. We will for sure be late.
8:20 We finally arrive. The van is packed and all the guys are here and in a great mood and excited to being playing music. We will pick Tim up in Malmo on the way to Stockholm. We are running a bit late.
10:30 It took a while to get into Malmo and pick up Tim but we are on the road and should arrive only an hour later than planned. We were supposed to be at the Melody Box at 16 but this is impossible. We still have 552 km to go. We are listening to the German band, Wight, their new funky stuff. I think people dig it.
11:30 Stopped for some snacks and gas. 630SEK for half a tank. 450km to go. Jiri’s van can not go more than about 100-105km/hr so it is slow going. We heard so far today in the van, Blackberry Smoke- Fire in the Hole, Wight, AC/DC- Melbourne 12/31/74, Ethiva- Sublime Island, Grand Funk- Caught in the Act, and Warp Transmission (the band we will play with in Turku). Far out band.

14- Sunny and beautiful day but cold. 300km to go. People are tired. Mogens, BMC guys are all asleep in the van now. I can’t sleep in the van. Øyvin is fighting off a nasty cold but seems to be at the end of it. BMC, we have talked about what songs they have rehearsed, the two new songs, which we might play. They played one at their show in Trondheim on last Saturday. Jiri was stopped by the police in small town and made to take a breathalyser test. He rarely drinks so no problem.

18:45 We arrived at 17:20, 80 mins late. We seem to be late for nearly every show. Soundcheck took a long time; BMC did not get one at all. It was very disappointing that there was hardly any food. Micke from Automatism had brought some lentil soup but it was not even enough for everyone to have a small bowl each. There was some bread and Brie and some veggies but that was it. Tim ended up buying a huge pizza for 300SEK. I paid him back.

20:15 Automatism was really good. Per Wiberg (Opeth, Candlemass, Spiritual Beggars) played with them for the first time. This was their debut show in Sweden. They had played a few in Germany. They played about 40mins and there was about 40 or so people. Early start at 19.30.

22 BMC was very well received and we had pretty good sound despite not having a soundcheck, About 75-80 people now. Not bad for a Weds night.

Set List was: Barnhard’s Loop, new song, Enigmatic Superbandit (great version)

00 ØSC played about 100mins and people loved it. IT was a really good show. Nice to see Stian, who played sitar with us last time at the Melody Box. Love from Siena Root was also there. Super nice people. We sold a few records but not much. We are not selling a lot these days. A few t-shirts. We got both ØSC and BMC video taped. Lots of comments from the audience and musicians about Tim’s drumming. I had some sound issues for the 1st 30mins and had to waste time adjusting the monitors. Great audience and super nice people who run the club.

We will sleep in the club tonight. They have mattresses and the room is well heated. They have a shower in the basement.

ØSC Set List:
1. Soundcheck 03:46
2. Space Forever 30:21
3. Talking 01:20
4. Leave Melody’s Box Alone 24:01
5. Jam for Mathias D 24:13
6. Band Intros 00:46
7. Human Aquarium 21:10

You can hear the show below. Fotos by Sabine.

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